Saturday, February 26, 2022

Candace Owens interviews a Freedom Convoy organizer


  1. Hey Dennis, daily reminder that you're a TRAITOR for supporting Candace Owens and this Fifth Column infiltration of Canadian politics by Trump supporters. You're a disgrace to Canada. Your daughter will be lucky when you die.

    1. Donnie McWhirter needs a life. You say I'm a traitor for supporting Candace Owens. I say you're a traitor for supporting George Soros and Justin Trudeau. Do you support Biden's Bio Labs in the Ukraine? Do you support cutting off 90% of the fresh water to Crimea and the bombing of Donbas?

      You don't support anything because you're just a troll that wants attention and talks sh*t. You still obsess about my daughter and obscure details of my life that only Donnie McWhirter cares about. You're the only troll I have left. No one else cares.


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