Sunday, February 6, 2022

Global News Director fired for attending Freedom rally

Update: Anita Krishna has a Rumble channel called AKStraightSpeaks

2nd Update: CBC admits those protesters arrested for throwing rocks and eggs and for laying nails on the road were from the counter protesters. The Vancouver Sun article tried to imply the protesters arrested were supporters of the convoy when we all knew that was a lie.

OK so I'm piecing together some links and connecting the dots like I do. The Vancouver Sun, which is now owned by Post Media News, just posted an dystopian adventure in misrepresentation of a recent Freedom Rally in Vancouver in support of the Truckers Convoy in Ottawa. In that ridiculous CNN style article Post Media Trash claims that:

"Several speakers stood in the bed of a pickup that had been converted into a makeshift stage, including former Global News journalist Anita Krishna, who delivered a profanity-laced attack on COVID coverage in what she called the mainstream media.” Things that make ya go hmmm...

They claim that "Late Saturday, Vancouver police reported that five people had been arrested during the protest. Police said they received numerous reports of vandalism and mischief, such as eggs being thrown and nails strewn on roadways. One 29-year-old man from Washington state was arrested with a knife in a sheath. Those arrested were taken to jail and later released."

Lett's not forget there were a handful of ANTIFA style counter protesters there. They were the ones throwing eggs and putting nails on the road for the trucks to drive over. People supporting the convoy wouldn't put nails on the road. The way the Vancouver Sun is intentionally misrepresenting the event shows the MO of their new owners.

Drea Humphrey from Rebel news was there with boots on the ground and gives a much more truthful account of what really happened there. It comes as no surprise that Post Media Trash would defame the Vancouver Rally since they have been defaming the truckers in Ottawa nonstop. They say circumstances don't make the man or woman, they only reveal them to themselves (and to the rest of the world). When Post Media News is caught lying about groups of people it reveals their true character and their MO sealing their own credibility meltdown.

Anita Krishna has a long and credible history with news broadcasting. I am told she was fired from Global in December 2021 for attending a Freedom Rally in North Vancouver. That's illegal It is ilegal to fire someone for their political beliefs. Disney did the same thing to Gina Carano. That is George Orwell and clearly shows the sad state of affairs we are now in which has given rise to such an overwhelming support of the Truckers Convoy in Ottawa.

10 million dollars is a lot of cash to raise by a handful of fringe minorities. Wait a minute? I thought Fringe Minorities Matter? I guess they only matter if they take an RNA vaccine and don't rock the pharmaceutical companies fake narrative.

This is an interview with Anita on Bitchute that discusses her unlawful discharge from Global. Recently she was on a podcast called The MARTINZ Critical Review that discusses how the mainstream media has gone astray in Canada. It's not just CBC. It's Post Media News as well. Anita was also on the Shaun Newman November 2021, a month before she was fried from Global. She starts at 6:00. We look forward to hearing more from her.

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