Monday, February 21, 2022

Protest outside Jagmeet Singh's constituency office

Update: Don Pitcairn from the White Rock Sun has posted an article about the protest.

As I was riding back from meeting James Topp in Mission I headed toward the Pacific border crossing to see what was going on there. I saw a huge convoy of cars, trucks and motorcycles with signs and Canadian flags heading the other direction. I pulled up beside a guy on a Harley with a big Canadian flag like mine and asked them where they were all heading. He said the convoys were avoiding the border and that they were going to Chilliwack.

I thought about it for a second because I felt like joining them but didn't want to ride all the way to Chilliwack and have to ride back home again so I went to 8th Avenue at the Pacific border to see what was going on there. There were about a dozen protesters there with signs and flags.

Someone there told me that there were two groups breaking off in separate directions. One was heading out to Chilliwack, the other was heading out to Jagmeet Singh's constituency office in Burnaby. I was like oh that I want to see so I checked it out. (There was also one in Vancouver.)
I ran into Don Pitcairn from the White Rock Sun. I'm not sure what I can and can't say but we all go way back. The White Rock Sun is an online paper and Don Pitcairn runs a column there called the Naked Truth. The name of the column is taken from an Ann Landers quote which states "A dressed-up lie when exposed and stripped to bare facts will reveal the naked truth." I suppose it's only fitting that we both have started covering freedom issues now.
I spoke with a lot of Jagmeet's constituents who are really upset with him for endorsing this Emergency Act. This has traditionally been an NDP riding but a lot of those voters are leaving the party because of Jagmeet Sing's position on the Freedom protest and the Emergency Act.
One couple said the Truckers convoy was a blue collar protest. The NDP are supposed to support Unions and workers. Jagmeet didn't. Some of the signs made reference to Jack Layton and Tommy Douglas and how Jagmeet Singh has taken the party in the complete opposite direction. BTW Post Media News did not cover this protest. Big surprise. Everyone who attends any of these protests can see the media's misrepresentation so they are forced to use alternate news sources like Rebel News and True North. The media is really shooting itself in the foot over this.
On my way home I drove by a house with Canadian Flags hoisted outside in support of the Truckers. This is the new Let's Go Brandon. Waving a Canadian flag after foreign riot police were seen trampling on the flag is Canada's polite way of saying F*ck Justin Trudeau and his Desperate Measures act. Only you can't put someone in jail for waving a Canadian flag.
Car, trucks and motorcycles are waving the flag in support of the rebellion against Justin Trudeau and the Mainstream media. Join a convoy near you. It helps process the rage. There was even one in Montana supporitng the Canadian Truckers. Their news outlets covered it.

BTW a gay guy came to the rally outside Jagmeet's office with all his rainbow gear and a sign that said My Body My Choice. He had a really cool rainbow fan that made a big noise when he opened and closed it. Everyone was like Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! They were thrilled to see him and welcomed him with open arms. Turns out Don knew him and gave him a big hug. So when Jagmeet says these constituents protesting outside his office are intolerant right wing extremists he is lying and we all know it. Lying about your own constituents isn't very smart.

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