Saturday, February 12, 2022

Truck Border Crossing shut down in Coverdale

Thousands Gather In Paris To Protest COVID Mandates As French Freedom Convoy Grows

I passed by the Chilliwack convoy on their way to the Truck border crossing in Coverdale after work today. I went home, ran a few errands then rode down to check it out. There were hundreds and hundreds of cars and trucks coming and gong all day. I walked up to the border and saw a few Americans. One woman from Birch Bay said the Canadian police shut down the border on their side around 2:00 PM due to the pedestrian traffic and the American side followed suit shortly there after. They said there was just too many pedestrians for cars to safely pass through.

There was a lot of people there and a lot of cars. The volume was staggering and heart warming. It's hard to describe. People keep saying have you ever seen anything like this before? 2010 Vancouver Olympics after Canada won the gold medal in hockey, perhaps but this is much bigger, much more long lasting and is continuing to grow exponentially. It's like a Woodstock movement of flag waving. Love, peace and freedom is the reoccurring theme. Other than Drea from Rebel News, no mainstream media was seen. The police were very polite and very friendly.
People were coming and going all day. It was very festive.

There was a Freedom Protest at the Osoyoos Border crossing today as well.

Same thing in Ottawa.


  1. Finally Bonnies nazi regime needs to end

  2. This is what happens when oppressive regime's start to lose control after the people being oppressed finally realize that they have the real power, and they stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Non Kool Aid Drinking Americans are standing right there with you Canada!! I don't speak for all Americans, because there are millions of Biden voters (fake ones that is) out there who are still wearing their masks while driving their own cars, but I do think I speak for anyone who considers themselves FREE. Free from Tyranny, and Free from unconstitutional Government mandates!! Don't stop!! RISE UP AND MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!! God Bless All Of You


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