Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Update from the Truckers for Freedom Convoy

Truckers lawyer up. Daniel Bulford from Mounties 4 Freedom joines the Press Conference.


  1. FREEDOM Convoy Leaders hold news conference in Ottawa – February 3, 2022 ..... ex-RCMP member also speaks at this news conference .....

  2. Watch Schwab/WEF Puppet Chrystia Freeland totally avoid/deflect answering questions that Canadians want answered - deflecting it into an issue of RACE BAITING ......

    Apparently, Chrystia Freeland's job as the Canadian Finance Minister & Deputy Prime Minister doesn't keep her busy enough - so she also needs a 3rd job working for Schwab & the WEF .....

    1. Yeah I'm going to follow up on that.

    2. The Schwab/WEF rabbit hole goes far far deeper than most can imagine ..... from Armstrong Economics .....

      Schwab has a death-grip around the throat of Europe. Aside from his Young Leaders Program where he has been training people and strategically placing that in governments around the world, he has boldly placed three of his board members of the WEF in the very top positions at the head of the EU, the head of the ECB, and the head of the International Monetary Fund ..... the European Central Bank has destroyed the European bond market with their NEGATIVE interest rates. This entire COVID Plandemic has been used for this Great Reset which was created at the World Economic Forum.

      The Bank of England and the Federal Reserve are defending their economies from the onslaught of the WEF. This leaves the European Central Bank standing along with negative interest rates defending Schwab’s darkest visions for our future – the end of Democratic forms of government pushing the world into World War III so he can Build Back Better.....



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