Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Vancouver to NYC to Finland: Unvaccinated Lives Matter

The Daily Mail is reporting that "Hundreds of supporters of Canada's 'Freedom Convoy' and New York City workers who are facing termination if not vaccinated by the end of the week marched across the Brooklyn Bridge Monday." The people have started to sing.

The New York Post is reporting that "Over 300 city workers and others marched across the Brooklyn Bridge Monday protesting the city’s announcement that municipal employees without a COVID-19 vaccination would be fired by week’s end. Firefighter Paul Schweit, 31, founder of Bravest for Choice, an FDNY anti-mandate group, led the chants."

France 24 is reporting that "A protest movement by Canadian truckers angered over Covid vaccine rules has become a rallying point for opponents of pandemic restrictions, firing up crowds from New York to New Zealand. 'Unvaccinated Lives Matter' and 'Workers Are Essential, Mandates Are Not,' read signs carried by the crowd, which included firefighters and teachers."

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