Monday, December 12, 2022

Larry Amero's sentencing held over until January 23rd

Larry Amero was supposed to be sentenced today. Instead his lawyer filed yet another appeal over delays. This is what you call an abuse of process. They already did this. I was there.

I attended Larry's trial August 22nd and noticed something dodgy was going on. The lawyers were making submissions and the jury wasn't present. The defense had submitted an application for a mistrial. It failed and the jury convicted him of murder. If this judge lets Larry off over trial delays again, that judge should be hanged. It would be an obscene miscarriage of justice.

Several years ago I wrote about a bad judge in Vancouver named Peter Leask. He was a complete whack job and became knows as the swearing judge. Glen Hehn was caught red handed loading 52 kilos of cocaine from his storage locker into a truck in Surrey but Peter Leask let him off after an associate plead guilty and took the fall.

Glen Hehn said he was storing the boxes for a friend and didn't know what was in them. As ridiculous as that is, Peter Leask bought it and said “He’d have to have been out of his f------- mind to store it in his own locker, all right?” No, it's not alright. Evidently Peter Leask dropped the f bomb four times in that trial. I'm not sure if his runny nose had anything to do with it.

Shortly before that I had gone on a guided tour of the parliament buildings in Victoria. On that tour the guide was talking about some of the famous judges in BC's history and mentioned one who became known as the hanging judge because he sentenced so many criminals to be hanged.

I remembered that and said here in BC we've gone from hanging judges to judges that should be hanged. Neil Hall wrote about my concerns with Peter Leask in his book Hell to Pay. Thankfully Peter Leask has retired but we can all see what a profound effect a good judge and a bad judge can have on the public's well being.

Jamie Bacon had his conviction set aside over trial delays but the Crown rightfully appealed it and won. Letting him free was not in the public's best interest nor did it meet the demand of natural justice. Which brings us back to Larry Amero. I've tried really hard not to trash Larry but I'm not doing anyone any favors if I lie or withhold the truth. Nor am I doing anyone any favors if I glorify the life. That's why I don't. Larry Amero's life is the epitome of greed and stupidity.
Larry Amero is responsible for a lot of crime and violence all because of his vanity and greed. Larry referred to Jonathan Bacon as his best friend. Jonathan Bacon was a preppy little b*tch. If Larry was his best friend, what does that make Larry? A preppy little b*tch from Walnut Grove.

As I said in the beginning, Larry Amero was the driving force behind the Surrey Six which resulted in a huge spike in gang violence. Jamie Bacon used to work for the UN. He was empowered by his brother's best friend and broke off of the UN and started selling drugs for the Hells Angels who taxed him. That's why he tried to tax Corey Lal because the Hells Angels were taxing him. Before the Surrey Six the Red Scorpions worked for the UN. After the Surrey Six they began working for the Hells Angels. Just like the Death riders in Laval. It's all about betrayal and greed.

When Larry Amero was arrested he was sharing a penthouse suite with Robby Alkhalil. Robby Alkhalil and Dean Wiwchar were convicted of Johny Raposo's murder in Toronto. Robby referred to Dean as his best hitter. Dean worked for Robby and Robby worked for Larry. Those three stooges have been responsible for a lot of violence including the brutal murder of two of Larry Amero's co accused in Colombia and Greece which was tied to Damion Ryan. Damion Ryan sold drugs for Larry Amero's Wolf Pack in the DTES under police protection. The Wolf Pack roll on the people they hire so the police get a conviction and they get to keep selling drugs.

Larry Amero was previously busted in two huge drug rings out of Montreal. Cocaine from the US coming into Canada and crystal meth going to Australia. He got off those charges because of trial delays. Letting him off again would be obscene. He's just a petty thief who became a drug dealer.

Two faces of Greed. Let me explain what I mean about greed because there are two aspects of greed that apply here. Back in the day, if you were from the hood, that meant you grew up poor. Larry Amero and Jonathan Bacon did not. They were rich yuppies from the burbs.

Jonathan Bacon and his brothers were selling drugs while living in their parents home in the suburbs. That was pathetic. They were wealthy. They had no need to sell drugs. The same with Larry Amero. Larry Amero's father was a longshoreman. When Larry was at high school in the burbs he got his first aid ticket and got a cushy job riding around on his father's boat at the docks. He made good money and had his own car. The rats at high school would get him to drive the car while they did B&E's. They were petty thief losers. Yuppies who thought it was cool to steal. Not.

How do I know this? I worked with a guy that went to high school with Larry. When you live in the area you hear things. Now this brings us to Vince McMurchy and the Diane Rock story. Vice was a longshoreman as well. He made good money but that wasn't good enough for him. His greed turned him into a crack dealer. That's pretty low all on it's own but it gets much worse.

Dianne Rock was off drugs. Vince McMurchy got her back on drugs. Then he started pimping her out to pay for the drugs. Ladies, I've said this before, if a man wants you to have sex with another man so he can get paid, he does not love you and he never will. Just so we're clear.

Vince McMurchy made good money as a longshoreman. His greed turned him into a crack dealer and a pimp. That was deplorable. Dianne Rock was gang raped on the Pickton farm. That implicates more than one suspect. I can tell you right now that the story of the Pickton farm is not over yet. All the works of darkness will be brought to light. Mark my word.

I remember seeing a picture of Larry with Jema. I think it was her birthday. You could tell she was enamored with Larry. He looked great on the juice. Sadly he just wasn't that into her. She deserved so much better. Larry and the Bacon brothers were clowns. They'd trade girlfriends like hockey cards. They didn't know what love is because they didn't love themselves. I'm not talking about vanity. I'm talking about self respect. There's a big difference between the two.
This is a picture of Larry Amero with Sarah Trebble. They shared a car lease together. Sarah was in the car with some UN guys when they did a hit on Bacpon brother associates outside of TBars which was and is run by Randy Jones. Only now it's called Shakerz.

This is how Larry played both sides. Jonathan Bacon was Larry's best friend. Larry was the one that supplied the Bacon brothers with drugs during their gang war with the UN. Yet Larry kissed UN ass at the time. To prove his loyalty to the UN, he let one of his hockey cards go with them to do a hit on some associates. No doubt he warned them ahead of time.

Larry was a weasel. He played the UN. They say don't hate the player hate the game. Not me. I don't hate the game I hate the player because I don't play games. This brings us back to Jema. I'm not going to trash Jema. I think she was a good person who was enamored with the life. The false persona that life portrayed. She wasn't the only one. There were many others that fell for it. Larry Amero reminds me of Justin Trudeau. They both pretend to be something they're not.

It's like that stupid boat he was running around on named Steroids and Silicone. That was ridiculous but kind of summed up Larry as being shallow, plastic and fake. However, Larry no doubt had a good or a normal side as well. When I was in court the last time, his new girlfriend was present. I didn't say anything at the time because I didn't want anyone to cap her. What happened to Spike's niece was horrible. No one deserves that.

When Larry entered the witness box he was at the back of the court right beside the glass. He saw her, looked a little surprised and smiled as if to say oh you came. No one else did. He looked happy to see her. She didn't look like trailer trash. She didn't look like a skank or a gangbanger wannabe. She looked respectable and normal and for a second there I could see Larry's normal side. Apart from the fake persona. The kid from Langley who could have, would have, should have. Everyone has good and bad. Where we go in life depends on the choices we make.




  3. The final lockdown if we don't stand up!

    As the narrator suggests...."ignoring reality is not a good strategy for survival."

  4. It's nice to see someone with enough balls to say out loud the stuff that everyone pretends not to see. Good on you, Dennis.

  5. On one hand it's kind of a surprise how good looking some of the girls that hang out with these types are......but the lesson to be learned from that is that looks mean nothing. "Surface beauty", but on the inside, rotten to the core.

  6. is Matt Johnson finally dead?

    1. Not that I know of. I don't think he took Jamie Bacon up on his offer:

    2. Maybe he did take Jamie Bacon's offer after all. His lawyer claims he just died of cancer. I think that means he went into the program with Jamie:

    3. No program, he's dead

    4. According to his lawyer who also said he was innocent.


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