Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Justin Trudeau is a misogynistic bully

Update: The Bully revokes the Lawless Act. Pretty suspicious.

Since today is anti bullying day it is only fitting we call out the world's biggest weasel and misogynistic bully, Justin Trudeau. Liberal comedian Bill Maher called out Justin Trudeau for making false and offensive statements where he erroneously claimed that people who support the truckers hold unacceptable views and are misogynistic.

This is reminiscent of the anti Gay preacher who gets caught with a Gay prostitute. Justin Trudeau claims everyone who disagrees with him is misogynistic. Yet in reality, he is misogynistic. Justin Trudeau is known around the wold for being a fake feminist.

He had an Aboriginal woman in his caucus. He bullied her and censored her so she wrote a book about it. He had a Black woman in his caucus. He bullied her and censored her so she wrote a book about it. We have all seen how Justin Trudeau bullies women who disagree with him.

We have now seen how Justin Trudeau used his Desperate Measures act to freeze the bank account of a single mother because she donated $50 to the truckers before he deemed them illegal political opponents of his State. That deplorable act shows that Justin Trudeau is a misogynistic bully and Jagmeet Singh supported him. Romanian MP calls Trudeau a tyrant.

Tragically, Rick Mercer who would normally be publicly denouncing Justin Trudeau's Desperate Measures Act from the rooftops hasn't said a word because he works for the CBC who are criminally culpable in this obscene violation of civil liberty which once again shows mainstream media journalists have to sell their souls to push the lie.

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  1. A voice of reason calling out Turdeau and his cohorts.

    Without doubt the Turd is the most hated man in the world at present. Well done Canadian voters, you really know how to pick them. 3 times nonetheless.


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