Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Hells Angels support of the Freedom Convoy

OK I'm going to talk about this ridiculous article someone just sent me. Le Journal de Montréal is reporting that Stéphane Gagnon from the Quebec Hells Angels supported the truckers convoy in Ottawa. Yeah, well good for him. If the Hells Angels support freedom are we supposed to oppose freedom and become communist slaves? GMAFB.

This ties in with another ridiculous statement Donnie the rat McWhirter recently made. Blaze recently claimed that I had turned to the dark side for supporting the Freedom Convoy and claimed that the Edmonton Hells Angles also supported it. My response was simple. If the Edmonton Hells Angels want to support freedom, then more power to them. Justin Trudeau and the WEF are the dark side not those opposing them.

If the Hells Angels sell drugs and kill a rival drug dealer, that does not effect my civil liberty at all. Yet what Justin Trudeau is doing effects all of our civil liberty. That should concern everyone. Once again we see that Justin Trudeau is uniting the country against him.

The article admits that Gagnon has already campaigned for the Liberal Party of Quebec, which allowed him to be photographed with the former Prime Minister Philippe Couillard in 2008. So Hells Angles aren't allowed to vote? They wont freeze their bank acoutns for drugs but will if they vote for someone ele? The article then points out that On December 21, on his Facebook page, he called the Minister of Public Security, Geneviève Guilbault, a "big cow" because she asked for the assistance of the Canadian Armed Forces to speed up the vaccination of Quebecers when the Omicron variant threatened the capacity of hospitals. This means two things.

It means that the Liberals under Justin Trudeau and the NDP under Jagmeet Singh are losing support from people that previously supported them so next election will be different and both parties will lose seats. It also shows that this fake news outlet is still lying about Omicron.

"When the Omicron variant threatened the capacity of hospitals" - F*ck off. We all saw how the media maliciously misrepresented Omicron. The hospitals were not full of people in the hospital for Omicron. That was a bold faced lie. The hospital was full of patients like it always is. Some of them tested positive for Omicron even though they had no Covid symptoms. That's not why they were admitted to the hospital. The real science says that's not a case. The real science says you need symptoms and a positive test result to be a case. One without the other is not a case.

Omicron was less severe than the seasonal flu. Locking down over Omicron was a criminal act. Bringing in the military to force a vaccine that doesn't work for a virus that doesn't matter was Orwellian just like the fake news is. Maybe the Hells Angles don't want to give up all their motorcycles for Justin Trudeau's fake environmentalism like the rest of us. That's understandable.


  1. The Hells Angel support the convoy because it's a fascist movement that is trying to bully it's way into power via force. Criminal organizations always support fascist movements because they admire the machismo, violence and intimidation inherent in the movement. It's politics they can understand, because it's politics done by bullies via force. That's why the Hells Angels agree with you Dennis you fascist scumbag. Because they like people who try to bully their way into power.

    1. Donnie McWhirter, hoeing for the Po Po.

    2. It's funny when Liberals try to call names that only describe themselves. The all accepting Liberal agree with me or your a racist.

  2. Maxamlion is a fawk tard! Anyone who screams facists when people peacefully protests are the FACISTs!

    1. Maxamlion is Donnie McWhirter. He picks a name and makes 15 posts. In those posts he makes statements that clearly reveal his identity. Instead of approving a sh*t load of trash I approve one post and out him for who he is.

      Donnie McWhirter sold crystal meth for the Hells Angels but now works as a police agent and a troll. Well, he always was a troll but now he gets paid by the police to do it.

      You are correct about the false allegation. Trudeau and Blaze calling the Freedom Convoy Fascists is somewhat ironic. Actions speak louder than words.


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