Saturday, December 31, 2022

Robert Kennedy and Simone Gold set the record straight


  1. He is correct. Now what?

    1. Exactly the question we should all be asking. The same logic the convey started. We all know where that lead. We best think quickly as they’ve already demonstrated they won’t hesitate to cripple us financially by freezing bank accounts and funding through social media and crypto. Next they want to take our guns. Anyone can see where this is heading.

    2. Especially those who know history. Which is why they haven't been teaching it in school for 20-30 years. Not the "lessons learned" part. Not the "here's how to avoid repeating it" part. Made up lefty BS. Propaganda.Think about that next time you're thinking about who runs the teachers unions and why. Hint: It's not because teachers are getting screwed over in some unjust fashion and need a union to protect them.

    3. Another good point. They don't teach math, science or history in school anymore. Just victimized slavery preparation.


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