Tuesday, January 31, 2023

MAID and the Compassionate Lie

We've talked about fake environmentalism. Now we need to examine fake compassion and how that relates to the workers lie and the middle class lie. Leftists are supposed to care about raising the standard of living for workers. Yet Janet Yellen boldly admitted that was a lie. She said unemployment is good because it keeps workers wages low.

Leftists are supposed to care about raising the standard of living for the middle class. That's why they chant tax the rich. Yet we all know that's a farce. They want to tax everyone. Recently Chrystia Freeland came right out and said rolling back the Middle Class was a good idea.

These lies lead us to the most obvious compassionate lies. The compassionate lie has enslaved the DTES with misery for over a generation. Before I dive into that lie, I want to talk about the expansion of Medically Assisted Suicide and how that proves they are lying about compassion.

When they first started talking about bringing in medically assisted suicide for the terminally ill, we said that it was a slippery slope that could easily be misused. An elderly person could chose medically assisted suicide to save money. In fact, the health care system could save a lot of money by promoting medically assisted suicide. That is unethical. Canada leads the world in organ harvesting from medically assisted suicide. That is unethical. They don't care about people. They care about profiting from people. Benefiting from their murder.

Recently were were outraged at how a soldier struggling with PTSD was offered medically assisted suicide. This is how they try to erode our morals and desensitize our sense of right and wrong. Just like with MAPs and pedophilia. First they shock you then they keep coming back trying to erode your values. Now that they have got us accustomed to this idea of medically assisted suicide and have successfully normalized murder, they have decided to expand the qualifications to support their depopulation agenda.

Soon anyone with a mental illness will be allowed to ask for and receive medically assisted murder. Perhaps that's where the crisis line got the idea of offering someone with PTSD medically assisted suicide. They were just jumping the gun. Soon it will be the norm.

This isn't just evil. We all know that it's evil. This is a lie. It's part of their fake compassion. We all know that woke means fake but we also now know that medically assisted suicide is fake compassion. They don't care about the person. They care about depopulation and the WEF agenda. That's what they care about and they consistently use lies to further that agenda.

I think for the most part, everyone considers compassion a good thing. It's one of the Chinese virtues Confucius taught. Buddha taught about compassion so did Christ. Mother Teresa exemplified compassion. Kind of like how everyone thinks protecting the environment is a good thing. We all do. That's why they use lies to pretend they care about the environment just like they use lies to pretend they have compassion on the suffering when they clearly don't. They are narcissists incapable of experiencing empathy. Giving an alcoholic alcohol is not compassionate. Promoting addiction and keeping people enslaved in misery is not compassion. First they create the problem now their solution is to offer to kill them. Oh the cunning plan of the evil one.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Conor D'Monte and Cory Vallee

Conor D'Monte is in the news and I'll tell you why. It's because Donnie McWhirter wants another pay day. Recently Blaze finally admitted that he was the one that's been spamming my blog. I knew it was him but he finally admitted it. I know when he tries to post because all his spam has the same mindless MO. He then said when I die he's going to find my grave and piss on it because that's the kind of guy he is. Now he's promoting the extradition of Conor D'Monte because he wants to get paid again after he and the bobbsey twins lied about Cory Vallee.

That whole trial was a farce and Blaze was deeply involved with it. He was spamming my blog as he was testifying in court when he was supposed to be in prison for trafficking crystal meth.

Donnie McWhiter was never a member of the UN. Ever. The UN never hired him to do anything. Ever. He lied just like he has always done. The Murphy twins were at one time members of the UN. Blaze was not. However, after the Murphy twins teamed up with Blaze their credibility sank. They lied to save their own skin just like he did. Back in Ireland the RA would have capped them for treason and no one would have given it a second thought.

In the Cory Vallee trial the only actual witness who was there testified that there were two shooters who killed Kevin LeClair. That witness said one of the shooters was noticeably larger than the other. That was K-9. Conor D'Monte and Cory Vallee are the same size.

Since Cory Vallee has already been wrongfully convicted of that murder, paying Blaze another small fortune to lie about Connor D'Monte would be obscene. Why don't they investigate how Blaze's last girlfriend died after Blaze got out of prison? Get a life and stop wasting tax dollars.

Janet Yellen and Joe Biden

This memo is from Janet Yellen to Alan Greenspan when he was Chairman of the Federal Reserve. She was a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, then later became chair of the Federal Reserve herself. Now she is Joe Biden's partner in crime serving as the US Secretary of the Treasury. Why is it that they look like train robbers?

In 2021 Reuters reported that "US Treasury’s Yellen tamps down inflation fears over Biden spending plan." Yeah how did that spending plan work out for them? Turns out those fears about overspending creating more inflation were completely justified.

Well this memo says that "Alternatively stated, increased job insecurity makes it possible for firms to lower the wage premia they pay without suffering productivity-reducing worker backlash; with lower wage premia, firms hire more labor and produce more output."

Basically she's saying high unemployment is a good think because it keeps workers wages low. I kid you not. The Intercept just wrote about it. Here we have leftist freaks claiming high unemployment is a good thing because it keeps workers wages low and we can squeeze more work out of them and make more profit. These are the same freaks that say Workers of the World Unite while we f*ck you over for believing us. This ties in with Chrystia Freeland's demand that workers and the middle class take a pay cut. It reveals the agenda and it reveals the lie.

Communists are supposed to support workers and the middle class but they don't. That's just another lie. Trade Unions in Communism don't have the right to strike. Communists claim to support LGBT but they don't. There are no LGBT rights in Communism because in Communism no one has any rights. High unemployment is not a good thing it's a bad thing.

When people are working, they're not collecting welfare and they're paying taxes. That means you have more tax revenue. That's a good thing. When you raise taxes and raise unemployment, that's bad for the economy. You have less tax revenue then you did before you raised taxes.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Vancouver from Hollyburn Ridge

I went hiking up Hollyburn Ridge today. Last week the mountain had snow and rain. The trail was hard packed and icy. Perfect for crampons. This is the view from the top.
The trail up Hollyburn Ridge is right beside the cross country ski area on Cypress.

Pictures back from South Korea's Lunar Orbiter

Last August NBC reported that "South Korea joined the stampede to the moon Thursday with the launch of a lunar orbiter that will scout out future landing spots. The satellite launched by SpaceX is taking a long, roundabout path to conserve fuel and will arrive in December."

"If successful, it will join spacecraft from the U.S. and India already operating around the moon, and a Chinese rover exploring the moon’s far side. India, Russia and Japan have new moon missions launching later this year or next, as do a slew of private companies in the U.S. and elsewhere. And NASA is next up with the debut of its mega moon rocket in late August."

Well it made it and the pictures are in. I don't want to flog a dead house but... the photographic evidence of the earth being a 3 dimensional sphere is indisputable. The Bible does not say the earth is flat. That is a lie. QAnon is a false prophet.

Controlled opposition is mingling true information in with nonsense. Claiming that the earth is flat is absolute nonsense. Satan will tell you nine truths to get you hooked on one lie. The reason the CIA driven QAnon are doing this is to discredit the resistance. Every provaxxer knows the earth is a sphere. All it takes is one antivaxxer to say the earth is flat and they're laughing their way to their next booster. It prevents people from listening to the real concerns.

Leslyn Lewis on Justin Trudeau's WEF Charter

Leslyn Lewis states that "Over the course of the year, as I was reading a number of international documents, I kept coming across the term “Agile Nations.” I also saw a number of government documents reference the term agile without defining this term or new policy approach."

"I then discovered a government webpage explaining that in November 2020, Canada had signed onto an international forum, called the Agile Nations. With very little information publicly available, in October 2022, I decided to ask the government for information on the Agile Nations”

"The response I received back shocked me. The Liberal government had signed a Charter not just with other nations, but under the direction of the World Economic Forum (WEF). You can read the full disclosure here. Because there is much to talk about with this Charter, I have put together a video to help break down the first part of the government’s response, which you can watch here. Here’s the story."

"The Origins of the Agile Nations Charter: The WEF and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) invited several countries and corporations to participate in the 'Panel on Agile Governance for the Post-pandemic World' in November 2020. The Treasury Board Minister at the time, Jean-Yves Duclos, attended the panel on behalf of Canada “for discussions on agile regulation of emerging technologies.”

"According to the government, Canada 'provided input on early drafts of the Charter to inform the final version that was signed in November 2020. The Agile Nations is a forum for countries to collaborate on modernizing and streamlining regulations and technologies across borders — this includes a digital ID or digital passport program."

"The WEF toolkit for this initiative says clearly: 'The Fourth Industrial Revolution offers the potential to change lives around the world for the better. But to realize this potential, a new approach to governance is needed.' Canada’s Leading Role Canada has volunteered to take the lead on the Agile Nations’ 'Digital Credentials and Digital Trust Services' project."

"The Trudeau government continues to operate below the radar of Canadians and outside of Parliament. The Agile Nations Charter did not get raised in Parliament before Canada signed on. It was signed when Canadians were distracted with COVID-19, when they were focused on getting through the pandemic and concerned about the violation of their Charter rights due to COVID measures."

"The government had a leading role in the development of this Charter and its signing in November 2020, yet not even a press release was put out to inform the public of this WEF partnership. All meetings of the Agile Nations have happened virtually, and it appears none of them have been made public. So, why the secrecy?"

"As we’ve seen with the Known Traveller Digital Identity project and with the ArriveCan app, there is a trend where we see this government proactively engaging with international organizations governed by unelected global elites like the WEF on public policy, technology and data sharing."

"It's both sad and unacceptable that while this Liberal government either ignored or dismissed Canadians’ questions about the influence of organizations like the WEF on our domestic affairs, and while the mainstream media mocked Canadians for asking questions, the government had quietly signed onto both the Known Traveller Digital Identity and the Agile Nations Charter."

"he anxieties and concerns of Canadians about these organizations and their influence on our domestic affairs are not going away until we see more honesty from the Trudeau government. The voice of Canadians need to be heard and respected."

"The lack of transparency that we have witnessed from this Liberal government is scary. I will continue to work tirelessly to compel accountability and disclosure from this liberal government. With heads of global organizations like the WEF bragging about having 'penetrated' our Cabinet, we must continue to fight for the integrity of our democracy."

You can donate to help Leslyn Lewis finish paying off the remaining debt from her leadership race and support her important work forward by clicking on the link to her website.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Why is Excess All Cause Mortality a Cause for Concern?

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance is reporting that "All Cause Mortality (ACM) refers to the number of deaths in a population from any cause. It is a useful tool to look at the impact of an intervention. ACM does not change much from year to year for the general population."

"Excess mortality describes the number of deaths from all causes above what would be expected in a given year. In this issue, we present some research from around the world looking at the trends in excess mortality over the past couple of years and the challenges researchers face in analyzing this data. Are the excess mortality rates an indicator of an issue that warrants further investigation?" As Dr. Robert Malone explains "unanticipated adverse reactions sometimes can only be identified by examining all case mortality." They have several interesting videos about it.

Likewise, the Counter Signal is reporting that "Canada’s 2022 excess deaths trajectory is on pace to shatter the total from 2021 – and obliterate that from 2020." This is exactly what I was getting at in my post about how the pendulum has swung on overall death rates.

Several medical doctors said when you look at the overall death rates, there was no pandemic. They were falsifying Covid deaths by stating people who died of cancer or heart disease died of Covid. When you look at the overall death rates during that time, there was no increase. Even with Seniors in care homes. We were told that over 10,000 seniors died in Canadian Care Homes from Covid yet the same number of seniors died that year as the year before and the year before that. However, since the vaccine roll out, the overall death rates have indeed increased.

Censorship of Death Rates: The Pendulum Swings

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Hells Angels prostitution trial begins in Spain

Update: Laval man wanted for pimping in Quebec is arrested in Mexico

DW is reporting that "The trial of a former leader of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang in Europe is slated to begin in Madrid, Spain, on Monday. Prosecutors are seeking a 13-year prison sentence for German national Frank Hanebuth, who headed a Hells Angels chapter on the Spanish resort island of Mallorca. Hanebuth is being tried alongside 46 alleged collaborators for their alleged involvement in organized crime."

"Spanish prosecutors allege the Hells Angels conducted illegal activities in Mallorca from 2009 to 2013 under Hanebuth's leadership. Hanebuth has been charged with being a member of a criminal organization, money laundering and illegal possession of firearms. He faces a €4.2 million ($3.5 million) fine for the money laundering charge. The other members were allegedly involved in a litany of crimes including extortion, pimping, acquiring illegal firearms and robbery at popular tourist spots. The trial is expected to last several weeks."

Prostitution, drug trafficking, extortion and robbery. Things that make ya go hmmm...

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Chrystia Freeland wants to make everyone poor

Here's a little song and dance by another raging lunatic from the World Economic Forum named Chrystia Freeland. She is Justin Trudeau's partner in crime. If you skip to 38:34 in the video you will hear her come right out and say people in the middle class need to take a pay cut. Say what? I thought those fake commies were all about protecting workers and the middle class. Now she wants to roll them back. Thus the real agenda is finally revealed.

The Communist Manifesto coined the phrase Workers of the World Unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains. That's not entirely true. We actually have a lot to lose - our house, our car, everything that we own including our civil liberty. Even our right to move and to travel. They want to take that away from us in their 15 minute cities. They want to control everything we do and take away everything we own. When you think about it, we actually do have a lot to lose.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said the Communist Manifest was a lie. Trade Unions in Communist Russia had no rights. They didn't even have the right to strike. That's what it's like in Communist China. Communists also preach about the poor yet we can clearly see that is another lie. Chrystia Freeland doesn't want to raise the standard of living for workers and the middle class, she want to impoverish them. We can rightfully debate whether Chrystia Freeland is a Communist or a Fascist because when you look at her Ukrainian Grandfather that she brags about it's hard to tell.
Chrystia Freelands grandfather Michael Chomiak was the editor in chief of a Nazi paper called the Krakivs'ki Visti. "After his death in 1984, his son-in-law, John-Paul Himka, accessed his papers, which are now held in the Provincial Archives of Alberta. According to Himka, the anti-Jewish materials published in Krakiws'ki Visti contributed to the mass murder of Jews."

This is where we need to redefine some of our semantics because some of our current definitions are misleading. Fascism and Communism are the same thing. They both believe in big government and reduced freedom. Hitler was originally a Socialist and the original name of his Nazi party was the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Likewise, the WEF are Communists but they have armed Nazi's in the Ukraine to eliminate Russia and obtain a monopoly on their brand of Communism. We all know when Capitalists fund Communism it's not to share their wealth. It's to increase their wealth. That brings us to the heart of the misdirection.

Capitalism is a word Communists like to denounce. I am not a advocate for Capitalism I am an advocate for the free market. Capitalists are supposed to be advocates for the free market but the Capitalists in the World Economic Forum are not. They oppose small business and the free market in favor of corporate monopolies that they control. I support clvi liberty protected by law.

Therefore, the struggle we face is not between Fascism and Communism nor is it between Capitalism and Communism. It's between Freedom and Slavery. That's what the struggle we now face is really about. As I have said, this struggle continues because it's always misrepresented. The semantic distractions are smoke and mirrors. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The Phoenix rising out of the ashes

Today I want to talk about rising above discouragement and how that relates to the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. I've been struggling a bit lately just like everyone else. I've been stressing about the cost of housing, inflation, interest rates. It gets a bit overwhelming so it does. Ya just feel like you're working your a*s of and you're not getting anywhere. Ya just keep spinning your tires. There's nothing on TV I like. I kept trying to find something on Netflix but there was nothing there. Except for Derry Girls. I think that's hilarious. It reminds me about what it was like back in the day.

I brought down my daughter's old flat screen TV and hooked it up to an old DVD player so I could play some CDs. I really like Five Times August's album Silent War. However, all the crazy sh*t going on gets to be a bit too much. Red pill, blue pill how about no pill. I dusted off some old music CDs and found a three pack I used to listen to called Stay Calm and Carry On.

Now I know everyone makes fun of that stupid saying and have turned it into a million different memes but last night when I put it on I found it very soothing. I thought about the song Carry on my Wayward son and the remix those two young girls made of it. It spoke to me. They say the Irish have heart but the Brits have grit. When the going gets tough they're all Mary Poppins best foot forward. Every community has good and bad. Now I'm not condoning everything the IRA did nor am I condoning all the invasions England have been involved with. I will say that Hong Kong was better off under British rule than Communism yet I do support self determination.

So I'm listening to this music pondering the solemnities of eternity so to speak and I look up at two prints I have on the wall. One is of a dragon the other is of a Phoenix. They're copies of the ones Clay Roueche painted in prison. I'm thinking about how often our plans in life can go to sh*t but then in the end our life can transform into that Phoenix rising out of the ashes. That's kind of why suicide freaks me out so much. If you give up, you'll never know what the future held for you. Tomorrow could have been a better day. Everything can change in a New York minute. If you give up now you will miss that. It always gets darkest before the dawn. Don't give up just because it gets dark out. Behind the dark clouds the sun is still shining.

Then I remembered that the Phoenix was also the symbol for the Provisional IRA. This blog post is not about supporting the Provisional IRA. This post is about understanding how the idea of the Phoenix rising from the ashes can inspire us to rise above life's challenges when things don't work out they way we had planned. In the movie Finding You there was a drunk who was a talented musician. He helped mentor a young girl in teaching her to express her passion through music. She was dealing with some grief and he said Life rarely turns out the way we had hoped. You need to learn to play the sorrow as well as the joy. They go hand in hand like day and night.

She started to play the violin with passion after that. The movie Finding You was really about Finding Yourself because both characters went through some soul searching and self discovery. We all have different ways of coping with loss and disappointment. Some turn to addictions yet that's the road to self destruction and self harm. It doesn't solve anything. When we wake up the same problems are still there only worse. We need to learn how to process our loss so we can move on and become the people we were meant to become. Tomorrow will be a better day.

What I find disturbing is a recent True North report that claims Canada leads the world in organ harvesting from Medically Assisted Suicide. It's one thing to make Medically Assisted Suicide available to those with a terminal illness who are in a lot of pain. It's quite another thing to promote Medically Assisted Suicide to everyone under the sun for anything. We saw the report about how a soldier asking for help with PTSD was offered Medically Assisted Suicide. That is an abomination with an agenda. Killing yourself isn't just a matter of giving up. It's a matter of giving in to Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum. They want Depopulation just like Chairman Mao.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Justin Trudeau can see the writing on the wall

I will note that the F Trudeau movement is starting to get a little bit extreme. Justin Trudeau hate is on the rise and we need to understand why. It is a knee jerk reaction to his offensive lies and his insane agenda. However, we need to rise above the temptation to take the bait. The veterans have already said we need to take the high road and rise abut the F Trudeau slogan. Instead of rising above it, some are obsessing over it. They are starting to look a little bit like ANTIFA and appear to be trying to make the clown look like a victim. We need to stay focused and positive.

Larry Amero sentencing adorned to April 24th 2023

Gumby was supposed to be sentenced today but his lawyer has filed a million hail Mary motions so his sentencing has been deferred to April 24th. His case is in court tomorrow for one of the shameless motions. This is what you call an abuse of process. Money talks and justice walks.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Seymour Brockton Point

I went snowshoeing on Seymour today. As I suspected, the parking lot was packed. We had snow in the city in December but it warmed up a little too much. It's been raining on the local mountains all month. Last week the temperatures dropped below that magic number and all that rain in the city was fresh snow on the mountain. Over a meter in one week so needless to say surf was up.
The clouds rolled in at Brockton point so I didn't bother going any further. Visibility was nil.
I knew the visibility wasn't going to be great but I also knew the snow would be nice. I like seeing the fresh snow in the trees. I think I'm ready for some new peaks that aren't quite so busy.
It'll be better in spring when the ski hill closes but you won't get the fresh snow in the trees then.

London protest for vaccine injured

There was a protest for the vaccine injured in London yesterday. Now that the fake news admits the mRNA Covid vaccine can cause strokes, it's time to remove the pharmaceutical company's protection from legal liability for adverse effects. They should be paying damages not taxpayers. After all, the emergency is over. When viruses mutate they get weaker not stronger. Omicron was less severe than the seasonal flu. That means the risk outweighs the benefit at this point.

Turin, Italy had one as well:

Red Devils open clubhouse in New Brunswick

Global is reporting that the Red Devils, a Hells Angles support club has opened a new clubhouse in Shediac New Brunswick. In 2020 CTV reported that four members of the Hells Angels and the Red devils were arrested for drug trafficking in New Brunswick. They also noted that two other members of the Hells Angels have already been convicted of drug trafficking in New Brunswick - Robin Moulton and Emery "Pit" Martin. In 2019 the police warned that the Hells Angles control the cocaine and crystal meth in New Brunswick. God damn the pusher.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Hells Angels kidnap 70 year old grandparents from New York over their grandson's drug bust

Let's take a look at the dynamics here. A guy kidnaps an elderly couple in New York State and smuggles them into Quebec to hold them as ransom for their son's drug debt. Only the debt wasn't from using drugs. The debt was from getting caught trying to smuggle 50 kilos of cocaine for them. That's the first dynamic.

He claimed in court that he "had" to. The Montreal Gazette is reporting that "Gary Arnold testified Thursday that he received a letter at the home he shared with his common-law wife in Hinchinbrooke, Que., on the morning of Sept. 24. He described it as a threatening note advising him to attend a meeting that day at a fast-food restaurant in Châteauguay."

"Arnold says he went to Châteauguay without telling anyone about the letter and was met by a man named 'Big' — an individual he described as looking like 'a refrigerator on steroids' who told him to deliver a phone to the Mohawk reserve of Akwesasne and keep another on him. He said 'Big' told him: 'Nothing is going to happen to you if you listen to the instructions.'”

"The Crown says the couple were abducted over a drug debt owed by their grandson, Mackenzie Helm, who had been arrested by U.S. authorities six days earlier in possession of 50 kilograms of cocaine. Arnold testified that on the day of the kidnapping during an exchange at a Montreal shopping mall, Big showed him photos of his common-law partner and her two daughters. "He says as long as you do as you’re told, the girls will be good, ” Arnold told the court. Arnold says he stayed quiet out of fear for his family." That's the second dynamic.

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that the 50 kilos of cocaine that was seized in the drug bust was allegedly destined for the Hells Angels. Big surprise. That's the third dynamic. In 2018 the Montreal Gazette reported that three full patch Hells Angels and one Repentigny police officer named Carl Ranger all plead guilty to trafficking cocaine and crystal meth.

Not only did they kidnap an elderly couple in their 70's because their grandson got busted with their drugs, but they also threatened the kidnapper's wife and daughters. This breaks all the rules of engagement and every code of conduct in the book. The Quebec Hells Angels are notorious but this low life activity is inexcusable and Mommy Dearest is dead. We can't blame this on him.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, Gumby filed a million appeals before his sentencing January 23rd. He even has a Quebec lawyer working for him. Well he speaks with a French accent so he does.

The Saanich Bank Robbery

Update: Oh yeah and now this bullsh*t about BB guns to support Justan Idiot's ban on airsoft. Fake News. Why would someone shoot a BB gun at a bus knowing they're trying to ban them? They wouldn't. The ones trying to ban airsoft guns paid someone to do it.

I spoke about the Saanich bank robbery that wasn't a bank robbery at the time. However, Justin Trudeau's spin doctors have just released a ridiculous report and the fake news is running with it so I will highlight a few of the many points that fail the test of believability.

I do not believe that two 22 year old twin bothers with no criminal records shot six highly trained ERT members. I think that is a bold faced lie. The incident happened, there's no question about that but there's no way those two kids did it. The suspects wore masks. One witness said the suspects were eerily calm. They very calmly waited for the police to arrive.

That was a professional. It was not an insane 22 year old kid with a death wish wanting to kill police because he disagreed with gun control. That is a bold faced lie. An inexperienced kid would have been anxious, jumpy, likely high on cocaine for a chemical boost. That's not what the witnesses saw. The witnesses saw a professional from Blackwater. That's what they saw.

At the time the fake news ran a picture of a forensic mannequin and said this was a picture of a dead suspect. It was not. They use forensic mannequins in crime scene research. Claiming that mannequin was a dead suspect was a lie. Do I really believe the World Economic Forum would hire a private contractor to do a mass shooting just to implement gun control? Yes I do. They have a specific agenda and as we have all seen, they will commit murder in a heartbeat to implement that agenda. I do not believe all mass shooting are fake. They are very real but I do believe that some of them are orchestrated just like Steven Seagal does.

The twins carry the same last name and are from the exact same area of Vancouver Island as Admiral Bob Auchterlonie. They are not his sons but it is difficult to believe they are not related. Vice-Admiral Bob Auchterlonie is leading the disinformation campaign against Russia in the Ukraine. Steven Seagal went to the Ukraine and investigated the site where Russian prisoners were killed by a Ukrainian missile. The fake news claimed the Russians had bombed their own POWs. They lied. It was hit by a Ukrainian missile just like Poland.

Poland and the US both conducted an investigation into the missile that fell in Poland. They both determined it was a Ukrainian defense missile. It was not a Russian missile. Zelensky said no, no it was a Russian missile. Zelensky lied. More recently the fake news ran a picture claiming a Russian missile hit an apartment building in the Ukraine. They failed to mention that a Ukrainian defense missile shot it down and altered it's path. The struggle between good and evil continues because its always misrepresented.

There was another highly suspicious mass shooting at a gay bar in Orlando. Reports came in that the shooter was himself gay. Witnesses claim he had attended the club previously on more than one occasion. The biggest inconsistency in that case is the number of people shot and the number of rounds fired. 49 people dead, 53 people injured and a firefight with police. That's a lot of reloading for one AR and one handgun. Logic would declare there was more than one shooter in Orlando just like in the San Bernardino case. Do I think it's possible that the CIA orcastraited this horific event and blamed it on one of the vctims they shot? Yes I do.

Why would a Gay Muslim shoot other Gays at a bar he frequented? It doesn't make sense. The purpose of that false flag attack was to ban ARs and high capacity magazines. That was it's agenda. Since the Covid pandemic and the governments over reach Tulsi Gabbard has changed her position on gun control and the second amendment. Does that mean she's going to do a mass shooting and kill police? Of course not. The fake news is trying to portray anyone who disagrees with Justin Trudeau as a potential mass shooter. That is an offensive lie once again used to stifle opposition and we all know where that road leads.

Just like the purpose of the Orlando shooting was to ban ARs in the US, the purpose of the Saanich non bank robbery was to ban the SKS in Canada. It was orchestrated to coincide with Justin Trudeau's last minute Amendment over reach the Assembly of Fist Nations has denounced as well as several rural Liberal and NDP Members of Parliament.

This fake report that just went public claims that the suspects in the Saanich bank robbery used a SKS with prohibited magazines. That's a lie. The SKS is a 100 year old rifle with an internal magazine. It is physically possible to alter a SKS and get an external removable magazine but those magazines always jam on the SKS. That's why people say don't bother. If you want an AR buy an AR. Altering the SKS to accept an external magazine jams. They don't work.

The fake report also claims that "The suspects each had a valid Possession and Acquisition Licence for firearms." That's the motive for the lie. Justin Trudeau claims that every legal firearm owner is a criminal when they are not. If you have a valid firearms liscense and own restricted firearms, the police do a criminal record search on you every day. Criminal activity is always progressive. Legal firearm owners would never do a mass shooting because they are passionate about their right to own a firearm. The purpose of mass shootings is to implement gun control. That's the exact opposite of what a legal firearm owner wants.

Justin Trudeau is a liar with an agenda. So is the fake news. They both have the same agenda.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

The Manufactured Energy Crisis

I've already talked about this but I just want to clarify and reemphasize it because it is so pertentant to the lie we all now face. It involves the demonization and misrepresentation of natural gas. The purpose of the provoked conflict in the Ukraine was to stop the Nord Stream pipeline and create the manufactured energy crisis in Europe as well as the inflated spike in the price of food and gas. Germany replacing industrial coal with natural gas would be a huge step forward. It would greatly improve air quality in Europe and greatly reduce world C02 emissions.
I was in Ireland in 1988 and 1989. My first area was Cork in the south. Everyone heated their homes there with open coal fires. In the north the fireplaces were enclosed and pumped heated water through radiators. Yet everyone in the entire country heat their home by burning coal. I mentioned the smog it caused to my father in a letter. My father wrote back and said that's exactly how it was is West Vancouver when he and my mother were first married. He said they all heated their homes by burning coal and the smog was horrible.

I was shocked at how significantly the air quality improved from burning natural gas instead of coal. The difference was like day and night. The fake environmentalists completely ignore that fact. The city of Victoria banning the construction of new homes heated by natural gas is criminally insane. It has absolutely nothing to do with saving the environment. It is simply about a sinister fraud to enslave us physically and financially. Heating a large home with electricity is a lot more expensive than natural gas. It also puts a huge burden on the grid.

Michael Moore pointed out the absolute hypocrisy of powering electric cars with industrial coal. That is a ridiculous fraud we can all see. Yet Justin Trudeau, the CCP and the WEF are still defiantly promoting that fraud and we all know why. It has nothing to do with the environment.
The WEF is also promoting this sinister trap called the 15 minute city where everything you need is within a 15 minute walk or bike ride. The aim is to cut car use and reduce C02 emissions. So they say. The purpose is to monitor your travel and charge you a fine for leaving your bubble. That is Communism. The goal is to monitor you and restrict your travel.

Mobility rights are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights. That's why Justin Trudeau is so determined to remove the rights his father gave us in the charter. In a free society civil liberty is protected by law. Nelson Mandela understood this. Justin Trudeau does not. Well he understands it, he just opposes it. It's like China's misuse of QR codes during their zero Omicron con insanity. It had absolutely nothing to do with stopping the spread of a virus. It was exclusively about restricting the travel of dissidents. That's what Communism does and they use lies to justify it.
This brings us back to the manufactured spike in fuels costs and the rising inflation it created. Let's reflect on what the manufactured conflict in Syria was about. Russia wanted to build an oil pipeline from Iran and Saudi wanted to build one from Qatar. The place that armed ISIS which was created to stop the Russian pipeline from Iran. Why didn't they just build both? Because Saudi obsesses over the oil monopoly so they can cut production and raise prices. That is haram.

This wasn't the first time Saudi tried to get Russia to cut production so they could limit supply and raise prices. They did that before and Russia said no. So they shorted the stock and flooded the market with their reserves to make the price drop until Russia caved in to their demands. This whole campaign to cut domestic production and ban Russian production is all about greed and control. It has nothing to do with protecting the environment.

Natural gas would solve Europe's energy crisis and greatly reduce C02 emissions.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The Devil in Davos didn't want to speak with independent media from Japan

Redd Alert member murdered in the DTES

CTV is reporitng that "Vancouver police are investigating after a man was found dead in the city's Downtown Eastside on Tuesday morning. Officers found the victim after being called to a single-room occupancy hotel near East Hastings and Carrall streets shortly before 7 a.m., the Vancouver Police Department said in a news release. Authorities have yet to identify the victim."

However, one source claims he was second generation Redd Alert and that he was murdered by a member of the Driftwood Crips 81 brought in from Toronto. This brings us back to Damion Ryan and Anees Mohamad. History repeats itself until we learn from it. The Hells Angels brought the Driftwood Crips into Vancouver after they killed Ali to keep the Brother's Keepers in line.

Seemingly Redd Alert still exists in the DTES and is working beside the Wolf Pack for the Hells Angels. The source claims the HA weren't behind this it was a kid from Toronto. However, I'm having difficulty with the math. The Redd Alert are hard core. The Wolf Pack are not. I find it very hard to believe that a kid from Toronto would come to the DTES and cap a Redd Alert member all on his own. Someone had to have hired him just like someone hired Little Man to kill Mo. As soon as he did, the Wolf Pack rolled on him and his picture was all over Canada's most wanted.

The Driftwood Crips in Vancouver and Surrey call themselves the Wass Gang. They had a member named Wassi who was gunned down by Toronto police so they rebranded themselves as the Wass Gang in his memory. It's possible this was a hood beef between two puppets fighting over the right to sell drugs on a specific corner. My point is he wasn't murdered by the UN. He was murdered by another group that sells drugs for the Hells Angels. Follow the rich white man.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Romanian Hells Angel extradited to the US

Romania Insider is reporting that "Marius Lazăr, the leader of the Romanian branch of the motorcycle gang Hell's Angels, will be extradited to the United States, where he is accused of being part of an international drug trafficking group and of negotiating the killing of two rivals."

Kelowna supports bill to end revolving door justice system

True North is reporting that "After ranking as the city with the highest crime rate in Canada last year, Kelowna city council and its recently elected mayor unanimously passed a motion in support of Bill C-283, also known as the End the Revolving Door Act."

"On Monday, Mayor Ted Dyas and council voted to write a letter of support for the private member’s bill, which was sponsored by local Kelowna–Lake Country Conservative MP Tracy Gray. Gray attended the Jan. 16 meeting to shore up support for the legislation, which passed its first reading in the House of Commons last June."

Is Homosexuality a Sin?

Update: Anyone pimping their kids out is an abomination.

OK This one's going to dive a bit into the realms of intergalactic space but we had such a positive conversation last Sunday I've been thinking about it and have a few more insights. I know I over think things. That's kind of the way I am. Last Sunday there was a presentation in Surrey by two Gay members of the Mormon Church. At first I was shocked, then I was a little scared. Finally I summoned up the courage to tune in and hear what they had to say. I was deeply moved and genuinely impressed. However, it kind of opened up Pandora's box and I'd like to reflect on it.

I would never say that homosexuality is a sin. Not because I'm afraid to but because I don't believe it is. I'd say promiscuity is. However, the bible has. I'm not going to quote scriptures and argue about those scriptures. I'm simply going to say that the bible does claim that homosexuality is a sin. The bible also says that no one is perfect and no one is without sin.

Before we continue our conversation about homosexuality, let me ask one question. We obviously don't all agree that homosexuality is a sin but do we all agree that sin does in fact exist? Is rape a sin? Yes it is. It doesn't matter if it's heterosexual or homosexual. Rape is a sin regardless.

What about pedophilia? Is pedophilia a sin? Yes it is. Children can't consent. The reason I ask this is because most people agree that sin does exist. We don't all agree on what constitutes a sin but most of us do agree that sin exists. This brings us back to the tittle page of the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. No one needs to tell us what is good and what is not good. Deep down we all know. The reason I say this is because Satanism teaches that there is no such thing as sin. The Book of Thelma states Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Do whatever you want, there is no law. That is somewhat problematic.

A society that has no laws is both anarchy and evil. Allowing rape and allowing pedophilia is evil. Martin Luther King taught that noncooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is the cooperation with good. They go hand in hand. Allowing theft and murder creates chaos. There is no order. That is the goal of Satanism. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Satan uses lies to obtain his objectives. God's house is a house of order.

Yet Christ said in my fathers house there are many mansions. We don't have to all agree on the same set of laws. One of the speakers on Sunday said he wears rainbow sox. For him it represents inclusion. Everyone is included. Everyone? Including rapists and pedophiles? I submit that what the rainbow flag meant 20 years ago is very different than what it represents now.

20 years ago it represented LGBT. Now it represents LGBTQ+. It's the Q+ that concerns me. The whole push to embrace MAPs - Minor Attracted Persons is a drive to normalize pedophilia. That is why the Q + are so determined to sexualize young children. I don't agree with that. The Q + represents a drive to normalize the abnormal. To normalize confusion. In my opinion, that's the road to hell. The bible teaches us to hate the sin but love the sinner.

Christ was criticized for dinning with and associating with sinners. Christ's response was the sick need a doctor not the healthy. Well said. There's a big difference between loving the sinner and loving the sin. We're all familiar with Mary Magdalene. She was a sinner. She was also very sorrowful and repentant. Christ didn't just forgive her, according to the Da Vinci code he married her. I realize that movie was fiction and I don't mean to lead us into a distraction. I'm just saying that movie presented an interesting theory. I'm not saying that Christ was married but I am saying if he was married, that would not diminish his divinity. That's all I'm saying.

There's one thing one of the speakers on Sunday said that was very true. He said that through the atonement Christ descended below all things and knows exactly how he feels. Christ understands his sincerity and his same sex attraction. I do not. I understand his sincerity but I do not understand his same sex attraction yet God does.

It's like I have no idea what childbirth feels like. God does. The atonement was infinite. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Christ felt and experienced all the pains, sickness and temptations of everyone past, present and future. That is mind boggling. That pain cause him to sweat blood at every pore. Bruce R McConkie said in his final testimony before he died that during the final three hours Christ hung on the cross, all the horrifying pains of Gethsemane returned. Which gives us a deeper understanding of the scripture in Isaiah which says I have graven thee on the palms of my hands. Thy walls are before me continually. God knows exactly how we feel.

The rainbow used to have a different symbolism attached to it. The rainbow used to represent God's promise that he would never send another global flood to destroy us no matter how wicked we became. If you look at the Joseph Smith translation it went a bit further than that. The rainbow meant the new and everlasting covenant. Which was a mutual promise to live God's Commandment. It's kind of ironic how Satan used that symbol to lead us down a path in the complete opposite direction. Another thing one of the speakers said on Sunday was that his sexuality is a very small part of who he is. He is so much more than that. Indeed he is. We all are.

As I've said before, the struggle we all now face is very real. What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. They key words are consenting adults. Sexualizing children is wrong. Good and evil does exist and it is our moral obligation to resist evil.

As Mormon once said, we have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness. That requires honest effort. It is a spiritual war we need to fight because if we don't, we will all end up slaves. Every last one of us.

Monday, January 16, 2023

The Devil in Davos

Update: Pervy elites fully booking escort services at WEF

Klaus Schwab didn't want to speak with independent media

I see that Rebel News and True North are both covering the World Economic Forum's convention in Davis and so they should. There's also an American girl there named Savanah Hernandez. God knows we won't be getting the truth from the mainstream media. At first I thought why give those clowns any attention? Just ignore them. Then I see how the mainstream media is misrepresenting them. It's absolutely insane.

The mainstream media is trying to portray the WEF as a good thing when they're not. They're basically a Satanic cult. I don't want to over use the term but that's exactly what they are. They're not Capitalists trying to protect the free market. They are Communists trying to destroy the free market. They are trying to increase their wealth by turning consumers into slaves.

Global Fake News is reporting that "As World Economic Forum begins, Oxfam urges for windfall tax on food companies." AYFKM? Europe and the UK are struggling with a manufactured energy crisis. They can't afford to heat their homes this winter. On top of that, everyone is facing record inflation levels. The price of food has skyrocketed because of rising fuel costs.

The rising fuel cost is another manufactured emergency. The conflict in the Ukraine was provoked and could have easily been avoided. It was planned by this Satanic cult now meeting in Davos. It was an excuse to stop the second natural gas pipeline to Germany which would have prevented Europe's energy crisis. Changing Germany's industrial coal plants over to natural gas would have greatly improved Europe's air quality and greatly reduced world C02 emissions. So the WEF's song and dance about having a concern for climate change is a bold faced lie.

The provoked conflict in the Ukraine was an excuse to stop the second natural gas pipeline and to drastically cut oil production through a boycott of Russian oil. Oil monopolies are never good for consumers. Ever. Donald Trump got the US off Saudi oil and Joe Biden got the US back on Saudi oil after he cut domestic production using fake environmentalism.

Pipelines are green. They reduce transportation emissions down to zero. Transporting oil from Saudi Arabia created a lot more C02 emissions that using domestic production. So we see the manufactured spike in fuel costs was well planned. When the price of fuel rises so does the price of food because everything we buy in the store gets transported there by trucks. Now Oxfam wants to tax the food companies after they spiked their transportation costs which will make food even more expensive. They're supposed to be anti poverty. They just want to make everyone poor. Oh the cunning plan of the evil one. That's exactly what this is - evil. Pure evil.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Derry Girls on Netflix

On the lighter side, I found this series on Netflix called the Derry Girls. It's hilarious. It takes place in Derry, Northern Ireland back in the 90's just after I served there. It's good crack so it is. When I first heard that expression in the North I was like yo we can't say that back home. Back then is simply meant good fun. It had nothing to do with the drug.

London Derry is what the English call it but the locals call it Derry. It was the city with heart divided by sectarian violence. Derry Bog side asserted it's freedom while the other side of the river were Protestants. Some of the graffiti at the time said West bank Loyalists still under seize, No Surrender. I felt more comfortable with the Catholics. Normally Halloween isn't that big in Ireland but when we were there everyone came to the city dressed in costume. No one could tell what side of the river you were from. It was somewhat profound. The Dubliners sang that famous song the Town I loved so well. It was about Derry so it was.

One of the reasons I find this show so funny is because I remember seeing the Protestant girls sneak over to the Catholic area of West Belfast to hang out with the Catholic boys. I'd walk past them and they'd look at me with fear in their eyes as if to say please don't say anything. I'd just smile and nod as if to say yo girl I ain't saying anything. If it doesn't matter to them it sure doesn't matter to me. I have two coworkers one from Belfast and another from Bangor. Their families moved to Canada because they were both mixed marriages. One was Catholic, the other was Protestant. They came to Canada because no one here cares.

Seeing the armored vehicles brings back memories. I remember seeing a cop car when I came home thinking what the hell is that? A couple of bricks and that thing would be smashed to pieces. One petrol bomb and it would be up in smoke. These were the Protestants.
I remember visiting a place in Ballycastle called Corrymeela. It was a neutral place they's have Catholic and Protestant kids meet so they could have a chance to get to know each other. Segregation makes that very difficult. They also held seminars for Jews and Palestinians in Israel. They do great work. Kind of like the Oasis of Peace in Israel.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Surrey RCMP seize 1.4 kilos of crystal meth

CTV is reporting that "A total of eight people were arrested on Wednesday when Surrey RCMP and the Lower Mainland Emergency Response Team executed a search warrant at a residence in the 13700-block of Grosvenor Road, according to a news release by Mounties on Friday."

“'The search warrant was issued under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, stemming from an ongoing investigation into drug trafficking in the neighbourhood,' reads the release. Drugs that were seized from the property include 1.4 kg of suspected methamphetamine, 184 grams of suspected fentanyl and 110 grams of suspected cocaine." Nice work. Things are improving.

Gay Conversations in the LDS Church

Update: OK I had time to process it and summoned up the courage to tune in to the Sunday live stream of the fireside with two gay Mormons in Surrey. All I can say is mad harsh respect. It was very humble and truthful. It put things in a much different perspective for me. I just think giving them callings and expecting them to be celibate is unfair. I'm not sure what the answer is.


First I should say that I totally support gay civil marriage and I totally support the LDS amendment allowing gay civil marriage while preserving the right for various religions to choose not to perform gay marriage in their religious institutions. That's a fair balance between the freedom of religion and the freedom of association or shall we say orientation.

I dated a Mormon girl once who was struggling with her religious identity and some of the church standards. I said to her, if you want to be a Mormon, be a Mormon. If you want to be a Baptist, be a Baptist but don't live a lie. Needless to say she came unglued on me for saying that. Nevertheless, that is my position on the matter. If you want to be gay, be a good gay.

My current mission is not to covert people. It's to encourage people to be true to themselves. If you want to be a good Muslim, be a good Muslim. If you want to be a good Jew, be a good Jew. Just be honest and don't live a lie. All regions teach their adherents to be a good neighbor. Evicting Palestinians out of their homes is not Judaism. Wiping Jews off the face of the earth is not Islam. We all can do much better.

If the Mormon church starts ordaining gay bishops and starts performing gay marriages in their temples, that would be their right. However, it would be something that I am personally not comfortable with. Yet this whole charade it's OK to be gay as long as you're celibate is kind of ridiculous. That is an unrealistic expectation.

I went to school with a Mormon who ended up spending a few semesters at BYU. He said there was this huge secret gay community on campus. I was kind of surprised. He ended up finishing his education in New York. I served a mission. That's what I did for two years in Ireland. I followed the footsteps of Saint Patrick quite literally. It was an awesome experience.

We were working with two gay couples in Dublin. Two guys two girls. They were very intelligent, very fun, good people. After my mission I was going to go back to Dublin to open a chapter of the Guardian Angels. I was hoping to recruit them. They would have been awesome. I never went back, I started a family instead. Sadly, after I was transferred to another area, a subsequent set of missionaries met with them and basically said you're going to hell. I was really upset when I heard that. They were my friends. They were good people.

I had served in many positions on my mission - District leader, Zone leader, Branch President. A stalwart Norwegian and I were traveling missionaries for a couple of months and went on trades with almost every companionship in the mission. I remember sitting down with the new mission president telling him I think we have nonpracticing homosexuals in this mission. I guess I was kind of shocked. I thought if someone was gay they'd pick somewhere else to serve.

These two Gay Mormons speaking in Surrey this weekend seem like really nice guys. I suppose since it's so prevalent, something needs to be said. I'm just going to need some time to process it.

It's like this guy Andrew Tate. He's supposed to be a male influencer and self proclaimed misogynist. I didn't know what that meant. I had to look that up. Seemingly a misogynist is someone who hates women. That's what the fake news claims. You'd think if he was a male infuencer he'd like women. It's like that other male influencer Sydney Watson exposed named Jack Murphy. That guy was a wack job. Another fly by night snake oil salesman.

The whole idea of male influencer seems pretty insecure. My ex was big into Anthony Robins for a while. I was like I'm all for positive thinking and all but what has that guy done? He just makes money telling people how to succeed. Whenever he spoke his eyes were wide open. I thought it was kind of creepy. Yet it never ceases to amaze me how many views these fads get. I guess it's the mob mentality. Isaiah spoke about the mob "Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits." Don't tell us the truth, that's uncomfortable. Make us feel comfortable. Tell us lies.

There's a Mormon saying, I'll have to find the verse, that says if a true prophet came and testified of their iniquities, the people would cast him out and say that he is a false prophet. Yet if a false prophet came and said all is well, do what you want and God will save everyone not only would the people hail him to be a true prophet but they would pay him well. That is human nature and the mob mentality. So here we have this prophet telling Mormons to be nice to gay people. I can accept that. We should be nice to everyone. My question is, where does this road lead?

A lot of the Mormon therapists I've met are wack jobs and yes they pay them well. They aren't prophets, they aren't general authorities. Some of them aren't living the standards, yet they're telling everyone else how to live. Good luck with that. I'm all for LGBT. It's this whole alphabet soup thing I have a problem with. Non binary, minor attracted persons, he, she, they, it and theirs. It all gets pretty confused and extreme. He can become a she and she can become a he but a human being is not an it. You're either gay, straight or bisexual. You're male, female or trans.

Five Times August addressed this confused extremism in their funny song Outtayerdaminde. One of these gay Mormons speaking in Surrey today said he went on a mission hoping it would "fix" him and change his orientation but it didn't. I can accept that, totally. It's not my place to judge because that's not my kink. I don't know how that feels and with all due respect, I don't want to know. To each their own. All I'm saying is that I support the LDS proclamation on the family. At the time I thought it was a bit in your face aggressive but now I see the need for it. Everywhere we go the family is under attack. The fake news wants to destroy the family and limit population growth.

Oh but gay people are part of our family too. Can you not accept them? Of course we can. If my kids were gay would I love them? Of course I would. If my kids had a substance abuse issue would I still love them? Of course I would. I'm not equating homosexuality with drug abuse. I'm just saying we need to be mindful of where the road we are on leads.

When I served in the Young Men's presidency the Young Men's president asked me to be a Venturer scout leader and help him with some of the guys who were less than traditional. They didn't want to wear uniforms. The bishop's son was a graffiti artist so we had him design a logo we put on T-shirts. I taught them martial arts and we took them to serve at a food line in East Vancouver. One time the bishop's son saw something on our way and asked me to stop the car. He says I want to cover that tag. I know that guy and I hate him. I said guys from Langley are tagging the DTES? That is messed up. They were great guys we liked and enjoyed working with.

On Sunday morning we'd organize the guys into passing the sacrament. One morning one of the guys leans over and tells me he dropped acid that week. I rolled my eyes and say OK you sit over there, you're not passing sacrament, we'll have someone else take your place. We didn't freak on them we just taught them to be honest. If you're not living the commandments, don't pass or take the sacrament. It's that simple. They all went on to live happy and successful lives.

Many years ago, we had a LDS church counselor in Surrey that had an affair on his wife and ran off with one of his clients. His wife was a really nice person who later on remarried a really nice guy. All's well that ends well. My point is church psychologists are human like everyone else. You have to take what they say with a grain of salt and ask, is this advice good for me? Any therapist that follows Sigmund Freud is a wack job that should be avoided at all cost. They do more harm than good. Freud taught that women who had been raped were raped because deep down they wanted to be. That is mentally deranged. He was a cocaine addict that regularly had sex with his clients. If a man was a deviant he'd blame it in how the man was toilet trained by his mother. The guy was a freak as is anyone who still subscribes to his archaic ideas.

Although I'm inactive I remember hearing about a huge movement of apostates within the church that would attend church and trash President Monson. I though what the hell are you doing? Get a life. If you don't want to be a Mormon, don't be a Mormon. Be something else. Instead they were determined to change the doctrine of the LDS church. It doesn't work that way. That's what I meant when I wrote about the current prophet's wife Wendy Watson Nelson.

She posted a stunning picture of a cheetah close up she took on an African safari with her husband and the expression on the cheetah's face was concerning. She turned the picture into a profound analogy of being in a place of danger without realizing it at the time. She was very right. I took it one step further and said she still is in danger. A lot of bitter apostates within the church want to destroy her simple because she believes in the LDS Proclamation on the family.

Everyone has a right to their beliefs. Everyone. All these gay Mormons that want to change the church's doctrine on homosexuality should simply change their religion. It's that simple. The United church ordains gay ministers. That's a wonderful organization. I'm not saying walk away mad like the 1/3 did during the war in heaven. I left, I'm not mad. I wish them well and I support their right to their beliefs. I disagree with some of them but I support their right to their beliefs.

Years ago when we were working with the two guy couples in Dublin, we taught them the plan of salvation. I drew the short straw and it was my turn to teach the church's definition of the law of chastity and commit them to live that law. It was somewhat uncomfortable. They laughed at how awkwardly I danced around the subject and were smiling while they anxious awaited me to pop the question. Finally I got it out and said the church defines the law of chastity to be heterosexual relations within the bonds of marriage. Will you commit to this law?

Then with ear to ear grins they each looked me in the eye and said no. I respected their honesty. Without missing a beat I said OK how about this. Will you each commit to being faithful to the partner you are with? Three of them said yes, one wasn't sure and her partner looked at her in shock and I thought OK we better go now. I think you have something you need to discuss.

My whole point here is just be honest. You're not going to go to hell because you're gay. Christ said in my father's house there are many mansions. He also said as you sow so shall ye reap. If gay people do good, they will be rewarded accordingly. If they do evil, the same thing will happen as if they were heterosexual. Gay people are welcome to attend the LDS church. Just don't take the sacrament. I don't. Simply because I'm not willing to commit to living each and every principle. When the sacrament passes me by, I feel the spirit.

When you take the sacrament you are renewing the covenants you made at baptism. If you're not willing to renew those covenants, then don't. It's that simple. The church is all about service. The world is full of other opportunities to serve. As Lao Tzu said, it's better to light one candle then curse all the darkness. The struggle we all now face is between freedom and slavery. Surely that is a cause we can all unite on regardless of your sexual orientation.

Ya see we're fighting a spiritual war on several different fronts. First we have Communism lying to us trying to turn us into slaves of the state. There are no gay rights in communism because in communism no one has any rights. Next we have China trying to weaken our society by destroying the family on ticktock and through our media. Kind of like how England tried to destroy them through the opium wars. We need to educate kids on the harmful effects of drugs without taking away their free agency. Harm prevention isn't supposed to be harm promotion.

We also have Satan trying to deceive us and destroy our happiness. If the purpose of life is to find happiness, then temptation is something that will take us away from that happiness. I remember seeing that movie Fatal Attraction. This guy who was happily married gets seduced by a hot blond. Only she turned out to be a complete mental case. That movie scared the life out of me. It clearly illustrated that wickedness never was happiness.

When I think of Ellen DeGeneres I take a look at Portia de Rossi and I'm like yeah I get it. Portia is very pretty. I'm sure there's more to their relationship then that since Ellen has a great sense of humor but when you see them together it's not hard to understand. The bottom line is like any parent, you want your kids to be happy. That's all you want.