Saturday, February 5, 2022

Justin Trudeau desecrates war memorial

There has been a lot of false headlines in the media lately but this one is true and I shall explain why. In a previous thread someone posted a link to this video of Klaus Schwab who is the head of the World Economic Forum stating that Justin Trudeau and over half the members of his cabinet are controlled by the World Economic Forum. That is treason. That is defacing war memorials in word and deed. This is who the Ottawa Police chief is taking his marching orders from.
The World Economic Forum are the ones that said you'll own nothing and be happy. You'll own nothing because they will take everything from you. Your house, your boat, your car - everything. Even your civl liberty. You'll be happy because they will tell you to. Like a Russian friend once said, First they give you cake. Then they starve you. After that, you take whatever they give you.

We all know that the guy with a Nazi flag off site at the Truckers convoy was a plant. No one at the rally or who supports the rally endorses that. It was a smoke and mirror distraction from the real issues on the table: Vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions. True North has offered a hefty reward for information to identify who that agent provocateur was.
We need to remember that while the fake news has been lying about the truckers and falsely accusing them of defacing war memorials, they have been doing exactly that for the past two years in word and deed. We also need to remember that waving a Communist flag is the exact same thing as waving a Nazi flag. They are both equally bad. Poland understand this.
In Poland, Fascism was a diversion for Communism. After the war, Stalin stayed in Eastern Europe and crushed their civil liberty with Communism. There was no social justice in that system. Only oppression. The Berlin Wall was built to prevent people from escaping.


  1. 2 thumbs up!

    You're on the REAL side of history.

    Efforts appreciated.

  2. Yup sadly these same losers who love main stream media are the same ones saying we need laws forever masking people its complete tyranny at all levels


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