Friday, February 25, 2022

Justin Trudeau is not a military leader

Today I have two points to make. 1) Justin Trudeau is not a military leader and 2) Blind faith in anyone is bad. Previously I posted a link to this video of Justan Idiot announcing that he will stand against authoritarianism. AYFKM? No really - AYFKM? That is the most ridiculous and hypocritical statement ever uttered by man. Justin Trudeau is the authoritarian. On top of that, he's a weasel.

He pissed off the veterans and soldiers. No soldier is going to follow him anywhere let alone into war. He does not have what it takes and everyone is sick of his ridiculous lies. Having said that I want to reiterate that blind faith in anyone is bad and unhealthy.

I don't like Trump myself. I don't trust him because he's a politician and all politicians need to be accountable to the people who elect him. I did support him over Hillary because Hillary, as Tulsi Gabbard said, represents the rot in the Democrat party. JFK, different story.

When Trump ran against Hillary I thought of the Jim Carrey meme that said having to choose between voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is like having to choose between getting shot with an arrow in the left leg or the right leg. How about neither? I suppose a lot of my feelings at the time were due to the media's misrepresentation of Trump.

Then I saw how the media obsessed over Trump and continuously demonized him and I felt that was toxic. I started to do some research and discovered he isn't racist at all. That was a lie just like it was a lie about the truckers convoy, many of whom are Indo Canadian.

I started to follow Candice Owens and Branda Straka and agreed with a lot of what they had to say. Now I can honestly say that there are some things about Trump that I do like. Yet there are some positions he has taken in the past that I have disagreed with. This leads to my second point. No two people agree on every issue and no one is perfect. Every politician has to be accountable to the people. Blind faith in anyone is bad.

Let's take Putin for example. I do not trust him. He has shot political opponents dead. He is a big part of the WEF. Yet I find it so strange that the liberals lost in space hate him so much while they love that Winnie the Pooh whack job Xi Jinping.

The media has completely misrepresented the Ukraine conflict and that makes me wonder why. I am curious about their motive and how the banksters of the EU are involved in all this.

The British media posted a video of a tank going out of it's way to run over a civilian is a car. It's a very disturbing video and it forces me to question the motive and the validity. If a Russian tank did that, then that is inexcusable. However, it seems very strange. Like the president of Syria using chemical weapons when he was winning the war. Why would he do that to incur international outrage? The answer is simple. He didn't.

In the case of the tank and the civilian's car, the tank is unmarked. If this was a Russian tank, that would be inexcusable. It would also be inexcusable if it was MI6 posing as a Russian tank. Both options are possible and we need to explore both possibilities. The BBC pointed out there have been a lot of false images being passed around. This tank incident needs to be investigated.

As I said before, I don't trust Putin but I trust Biden, Trudeau and the EU even less. I do have respect for Big Brother. I recognize that big Brother is not always right but I also recognize that big Brother is not always wrong either. This brings us back to the attack on the USS Liberty.

In a previous post on the Ukraine I posted a link to comments from Stew Peters and Ben Shapiro. Stew Peters is a little bit extreme kind of like Alex Jones but it's important to hear from someone other than the mainstream media because all we are getting from the mainstream media is lies. Ben Shapiro is very intelligent and a little more balanced. Yet he too has a bias. He's a patriot and he supports Israel. I respect that. However, Israel is not always right. England is not always right. America is not always right. No one is.

I remember when the movie Braveheart came out. My daughter started to deny or disassociate from the British part of our heritage. I tried to explain that throughout history England has had good kings and bad kings. Every country has had good and bad leaders.

Israel has had good leaders and bad leaders too. King Zedekiah threw Jeremiah in prison which led to the Babylonian captivity. Herod cut John the Baptist's head off. Most people who read this blog know that I have a hate for the CIA. I support Gary Webb and I oppose Iran contra. Enough said. However, Mossad was involved with Iran Contra too. They were also involved with the attack on the USS Liberty under the orders of President Johnston. If the Russian spy ship hadn't caught them, they would have sunk the USS Liberty and blamed it on someone else.

Which brings us back to my second premise. Blind faith in anyone is bad.


  1. fake imagery galore !!!!!

    1. That why I want to verify the tank running over a car footage.

  2. Look how much they lied about trucks in Ottawa.

    Just imagine how much they can lie about a "war" so far away.

    I hear Ukraine is committing a lot of war crimes.

    Soldiers stationing near civilians to attract bombing of civilian targets. Also heard of Ukrainians killing their own civilians.

    1. That's the problem. There's too much hearsay flying around.


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