Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Damion Ryan busted?

WTTF? Did they bust him or just give him more money for his witness protection contract?

Update: Not a word on charges. Just what I thought.

The Edmonton Hells Angels killed Anees Mohammed for the Wolf Pack so Damion Ryan could take over his drug network. They killed their own guy to give his business to someone else. 88 Rossalnd is a drug house in Ottawa associated with the Alkhalils who are part of Larry Amero's Cub Pack just like Damion Ryan is. In 2016 Damion Ryan was convicted of drug trafficking in Ottawa. After they killed Anees, he's been running the drugs in the DTES for the Cub Pack.

What do you say the odds are the CFSEU pull the plug on Damion's Ryan's bust? You can't arrest him he's working for us. Yeah we know. That's the problem. Maybe it's just another cover.
Update: Dr Spin has picked up on the story. "Sources confirmed that Ryan, considered a leader of the Wolf Pack gang coalition in the Lower Mainland, had been picked up by police at a luxury home in the nation’s capital." So the Compromised CFSEU had nothing to do with it.

"Ryan is a former member of the elite Ontario Nomads chapter of the Hells Angels, which was disbanded after a dispute with other regional chapters of the biker gang." Elite Ontario Nomads - STFU. She's always tryign to misrepreent sh*t. The Ontario Village Idiots were about as elite and the Swine Flu were notorious. The Ontario Nomads were disbanded after the Quebec Charter started capping their a*s because they wouldn't return their drug turf after they got out of prison.

"But Ryan had been lying low, mostly out of province, since he was featured in May with 10 other Lower Mainland gangsters on warning posters issued by both the Vancouver Police and B.C.’s anti-gang Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit." That is a bold faced lie.

Damion Ryan is a f*ck up on the PoPo's payroll. They were probably just giving him more donuts.

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