Saturday, April 20, 2019

Sky Chair on Cypress

I snowshoed up Skychair on Cypress today. Ski season has finally come to a close so snowshoers and back country skiers have free range of the mountain. This is a great time of the year in Vancouver. Cherry blossoms in the city and melting snow on the mountains. There were two eagles soaring in the updrafts at the top of the ridge.

From here you can clearly see the mountain range on Vancouver Island. Next week is the Amateur boxing Nationals in Victoria on Super channel. I'll see if I can find anything about it.

It's nice to head up to the mountains to get the heart pumping and breath the fresh air. This is the land we protect. We don't own it we are a part of it. The air we breath the water we drink. We are all connected to it. This is what people come to see. People don't come and visit the tar sands for a reason so stop thinking you are better than everyone else. Your money will perish with you.

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