Saturday, December 17, 2022

Old Henry on Netflix: the return of lever action rifles

I just watched Old Henry on Netflix and really enjoyed it. It's "set in an alternate timeline where an authentic, historical character plays in a fictional world." It's kind of about leaving the life and doing something worthwhile but the plot has a few interesting twists and turns.

I never watched Westerns growing up but I'm starting to get into them now. I suppose it's because of the popularity of the old lever action rifles that are making a come back. They're even getting popular in the US where some states have stricter gun control laws. These are not semi automatic and comply with the new rules and they are really fun to shoot.

I was trying to find a legal replacement for the SKS or the M1 Garand and soon discovered the local gun store was right, there isn't one. The new amendment bans everything including hunting rifles. The new rule says all semi automatic rifles have to be pinned at 5 rounds. Only that's not a new rule. It's always been that way. The new rule bans anything with a detachable magazine. They say it has to have an internal magazine pinned at five rounds like the SKS and the M1 Garand. Only in addition to making that new internal magazine requirement, the last minute amendments also named the SKS and the M1 Garand and bans them as well.

So as I explained before, they made a new rule banning every semi automatic rifle with a detachable magazine and also banned the only two semi automatic rifles with internal magazines. Once again this reveals their true motive. Reducing crime has absolutely nothing to do with it. This is part of Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh's obsession with the WEF's brand of Communism. That is what this is about. That's why people are objecting to it.

People are allowed to hunt. People in rural areas and in the back country are allowed to protect themselves from predators. Justin Trudeau does not want us to be safe or self reliant. As my neighbor from Russia said, "First they give you cake. Then they starve you. After that, you take whatever they give you." This is why our freedom and civil liberty depends on our self reliance and that is why Justin Trudeau wants to take our self reliance away from us.

He wants to take away our civil liberty next. Justin Trudeau's lies are orchestrated around making people afraid of any semi automatic rifle referring to it as an assault rifle. That is very deceptive. The SKS and the M1 Garand are beat up 100 year old rifles. The SKS is kind of a farmer's workhorse. They're old, slow to reload but reliable. It's physically possible to alter the SKS to accept an external magazine but they don't work properly. They always jam making it virtually useless. Justin Trudeau is using deception to fulfill his agenda.

The SKS is a 100 year old rifle but old lever action rifles are a thousand years old. The Rossi 92 is a replace of an old rifle that was made in 1892. The Winchester 94 is a replica of an old rifle made in 1894. I kid you not. They are totally inferior to anything modern law enforcement have.

Rossi used to be made in the USA but now the same family is making them in Brazil. Likewise the Winchester used to be made in the USA but is now made in Japan. However the Henry lever action rifles are still made in the USA and they have a new one commemorating the Truckers. The original Henry's didn't have the side gate to load they used a tube but now they have both so you get the best of both worlds. Since each state has so many different gun laws it gets a bit confusing traveling between states. Since these rifles comply with the strictest states rules, the American truckers are legally permitted to travel with these between states.


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