Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Japanese internment and the War Measures act

Before I dive into the darkness, I just want to point out a historical fact. The last time the War Measures act was used was to put Japanese Canadians into prison camps and steal their land from them after the bombing of Perl Harbor. We all know that was wrong and a horrible thing to do. Canada has since apologized and made a token attempt at reparations. (The confiscated land was never returned.) These are the dark days Justin Trudeau wants to return us to.

Justin Trudeau has renamed the War Measures act to his Desperate Measures act.

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  1. The Germans started their robbery & extermination of the Jews by starting with medical discrimination ... the unvaccinated are the modern equivalent of Warsaw ghetto residents - denied services and medical treatment - and subjected to medical discrimination; for a condition no deadlier than a bad case of the flu.


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