Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The Empty Gas Can Protest has now Begun

Someone posted a link to this video in the comments on a previous thread. Since Justin Trudeau's Gestapo are arresting civilians for giving gas to the Truckers, a new trend has emerged. Everyone is coming to the protest in Ottawa carrying empty gas cans. I love it. The fake news has picked up on the story but their version is so ridiculous I'm not even going to cite it.

"But on Tuesday, police revealed that demonstrators were trying to subvert officers by filling jerry cans with water, or just leaving them empty. 'It does provide a layer of logistical complexity to us,' said Steve Bell, Ottawa deputy police chief. He said the increasing number of gas cans being delivered to protesters presented challenges to conducting stop and searches. 'It identified a level of sophistication and a level of ability of this group to try and subvert police efforts,' he said."

That's why we're here! Stop and Search is illegal. It violates the Canadian Charter of Rights. So is arresting people for carrying gas cans around. Since empty gas cans are easy to stop, some protests were filling the gas cans up with water. In the Twitter video above on guys offers the police Kool aid. I saw some pictures of people drinking from their gas cans so I guess they put Kool aid in theirs. Well done. That's the new trend. Embrace it.

Excellent article from an Ottawa resident who met the convoy.

The Ottawa resident said he met someone from every province except PEI. However, the Wheel burner just interviewed someone from PEI who had been there since day one but was leaving that day to join another convoy back in PEI.

On a matter of personal privilege, Jim Watson is no relation to me. He's a Dick.


  1. I'm sure the kool-aid comment was in reference to Jim Jones and "drinking the kool-aid" in the sense of swallowing (believing) whatever lie you are told.

    1. Good point. The employees did that during the Telus dispute for that very reason.


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