Saturday, February 5, 2022

Donating to the Truckers through Give Send Go

Looks like the alternative site to donate to the tuckers now that Go Fund Me has been hijacked is Give Send Go. It is set up by Chris Garrah who is a partner at the law firm of McMillan LLP in Toronto. This is the group that Corporal Daniel Bulford from Mounties 4 Freedom mentioned.

Time to regroup and Circle the Wagons around Ottawa.


  1. Gas station cards are the solution to these donating issues.

    Good for food(albeit shitty) and fuel.

    No need for nonprofit organization designation


    Canadian Revenue Agency hassle and oversight.

    Cards can be numerically redeemed, no need to physically be in place.

    All that is needed is a designee to disperse the card numbers to the truckers.

    1. That's why I'd like to see all the trucks hidden in the secret parking lots regroup and surround the outside of the city so people can see them and donate to them in person.

  2. The Give Send Go account is a good barometer for continued public support.


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