Monday, December 26, 2022

2022 in Review: Examining the Narrative

Let's reviews some of the years bizarre events that have led us to this new world of disorder so we can clearly see what the man behind the curtain is really about. There's a funny song by Andrew Lloyd Webber from his musical Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat. It's about a guy who had a dream and then everything went to sh*t. As Steven Tyler said, Dream On.

There's a line in one of the songs that says "May I return to the beginning? The light is dimming, and the dream is too." Go back to this nice dream I had before everything fell apart. Turns out the musical has returned to Toronto and is playin until Febuary 2023.

The first story from 2022 that I want to highlight is the resignation of Tara Henley from the CBC. That event sets the stage for the rise and Fall of Fake News and along with it the rise and fall of Postmedia. The New York Post covered the story about Tara Henley and said "A veteran news producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has said she quit in disgust at the national network jettisoning journalistic integrity for a woke radical political agenda."

Everything she said about the CBC was true but it doesn't stop there. The CBC was the last bastion of investigative journalism in Canada amid the not so woke takeover of the mainstream media mergers. As I said before, once you merge all the media outlets into one owner, they become much easier to control and we have all seen that usher in the new world of disorder.

The next story from 2022 that I want to highlight is the termination of Anita Krishna from Global Fake News. Anita Krishna was a Global News Director fired for attending a Freedom rally in Vancouver. Global Television is now owned by Postmedia News just like the Vancouver Sun and Province. That explains the transformation in Global Television's biased agenda and the rapid fall of their credibility. Anita Krishna is on Twitter and is on Rumble. She has spoken out in support of the Truckers and denounced the media's misrepresentation of COVID.

Without question the Trucker's Convoy to Ottawa was the highlight of 2022. Our understanding of the transformation of the media revolves around their malicious misrepresentation of the convoy and everyone who supported it. People saw first hand how the media misrepresented the convoy and were force to ask, if the media lied about that, what else have they lied about? Well, a lot. They completely misrepresented Covid and we can clearly see that now.
The media intentionally misrepresented Covid deaths and hospitalization rates. People who died of cancer were listed as Covid deaths because they had a positive PCR test before they died. Dying with Covid is very different than dying from Covid especially when we see the PCR test was completely unreliable. It was the same with hospitalization rates.

Locking down over Omicron was a criminals act. Even Communist China cannot withstand the pushback from zero Covid over Omicron. That clearly reveals the agenda behind the misrepresented virus. So, does Postmedia want to reset the fake news to retain readers or will they perpetuate their credibility meltdown by defiantly promoting fake news until their complete financial collapse? Time will tell. It always does. I do have news about my court case with Postmedia but will save that brief announcement for the New Year.

When I return to my beginning a book I enjoyed in my youth called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. The title page of that book says it all. "And what is good, Phaedrus, And what is not good. Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?” The world hasn't lost it's moral compass. The world's moral compass is broken. It points in the wrong direction and the reason for that is the rise and fall of fake news. It's time to go back to the beginning and revisit the dream.

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