Friday, February 4, 2022

Ottawa Police Chief fired for expressing political opinion

The Wheel Burner quoted the Ottawa police chief who praised GoFundMe for freezing the Truckers account. That police chief should be fired for lying about the truckers and expressing a political opinion that is in opposition to the Canadian Charter of Rights which he is paid to uphold.

Clinton Jaws posted an excellent video about how Constable Erin Howard was cancelled for expressing her political opinion in support of the Charter of Rights despite the fact that the Ottawa police chief expressed his political opinion in opposition to the Charter of Rights. One is an oath keeper, the other is an oath breaker. We need patriots not globalists.

Herein lies the problem. Justin Trudeau wants all the oath keepers fired from the military and the police so we are left with civil servants who will not question unethical orders making us no better than the enemy we fought in the war giving him absolute power. Justin Trudeau wants mercenaries not soldiers. He doesn't want law enforcement, he wants gestapo.

Initially the fake news said people were upset about the fact that Constable Erin Howard expressed a political opinion while in uniform. Yet Rebel News posted a leaked memo from the Canadian military saying if any solider expresses support for the convoy in uniform or out, they will be disobeying a direct order. That is Orwellian. This is why the nation is backing the Truckers.

Here's the deal. England just lifted all vaccine mandates and Covid restriction. As soon as they did that, Ireland followed suit. Since then several other countries have done the same. Canada is part of the commonwealth. We should follow England's example. Justin Trudeau's defiant opposition to that is treason. He is breaking the law - the Canadian Charter of Rights which the police have sworn an oath to uphold. That is why people hate him.

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  1. Good on you. A beacon of free─Ćom you are!
    Even your iron clad should commend that.
    I certainly do.

    Without Canada what are any of us?

    Look up Liberia.


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