Sunday, April 28, 2019

Homicide in New West and Fraser Heights

In addition to the homicide of the guy from Sechelt in Surrey last Tuesday, a man was shot dead in Fraser Heights Friday and another one in New Westminster last night. I will speak on the one in Fraser Heights since that's the one closest to my crib.

I didn't hear the shots but I did see half a dozen cop cars converge towards the scene from Guildford. I figured they were heading to Fraser Heights again. I can't afford to live in Fraser Heights myself but I will say this: I have no problem with the Brothers Keepers although I have complete contempt for the Surrey Girls and the Softside.

I will simply caution the Brothers Keepers about who they are currently working for and remind them of what happened to the Redd Alert in East Vancouver. Glen Nelson aka G led the Redd Alert when they took back all the drug dealers in East Van from the UN for the HAs.

Glen became too powerful and the boys felt threatened by him so they got another Redd Alert member to kill his wife Janice Bryant. That is how they do business. Slinger Beware.

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