Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Google just deleted another Blog Post

Google just deleted another blog post. I'm have no idea why. This is the blog post they deleted in it's entirety on my mirror. All I said was The Canadian Press is reporting that "Premier Jason Kenney says Alberta's vaccine passport will end almost immediately, with most other big COVID-19 health rules gone three weeks later." I quoted the news report.

I added two links to news about the Alberta border blockade but I have said all along I don't support blockades. When Google deletes blog posts that simply link to truthful news reports you know you have now entered the Twilight Zone. This is why so many people are protesting.


  1. This MP is on the right track.

  2. Canadian Cops who have immigrated here from tyrannical communist sh1tholes know exactly whats going on & whats at stake .....

  3. A well oiled machine full of patriots from all races and creeds.

    Of particular importance from the 13 minute mark to end.


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