Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Stephen Harper is a bad man

Update: Jason Kenny proceeds with judicial review.

Maybe Justin Trudeau saw his downfall in Pluto rising

Wheelburner sugests Justin Trudeau was worried about the senate vote

True North is reporting that Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday that his government would be revoking his implementation of the Emergencies Act which is highly suspect. What changed between Monday night and Wednesday afternoon? Nothing.

True North is also reporting that Stephen Harper would oppose Jean Charest’s leadership run. No f*cking kidding. Harper is the reason conservatives lost the election last time which let Justan Idiot squeeze in. If Stephen Harper opposed Jean Charest’s leadership run last time he'll do it again because he is dirty as f*ck. Mulroney used Jean Charest to get elected then Harper f*cked him over when he wanted to run against Peter Dingledorf, the other war criminal.

No one will be Prime minister without Quebec. We need to kick Stephen Harper out and bring Maxine Bernie back so Jean Charest can run with the full support of the united country.

True North reported that "The boss is of the opinion that Jean Charest is not a real conservative.” GMAFB Stephen Harper is not a Conservative. He is a tax and spend enemy of the Charter of rights. He refused to celebrate the anniversary of the charter. He sounds like a mob boss. We know he's not a freedom fighter. Cut him loose and set the country free.

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  1. The Puppet Master who pulls Trudeau/Freelands strings .....


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