Friday, April 5, 2019

The Vancouver gas fraud is out of control

We all know that we pay the highest price for gas in metro Vancouver then the rest of North America. Why do they charge so much here? Because we let them. It's just like the price of hockey tickets. We pay a lot more to watch a hockey game here in Vancouver then anywhere in the US and it's the same league.

This most recent completely unwarranted colossal spike in the price of gas at the pump is completely unacceptable. John Horgan is talking about offering some kind of relief. Using tax dollars to subsidize the price of gas would be as stupid as using tax dollars for political contributions. It would be a misappropriation of funds.

The problem is obvious. It's the oil monopoly. There is no free market. We must either break the monopoly or nationalize the oil. One or the other. In the mean time there is something we can do. Vancouver has a port, Alberta does not. If you want to use our port you have to stop f*cking us over at the pump. We need to stop exporting oil and start importing oil tankers from Russia. That is the only thing that will fix the problem. Supply and demand. They keep f*cking us over so we start buying from someone else. It's that simple.

Oil for Canadians

"Great! Sell our crude to China as we pay high gas prices in Vancouver, and they want to export more crude oil. We are not using our own oil to provide for the domestic market. How about the federal government invest in our own natural resources so that we can deliver to our own citizens. We need fuel too. And China has just hurt Canadian farmers by stopping the purchase of our canola." Gord Freeborn, Delta

We’re being gouged: "According to a recent article, the explanations for the gas-price hike in Vancouver is a switch to a summer blend and that two of four Washington state refineries are down for maintenance. So why have Seattle gas prices been falling since January, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration? We are being gouged for no good reason. Our prices are consistently 35- to 50-per-cent higher than in Toronto, let alone the U.S. What can we do about it?" Pete Taylor, North Vancouver


  1. We are price gouged because the companies can do it. The line about the seasonal change at refineries is, in my opinion, so much b.s. especially in view of the fact some of those refineries supply both the U.S.A. and B.C. One could say, we subsidize the lower prices in the U.S.A.

    if its the switching of the type of gas, you'd think some one would have built an additional refinery to take care of the problem. Never thought that was the real reason. They charge us more twice a year because it improves their bottom line.

    Gas companies play a game with consumers, first they blame the government. Don't buy that either. You can drive from one area to another here on Vancouver Island and find a variety of gas prices. Its not a tax thing. Its simply a gas company thing. The gas companies will lower the price in one town, then 50 miles up the road they increase them, then further up, they've been lowered again. it gives consumers the impression prices are fluxuating in their area, but if you took the price over the island and then averaged it out, I'm pretty sure the profit margin would be consistent for the Island or increased.

    e.g. they raise the price in Metro Vancouver by 10 cents, leave it the same in the Comox Valley, then after a few months, raise it in the Comox Valley and lower it 5 cents in Metro Vancouver and then change the price in Kelowna. The gas company is still making the same amount of money, but the prices keep varying in areas. We are being ripped off.

    We need more refineries and if the government has to build them, I'm good with that. of course gas companies and their media and political hacks will be some upset and vilify government but in the long run we as consumers and a country will benefit. All one has to do is have a look at the cost of a barrel of raw oil. The gas companies have kept the same number of refineries but the population in the Lower Mainland has doubled over the past few decades, same in the State of Washington. It was nice the P.M. purchased a pipe line, but we really need a couple of refineries. It might be a good idea to build it somewhere on the border of Alberta and B.C. We can share.

    We keep shipping oil/tar to China, lets use some of it ourselves. it might even encourage manufacturing to move here.

    Being retired, and not driving a lot, it doesn't make a big difference to me, but for those going to work, shuttling their children to school, games, etc, the cost is huge. Then there is the no small issue of the cost of doing business for trucking. De regulation of the trucking industry by Mulroney did nothing for the trucking industry and in my opinion led to a lack of safety and standards. When the price of gas fluxuates so widely it doesn't help trucking companies stay safe or be able to pay their drives a decent income.

    I'm no in favour of the government providing subsidies. it will simply cause gas companies to increase prices. What I would be in favour of is treating gas like electricity, rent, etc. The companies need to give us notice they are increasing the prices. That ought to take care of the "game" they're playing. It like driving around town and finding on your way home, after 3 hours, the price of gas, just jumped 10 cents. That's nuts.

  2. Check out what they do in Prince Edward Island. Gas increase or decrease once a month. The companies have to apply for an increase , it has to be justified and approved by a commission.


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