Friday, February 11, 2022

Why did the legacy media smear the Freedom Convoy?

Jonathan Kay and I go way back and he doesn't even know it. Many years ago he wrote a dystopian adventure in misdirection claiming that despite the fact that the majority of Canadians question the official story behind 9/11, there is no merit to their concerns without citing a single fact. The Vancouver Province reprinted his article and I complained. The editor at the time told me to write my side and he'd print it.

Guys were coming up to me saying Dude, how did you get that article published in the mainstream media? I was like I'm not sure. One minute I'm in an argument with the editor and the next minute he tells me to write my side of the story. That was back when journalism presented both sides of an argument before Harold Munro and Post Media News.

Candice Malcolm said Jonathan Kay recently had an article published in the Washington Post. No offence but that is a huge red flag. The National Post is now owned by Post Media News. This is the infiltrate and lead astray operation like Fox News endorsement of Globalist Republicans.

In the interview with Candace, Jonathon says he's supper into vaccines and is fine with mandates. Yeah, that's what we thought. Post Media News is in damage control. Today on the Morning show at Global, the Canadian version of the View run by Post Media News, they admit that their survey of their viewers show that 46% of Canadians support the Truckers protest.

Fist of all, 46% of their viewers does not represent 46% of Canadians. Second, I don't trust any online poll run by Post Media News. The fact is, they are scrambling to do damage control because their reprehensible lies about the Convoy has pissed off and alienated the majority of their viewers. Everyone who was in the convoy, supported the convoy or watched first had videos of the convoy know Post Media News lied about the Truckers. It was crystal clear.

So now people are starting to do the math. If they lied about that, what else are they lying about? They lied about Omicron. Completely. That was just as clear. So now Post Media News is toning down their attack with the intent of infiltrate and lead astray. Buyer Beware. It's the same owner. An evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit.


  1. Canadian Army Major Has had Enough of the Trudeau Govt Lies .....

  2. Commie Henry ... the CDC/WHO/UN Puppet script reader .....

    She knows she a liar - that's why she occasionally breaks down in tears ... but they pay her well, so she keeps up the lies.

  3. Attorney Reiner Fuellmich's Opening Statements regarding the Covid MAFIA take-over .....

  4. I wouldn't be suprised if Turdeau times his crackdown on the protesters with a flare-up at the Ukraine-Russian border.

    Wait for the world's attention to focus elsewhere and make your move.

    Let's see what the next 3 days/nights bring.

    He is in desperation mode.


  5. Tyranny has arrived.

    Being spied on and house visits being made on behalf of the little tyrant Turd in Ottawa.
    This should sicken every Canadian regardless of their position on this protest!


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