Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Commuting in Surrey Snow

It had snowed a fair bit last night in Surrey and Metro Vancouver. Riding in to work in the morning was a bit sketchy. The roads in Langley were fine but the roads in Surrey were horrible. A thin sheet of compacted slush was like a sheet of ice. I guess Brenda Locke doesn't believe in snow plows. It had warmed up above freezing as the day went on so the roads were fine going home. Tonight is going to drop below zero and all the roads are wet from the slush and melting snow. That means lots of black ice in the morning. Ice is worse than snow.

Wolf Pack Drug bust in the DTES

Update: 2 Wolfpack members turn themselves in

Well it looks like miracles do still happen after all. It must be a blue moon. I wonder if this has anything to do with the new mayor of Vancouver giving the police a new mandate.

CTV is reporting that "A B.C. task force says charges have been laid against six people who are believed to have been trafficking drugs as part of an organized crime group. The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia (CFSEU-BC) says in July 2020, it began an investigation into alleged drug trafficking activities in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside that the unit says involves The Wolfpack organized crime group. Investigators say it led to “a number of” suspects and locations that were identified through October 2020 and May 2021."

"Through the investigation, police seized seven firearms, over 1,000 rounds of ammunition, 10 kilograms of fentanyl, three kilograms of cocaine, six kilograms of methamphetamine, 72 kilograms of cutting agents, $160,000 in cash, and three vehicles."

10 kilos of fentanyl, 6 kilo of crystal meth and 3 kilos of cocaine is huge. The CFSEU has done this kind of a drug bust since forever. "Police say Vinod Kanna Aruldevarajan, Hemen Hewa Saed, and Howjeen Saed have been arrested. But police are still looking for three other suspects that have yet to be arrested. Roger Alfredo Bardales Medina, 30, faces eight criminal charges related to weapons, drugs, and involvement with organized crime."

"Diego Maradona Saed, 23, faces eight charges in relation to organized crime involvement, drug trafficking, weapons and possession. Joseph Ebert Charles Lowley has not been located and is facing one charge for possession for the purpose of trafficking. Police say Diego Saed, Lowley and Medina, have not been found and are wanted on arrest warrants."

This is what the CFSEU is supposed to do but hasn't done since 2012. This happened after their CI Damion Ryan was busted in Ontario by a different agency. Damion Ryan was in charge of the drug in the DTES and wasn't touched by the CFSEU. The Wolf Pack killed Anees Mohammad, the UN did not. Just sayn what I said about the Wolf Pack in the DTES was true.
BTW a coupe of the old revolvers they seized look pretty funny. They'e pretty beat up. One looks like a spud gun. The new semiautomatic looks similar to the Masada. I held a .30 cal Smith and Wesson that had the same kind of handle. That was nice.

Come to think of it, the timing of this bust is somewhat suspicious. It's hard not to think that Damion Ryan gave up some of the guys who work for him that he saw as a threat to his leadership in exchange for a get out of jail free card. That's how he was allowed to do business there for so long. After all, that is how the Cub Pack roll - on the people they hire.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Doug McCallum found not guilty

CTV is reporting that "The former mayor of Surrey, B.C., has been found not guilty of public mischief following a headline-making trial. Doug McCallum was accused of making a false police report alleging a political opponent ran over his foot during a heated dispute in a grocery store parking lot last year." He was being stalked and criminally harassed while grocery shopping.

"Judge Reginald Harris delivered his verdict Monday morning, telling the court he was satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that McCallum had been run over during the confrontation. Harris cited the medical records from McCallum's visit to an emergency room, which indicated there was bruising on the mayor's foot, but no broken bones or swelling."

The fact that the Surrey RCMP charged him instead of the fairy godmother freak that was harassing him is living proof the Surrey RCMP need to be replaced. Their roots are evil.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Jagmeet Singh's support for the all inclusive gun grab

Update: Expanded Liberal gun ban could cost taxpayers another billion dollars

I have a few more things to say about the all inclusive gun grab. They've been breaking the rules the whole way. Brad Cathers, the Yukon Party MLA stated that "The right to own firearms is very important to a great many Canadians.”

He went on to say "The past practice in Canada had been that firearms that became illegal due to a change in the law could still be kept by the owners but not resold. The change and the step across the line into what has been called a ‘buyback’ program is, in fact, confiscation and is a major change that is deeply disturbing to many Canadians who value property rights. It’s a gentle-sounding term for what it really is: the forced confiscation of private property. For many Canadians and many Yukoners, the principle of that is not acceptable.” Indeed.

However, this latest all inclusive amendment banning everything under the sun doesn't talk about buy back. It talks about seizing private property. That is not acceptable. In addition to that, the Liberal government is telling court registries not to allow any Section 72 appeals. They're not allowed to do that. The law states in Section 72 and 74 of the Firearms Act that if the government prohibits a legally obtained firearm, people have the right to file a Section 72 appeal in court. The law states we have that right. Justin Trudeau is breaking the law. Again.

We all know that Justin Trudeau is a fake feminist. He's a fake environmentalist and a fake advocate for Aboriginals. He certainly doesn't support Muslims because he refused to acknowledge the Uyghur genocide in Communist China. Now let's turn to the hypocrisy of his new wife, the World Economic Forum in waiting, Jagmeet Singh.

Jagmeet wears a turban but he's not a Sikh. All of his policies mock the Sikh faith. Jagmeet supports the legalization of all drugs. The Sikh temple doesn't support that. Jagmeet supports late term gender based abortions. The Sikh temple doesn't support that. Now Jagmeet is supporting an all inclusive gun ban. Let's take a look at how that position mocks the persecution of Sikhs in India and the historic attack on the Golden Temple.

In 1984 Operation Blue Star was a Sikh Genocide by order of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The Sikhs in India were being persecuted by their government. They had a stockpile of firearms in the Temple to protect them from the government. The government attacked the Temple with tanks and mortars, seized the firearms and desecrated the Temple killing 17,000–30,000 Sikhs.

Do you really wonder why we don't trust the government? Corrupt governments have murdered far more people with guns than criminals. Jagmeet is betraying that heritage by endorsing this all inclusve gun grab. If Jagmeet really supported the Farmers in India why doesn't he support the Farmers in Canada or Holland? Does his membership in the World Economic Forum forbid it?
Speaking of Holocaust deniers, if the Jews had guns the Holocaust would not have happened. It did happen because of gun control. Peace at any price is no peace at all. Lest we forget.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Gangsters vs Nazis: How Jewish Mobsters Battled Nazis in Wartime America

I received a new book in the mail today.This one is called Gangsters vs Nazis: How Jewish Mobsters Battled Nazis in Wartime America. I have to admit it has a pretty interesting title. It kind of opens a can of worms that relates to many different things going on right now including the current struggle we see between Communism and everything else.

The Preamble contains a quote by Professor L. B. Namier which states "It is important to non-Jews as well to Jews. Any nation which permits a minority to live in fear of persecution is a nation which invites disaster." That is very true. We see that with the Falun gong in Communist China.

The book mentions Pearl Harbor. At that time, Japan had embraced a Fascist government just like Germany and Italy. I'm told the Republic of Ireland did as well. That is indeed concerning. The book mentions that Hitler tried to divide America and turn it into an ally so it wouldn't join the war against it's expansion in Europe. What it doesn't mention is that the Bush family was doing business with the Nazis in Germany. They helped put the gas in the gas chambers.
That was an abomination. In chapter two Rise of Fascism, the book states "To put it simply, fascism is the belief that a dictatorial leader is preferable to an elected one because many voters are enemies of the people and need to be oppressed. As a philosophy, it require a strong leader and a weaker scapegoat. In Germany, Hitler became the dictator and the Jews the scapegoat."

That is very true. In that sense Fascism is identical to Communism. The real name of the Nazi party in Germany was the National Socialist German Workers' Party. I've talked about the similarities between Fascism and Communism before. Yet ANTIFA built the Berlin Wall.

This facade of fighting Fascism led to calling everyone who disagreed with Communism a Fascist. In Communism, Fascism becomes the scapegoat to rationalize doing exactly what Hitler did. In East Berlin they called the West Fascists yet the West had just fought the Fascists in the War. That allegation was false. The difference between Fascism and Communism is that Fascists are honest about their objectives while Communists are not. Communism is an Empire of Lies.

The book goes on to mention Hitler's concept of Aryan Supremacy. Recently the fake news talked about how Kanye West brought a White Nationalist with him to visit Donald Trump. When I first reported that I misread the article. It sounded like they were trying to claim that Kanye West was a White Nationalist which was absurd.

However in the Castanet article they placed a common between White Nationalist and Kayne West meaning Kanye West brought a White Nationalist with him to dinner. It's still absurd. If the guy is a White Nationalist, why is he hanging around with a Black guy?

Seemingly the guy he brought with him was a Holocaust denier. I've already talked about Flat Earthers and Holocaust deniers before. I don't have time for either. Denying the Holocaust is stupid and offensive. That's all I have to say on the matter. Yet this obsession with White Supremacy shows how false accusations create a scapegoat that fuels the dictatorship.

I've been around the world. Anyone who has traveled knows very well that white people are the minority when you look at the world's population collectively. The concept of White Supremacy is ridiculous. It does not have the following that the fake news claims it has. Xi Jinping is a legitimate threat to global freedom. A couple of hillbillies in the toolies are not. It's just another distraction.

QR Codes and Covid protests in China

CHINA - Ask yourself… what are these really for?

KLAUS SCHWAB - Has a Knighthood

The Fight for Freedom in China

There are lots of protests in China over the draconian Covid restrictions. Evidently the Wuhan pool parties have ended. The new protests sadly resemble another Tienanmen Square massacre. The reality of which has been removed from the Internet in China. Once again we see that Communism in China is an Empire of Lies and Winnie the Pooh is the prime architect.

We all saw the brutal lockdown in Shanghai over Omicron. Yet we know Omicron was less than the seasonal flu. Locking down over Omicron was a criminal act and revealed the real agenda behind the manufactured and misrepresented pandemic. Variants become weaker not stronger.

China was at one time boasting of maskless pool parties in Wuhan while they were trying to convince the rest of the world to lockdown. Evidently that's all changed as a zero Covid policy over weaker variants has revealed Covid camps tied to QR codes and digital passports. This is what everyone was concerned about. Digital passports have an agenda behind them. The Communist government is changing the health code on protesters that restricts their travel rights and sends them to Covid camps. This is about control. It has nothing to do with health.

Suicide of Vancouver police officer in 2019 examined

The National Post is reporting that "A lawsuit filed on behalf of Const. Nicole Chan’s family says she died in January 2019 during a severe mental health crisis after having two intimate affairs with superior officers. The lawsuit says she was extorted by one of those officers to continue their sexual relationship, and B.C.’s workers’ safety agency accepted her mental health claim for multiple sexual assaults.” Why is this not surprising?

"The statement of claim says B.C.’s police complaints commissioner asked the New Westminster Police Department to investigate the claims and it recommended charges against the officer who was alleged to have extorted Chan. The lawsuit says the Crown prosecution service later said it wouldn’t pursue a charge." So now we have a corners inquest to cover it up. That is abominable. It is theoretically possible she committed suicide because she was being extorted. It's also possible she was murdered for going public and filing the complaint.
This is reminiscent of the murder of Jasmine Thiara. Constable Jasmine Thiara, a member of the Richmond RCMP, committed suicide under the Oak Street Bridge with her own gun. She also had an intimate relationship with one of her senior officers. The only difference is that she was pregnant and was exited to have the baby. Her suicide fails the test of believability.
This brings us to the sudden death of Donnie McWhirter's girlfriend last month Brittany Stinn. That is suspicious. Blaze has a history of domestic violence and a very long history of lying. The fact that he was accepted into the Witness Protection Program was a shameful disgrace. He's out now and he didn't serve his sentence. Now his GF is dead thanks to IHIT and the CFSEU.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Vancouver is ending it's contract with VANDU

CTV is reporitng that "The City of Vancouver is ending its contract with a Downtown Eastside organization that it hired to help keep streets in the neighbourhood clean. The city's contract with Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users was scheduled to run for six months from July of this year to January 2023." Thank God. VANDU are drug dealers. We should not fund them. They are part of the problem not part of the solution. Ya see, elections do matter.

What Trudeau really feared about the convoy was its organizing abilities

Rita Smith author of a blog called the Road Warrior News wrote an insightful guest opt for True North. She states that "Watching hundreds of hours and dozens of witnesses at the Public Order Emergency Commission may leave viewers wondering: what exactly was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s objective in evoking the Emergencies Act against the Freedom Convoy?"

"After all, he could have cleared downtown Ottawa in exactly the same way the Ontario Provincial Police cleared the Ambassador Bridge, using the same legislative authority the OPP used in Windsor. Instead, he opted to freeze bank accounts, arrest organizers, and threaten truckers’ commercial insurance and vehicle registrations."

"It’s possible that in the Freedom Convoy, Trudeau’s team saw a real, growing opposition gaining support from millions of Canadian voters and taxpayers. The Convoy raised $10 million in only a few weeks; and when the government succeeded in freezing the truckers’ GoFundMe account, Convoy organizers turned around and raised millions again on the GiveSendGo platform."

"They in fact raised more money in a month than the Liberal Party raised in the entire year of 2020. That’s a frighteningly impressive fundraising ability, demonstrated by a brand-new group with no political track record. The truckers had more than an astonishing ability to raise funds: they also enjoyed the support of millions of Canadians."

"From sea to shining sea across Canada, bridges were full of hard-working Canadians waving flags and cheering the truckers on. In my own GTA community, the bridge over the 401 was lined with parents and kids; blue collar workers and laptop loners; our local Canada Post delivery person in her Canada Post van. The first man I met walking from my car to the bridge was a 94-year-old Holocaust survivor; one woman drove three hours from Bancroft to be there."

Polls can be easily manipulated.

"Trudeau is right to fear the truckers and the hard-working, tax-paying Canadians they represent. They may well elect the next Prime Minister, no matter what the POEC decides."

Obeying changing gun laws in Canada

Update: This is the recent ban and this is the new amendment. The amendment will cost billions.

This is an overview of brands and this is the completle 307 page list.

Jagmeet Singh's support for the all inclusive gun grab

Before Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau's honeymoon is over, they have seen the writing on the wall and have gone for one last outrageous power grab before their unholy coalition falls. This last minute amendment banning all kinds of hunting rifles is straight out of the Twilight Zone. It reveals their real agenda. Democide is the leading non-natural cause of death in the 20th century.

We all know that the Communist quest of the World Economic Forum is trying to ban every single type of firearm possible. That is what Communists do before they commence mass murder. Organ harvesting is big business in Communist China. If they have their way, Canada will be next. No, they're not going to start putting the Falun Gong in prison. Yet. Although they're letting the CCP set up police stations in Canada to harass the Falun Gong here, Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh want to put every legal gun owner in jail. That is no secret.

Yesterday I went into the gun store to find out what the legal replacement is for the SKS. They said their isn't one. The last minute amendment bans any semi automatic rifle with a removable magazine. The stock SKS doesn't have a removable magazine. It has an internal magazine. Although it meets the requirement, in addition to that requirement they named the SKS specifically and put it on the ban list. So I said how about the M1 Garand? That has an internal magazine. Nope. They named that one as well and put it on the ban list.

So here's what they've done. They have banned any semi automatic rifle with a detachable magazine and said only rifles with an internal magazine will be permitted. Then they also banned basically the only two semi automatic rifles with internal magazines. Can we all see how this works? They are trying to ban everything because they have an agenda. Protecting public safety is not it. Reducing gun violence is not it. They promote crime to promote their agenda.

So what are our options? CBC mentioned a voluntary buy back program. That is an insane waste of tax dollars. As we know, Justin Trudeau doesn't care. He has absolutely no regard for fiscal responsibility because he wants to bankrupt the country so he can justify his problem, reaction, solution paradigm. The CBC article also states that "Those who keep their blacklisted weapons would have to abide by strict conditions. They would have to agree not to use the weapons, to import or acquire any more of them or to bequeath them to anyone else."

That was my first question. Can't we be grandfathered in? They'd still remove all the guns through attrition but it doesn't burn tax dollars in the process. That would kind of make sense.

I have a friend that teaches firearm safety at the Justice Institute. He has a clause on his firearms licence that grandfathers some of his prohibited firearms. The problem is, he's not allowed to do anything with them. He can't take them out to the bush to shoot and he can't even take them to the gun range to shoot. He is simply allowed to own them as a collector. That's kind of pointless.

I understand the intent of the internal magazine concern. Manually loading five bullets at a time into the magazine is very slow. It's totally impractical for a mass shooting which is fine with me. Everyone wants to prevent mass shootings especially legal gun owners. They put the SKS and the M1 Garand on the ban list because they sound scary. They're 100 year old rifles for f*ck sakes. Justin Trudeau is afraid of his own shadow. He's afraid of a Swiss Army knife.

So what am I going to do? I'm going to buy another gun. One that I can actually use that isn't covered by the new amendment. They did have a couple of lever action Brazilian hardwood rifles that looked cool. They're not semi automatic. They're like a bolt action hunting rifle. You manually load a couple of cartridges into the side then physically pump the lever to eject and reload cartridges. They had one that was chambered in a .357 and another that was chambered in .44.

They looked really cool and fun to shoot. If I had a million dollars I'd buy one of each but I don't. I'm looking for something else and I'm not gong to say what I get because as soon as I mention it, they will add it to the ban list so I'm just going to keep my mouth shut.

Despite the fact that the fragile Justin Trudeau and his new wife Jagmeet Singh want to ban every single firearm that exists, they can't ban hunting. They're not allowed to do that. Their bounds are set. So what do we do? We adjust. What they ban we buy something else. Something we can actually use. As soon as they ban the SKS, that ammo is going to be really hard to get. You want a common caliber so ammo is readily available. In the mean time, get out there and vote. Let's fix this at the ballot box. Change the government, you change the law.

Friday, November 25, 2022

What's her face on Balenciaga's Pedophilia

TMZ is reporitng that "Balenciaga is getting MAJOR backlash for its bondage-inspired kid's clothing campaign ... and celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid are even feeling the heat because of their connection to the company. The luxury fashion brand rolled out the shocking ads for its spring 2023 collection. The photos depicted children gripping teddy bears clad in S&M gear, and quickly started going viral. Almost immediately, people responded with outrage on social media, demanding a boycott of the company.
There's a little bit more to it than that. The YouTuber who goes by the name what's her face listed a few anomalies. Young children are in pictures with teddy bears dressed in bondage gear. That all on its own is totally inappropriate but there a lot more. It's reminiscent of the pedo flick Netflix ran that sexualized young girls called Cuties.

The concern is the intentional addition of some pretty bizarre subliminal twists. Anomaly number one. This was confirmed by the Toronto Star. Within the inappropriate add was carefully placed a copy of a Supreme Court Decision about child pornography. They intentionally put that in. That is mentally deranged. They are openly mocking the decision and promoting child pornography.
Anomaly number two. Another shot contained a book by Michael Borremans. It was intentionally added to the photo. Borremans' artwork is mentally deranged. It contains paintings of naked toddlers with dismembered body parts. They intentionally put that in. It was planned.
The third anomaly takes the cake. The name of the company is Balenciaga - BAL. In another photo they had a roll of yellow crime scene tape with the company's name written on it. Only they intentionally misspelled the name and wrote BAAL. BAAL is a satanic idol. They intentionally did that. That is mentally deranged. They just won't let this go. They keep trying to normalize pedophilia. They pull it back when the public outcry complains but they keep trying to bring it back in. They are intentionally trying to erode our moral conscience. Stand True.

Blare White: The Balenciaga Rabbit Hole: It's Way Worse Than You Think

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Surrey RCMP officer charged with Sexual assault

City News is reporitng that "A Surrey RCMP officer already facing charges in relation to a misconduct investigation will respond to five additional charges, including for sexual assault. The BC Prosecution Service announced the five new charges Wednesday against Cpl. Peter Leckie over allegations of misconduct." This brings us back to IHITit and the Friends of Craig Callen.

Abbotsford drug bust tied to Surrey

City News is reporting that "Three men in Abbotsford have been arrested by police after an investigation into numerous overdose deaths within the city. According to Abbotsford Police Department, its Drug Enforcement Unit was able to find the drug suppliers and dealers of a 'known drug-trafficking operation.' In a statement, AbbyPD says during a search of the three men’s homes in Abbotsford and Surrey, it found 1.3 kilograms of fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine — worth about $200,000."

"Police say they also found three handguns, two of which had silencers, and $90,000 in cash. 'All three males arrested in this investigation are Abbotsford residents associated with the Lower Mainland Gang Conflict (LMGC). DEU will continue to target known members or associates of the LMGC who operate and sell fentanyl within Abbotsford, leading to overdose deaths within our community,' Sgt. Mike Hanninen said." This is what the police arr supposed to do. Note that it was the Abbotsford PD not the CFSEU or the Surrey RCMP. Just sayn.

Fatal shooting in Coquitlam

The Tri City News is reporting that "A Coquitlam park and playground was behind police tape Thursday, Nov. 24 as members of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team combed the area for clues to Wednesday night's double homicide. At a police briefing Thursday, IHIT confirmed that one man has been identified as a victim in the shooting, which took place in a lane beside Dawes Hill Park, while efforts are being made to identify a second deceased victim."

"In all, three individuals were shot inside a vehicle, but one survived with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. Investigators have identified one of the victims as 25-year-old Ramin Salam of Coquitlam." CTV is reporitng that Ramin Salam is a Coquitlam resident who was allegedly associated with gang members. "A burned out vehicle was also found a short time later in Surrey’s Fraser Heights neighbourhood."

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Ottawa is seeking to ban all legal firearms ownership

True North is reporting that "After the Liberals moved to ban hundreds more new models of rifles and shotguns through a last-minute amendment to Bill C-21, Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro says the federal government is seeking to ban legal firearm ownership altogether." That is World Economic Forum crazy. Pride cometh before the fall and great shall be the fall thereof.
The Manitoba government is reporting that "Manitoba has consistently stated that many aspects of the federal approach to gun crimes unnecessarily target lawful gun owners while having little impact on criminals, who are unlikely to follow gun regulations in any event. In Manitoba’s view, any buy-back program cannot further erode our scarce provincial police resources, already suffering from large vacancy rates, and away from focusing on investigation of violent crimes,” said Manitoba Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen."

"Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick called on the federal government to halt plans to use scarce RCMP and municipal police resources to confiscate over 100,000 legally acquired firearms from Canadians. The Prairie provinces had already written to their RCMP divisions indicating that provincial funding should not be used for that purpose."

The National Post is reporting that "Saskatchewan and Manitoba have followed Alberta’s lead and informed the federal government they won’t use local resources to enforce a federal initiative they don’t support. Christine Tell, Saskatchewan’s Minister of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety, wrote a letter to the highest-ranking RCMP officer in the province telling them not to use provincial resources for the program. 'The Government of Saskatchewan does not support and will not authorize the use of provincially funded resources for any process that is connected to the federal government’s proposed ‘buyback’ of these firearms,' she said in the letter." is reporitng that "The passage of a motion by opposition parties in the Yukon brings to five the number of provinces and territories standing against the Trudeau government's planned mandatory gun buy back program." After all these provinces said no Justin Trudeau added a ship load of more long guns to the list. People in rural areas need long guns.

Trudeau targets hunters with gun bill changes that assault Canadian heritage

Conservatives say Liberals cross ‘red line’ with bid to restrict firearms used by hunters

Organized crime investigation in Camrose, Alberta

The Edmonton Journal is reporitng that "Police are warning Camrose residents to expect a heavy law enforcement presence there amid an ongoing organized crime investigation. Officials with ALERT (Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams) said Monday its officers with Camrose and Edmonton police, as well as the RCMP, are executing 17 search warrants in the area on Monday. Camrose is about 73 km south of Edmonton."

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Police incident in Vancouver

CTV is reporitng that "There is a major police response happening in multiple areas of the Lower Mainland. Heavy police presence has been confirmed in places like Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam, and New Westminster, while people in neighbouring communities have also reported seeing police. Metro Vancouver Transit Police have confirmed to CityNews that they received reports of shots fired at a business near a transit station in Port Coquitlam around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. A related vehicle incident also took place near the Braid SkyTrain station shortly after."

Convoy lawyer kicked out of Emergency Act Inquiry

I just want to point out the obvious. The Emergency Act Inquiry is a complete farce. We all knew that going into this so today's events should come as no surprise. The police had every right to tow vehicles illegally parked but they had absolutely no right to beat civilian protesters. The police who did that are oath breakers. They broke their oath to uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights.

The Toronto Star is reporitng that "One of the lawyers representing the core Freedom Convoy organizers at the Public Order Emergency Commission was asked to leave the hearing room on Tuesday after a tense exchange with the commissioner overseeing the proceedings. Commissioner Paul Rouleau instructed security to remove Freedom Corp. lawyer Brendan Miller, after arguing over federal government redactions to documents, and an attempt to have a ministerial staffer added to the witness list."

"First raising this request when the commission took a break during Mendicino's testimony, the commissioner told him that if he wanted to have a last-minute witness added to the roster, he needed to make his submission in writing." Except he already had. Twice. When the lawyer pointed that out to the judge the judge had him removed. This is a complete farce.

What's the real issue here? Whether or not the Emergency Act was ever remotely justified, the government had absolutely no right to freeze every bank account of hard working civilians who donated to the truckers on route to Ottawa. That was a criminal act. Do you think this fake inquiry will ever address that? Not a chance. That makes the whole thing a complete farce.
It comes as no surprise that the Kangaroo court judge violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and denied the convoy the right to legal representation since the whole thing was a violation of the Charter of Rights but we had hoped for something better. Judges need to be publicly accountable. In the US Judges are elected. In Canada judges have no public accountability.

Premiers opposed Justin Trudeau's use of the emergency act

Protest outside Jagmeet Singh's constituency office

Corporal Bulford spoke on the Emergency Act Cross examination of OPP intelligence officer during Emergencies Act hearings

The chief superintendent in charge of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) response to the Freedom Convoy said “The profile of the protester for this event was none like I’ve ever seen in my 36-year career. We had everything from grandparents – you know, my first day in this assignment I was shown a picture of two officers that had worked for me in the past, who retired, who were in the crowd – we saw children, we saw a lot of crestfallen police officers in the crowd, nurses . It wasn’t your normal group of people that you’re dealing with.”

Monday, November 21, 2022

Joe Biden's Thanksgiving Weigh in

They had a weigh in for Joe Biden at the White House today. You know that contest where you have to guess the number of jellybeans in a jar? Well today you have to guess the weight of Joe Biden so we can determine which is the biggest Turkey - Joe Biden or the bird beside him.

CNN and all the other fake news outlets is reporting that Joe Biden pardoned two turkey's today outside the White House but I only see one in the picture besides Joe. Will someone please explain to Joe that he's not allowed to pardon himself. His shady business deals in the Ukraine are going to have to be investigated. Jusy sayn. Even his own peeps don't think he should run.

Donald Trump's twitter account reinstated

True North is reporting that "True North has compiled a list of notable people who have had their Twitter accounts reinstated in the last few days amidst owner and CEO Elon Musk taking the company in a new direction. Former U.S. President Donald Trump was reinstated on Saturday."

Renowned Canadian author and psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson was allowed back on Twitter last Friday. The popular conservative Christian satire site owned by Seth Dillon also had its Twitter account reinstated on Friday. American rapper Ye, commonly known as Kanye West, returned to Twitter on Sunday."

"Several other high profile figures who were previously banned but have been reinstated include U.S. GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, author James Lindsay, conservative influencer Alex Lorusso, internet personality Andrew Tate and activist group Project Veritas. Some Twitter users are calling on Musk to also reinstate the accounts of Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough, two health professionals who questioned Covid vaccines."

That is awesome and hilarious. No one is saying ban Hillary Clinton or the alphabet soup. Free speech means everyone has their say and I'm not talking about hate speech. Just because someone disagrees with Communism doesn't make them a Fascist.

Fatal shooting in Prince Rupert - Update

Update: Update: Tragically this was indeed a murder suicide and the suspect has died of his injuries. A local source claims that the assailant was a CBSA Agent which has been confirmed by the Prince George Citizen. This forces us to ask if he used a service pistol. You can't use this tragedy as an excuse for civilian gun control if he used a service pistol.

The Northern View is reporting that "RCMP has released more details on the Nov. 21 incident at Ocean Centre Mall involved a shooting in which one person died. The victim and the alleged shooter were known to each other, RCMP stated. The alleged male shooter is in hospital with critical injuries. A female victim died.

Northern Health Communications Manager, Eryn Collins, confirmed to The Northern View some social media posts and comments about today’s incident were not accurate. She confirmed the occurrence did not involve any Northern Health staff at any of their offices."

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Marjorie Taylor Greene's resolution to audit Ukraine aid

The Hill is reporitng that "House Republicans critical of U.S. assistance to Ukraine during its war with Russia introduced a privileged resolution on Thursday to audit the funds allocated by Congress. The resolution is being led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and backed by a group of GOP lawmakers. House and Senate lawmakers from both sides of the aisle supportive of continued U.S. assistance to Ukraine say these colleagues are part of a minority fringe."

Where have we heard that before? The bipartisan war machine needs to be audited especially with the recent collapse of the FTX which was laundering money through the Ukraine. Tax dollars that were meant to go to the war effort were being rerouted back to the Democrat party. That is a criminal act. If only a fringe minority is concerned about it, then something serious is very wrong.

The fake fact checkers are straight up lying about this. Millions of tax dollars were sent to the Ukraine and diverted to FTX. FTX was the second largest Democrat donor. There's no fake fact checking around that. The fake fact checkers are lying. Mitt Romney and his spook have shady business dealings in the Ukraine. Perhaps we should audit that as well.

While we talk about how utterly useless the mainstream media is, we need to highlight Vanity Fair and the Rolling Stone Magazine. They have become ridiculous. The Rolling Stone Magazine used to have credibility. Now they're just more partisan trash like the rest of them.

The Communist Party of China is an Empire of Lies and they now own our media.

The New York Post is reporting that "Disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried is scheduled to speak at an exclusive conference hosted by the New York Times alongside Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen."

"The DealBook Summit, sponsored by Accenture, will be held at Jazz at Lincoln Center in Manhattan on Nov. 30 and features speeches from supposed luminaries such as Mark Zuckerberg, Mayor Eric Adams, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and former Vice President Mike Pence." This is how Globalists infiltrate both parties.
The video in that article from the Hill states that "Defence secretary Lloyd Austin said a rocket explosion in Poland Tuesday was not an escalation of the war in Ukraine. 'This explosion was most likely the result of a Ukrainian Air Defense Missile that unfortunately landed in Poland.' The Polish president says there is no evidence it was part of an intentional attack. However, Ukrainian president Zelensky is rejecting the idea the missile was part of Ukrainian defenses." That's because he's lying again. He's never stopped lying and neither has the Fake News.

A word on the Alphabet Soup

Recently when the LDS Church made their announcement about the Gay Marriage Amendment that preserves the freedom of religion they used the term LGBTQ instead of LGBT. I personally object to the use of that term but understand their inclusive intent.

The term LGBT means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. It's simple and straightforward. It's easy to say and understand. As far as I'm concerned that term represents the plus and everything else that goes with it. For example, the Q means Queer. Queer means Gay. In my opinion it's a derogatory term implying that being Gay is weird or abnormal. The term LGBT includes those who consider themselves to be Queer.

Now lets talk about Queer, Questioning and Two Spirited. We've mentioned Queer. We don't need a separate category for Questioning. People have a right to question anything and everything. That right is not a separate class of human beings. A coworker recently explained to me what Two Spirited means. It doesn't mean male and female. It doesn't mean schizophrenia or two spirits living in the same body. It means you are Native and you're Gay. That's what it means.

We don't need a separate category for every different race that is Gay. That's kind of racist. Queer and Two Spirited are simply two different names for the same thing that's already included in the term LGBT. We don't need to make things more complicated then they already are unnecessarily.

As Rob Smith declared, Non Binary is not a thing. I don't know if I'm male or female. That's questioning. I'm not male or female. That's denial. As far as pronouns go, he can become a she and she can become a he but a single person cannot become a they, that or it. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder. It's not something we aspire to. Human beings cannot identify as a cat or dog.

We've talked about MAPs before - Minor Attracted Persons. That's ultimately where the Alphabet soup leads and I completely reject it. Normalizing Pedophilia is not OK. It is not something we should do. That is why I refuse to cross that line. Morality is always under attack.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Donald Trump announces his run for President in 2024

In case you missed it, Donald Trump announced his bid to run for President in 2024. That was his big announcement that was live streamed on Rumble. I didn't report on it at the time because I figured it was a no brainer. That is his right. I'm not a big Donald Trump fan but I'm certainly not a Trump hater who obsesses over him. There are some things he says I agree with and there are some things he says I don't agree with. That's not unusual.

The way the media defiantly misrepresents everything he says and does won me over to his cause as did Candace Owens, the Hodge Twins and Brandon Straka. I supported Trump over Hillary Clinton but I didn't like the idea of building a wall. Yet when you see the magnitude of illegal immigration into the United States it is obviously out of control. That includes child trafficking which needs to be addressed. Yet as time went on I saw that he wasn't a racist and that the media consistently lied about him. That made me question their motive.

We can all see how utterly ridiculous the fake news has become. They blindly defend the WEF's vision of Globalism and defiantly defame anyone who opposes it. So that means if the fake news is against someone, I want to hear what they have to say. The fake news is trying to create a fake rift between Trump and DeSantis. Both are rock solid. DeSantis isn't as controversial as Trump but he's certainly not a Globalist like George Bush and his brother Jeb.

Ron DeSantis was elected in Florida and Mike Lee was elected in Utah. I supported them both. This means despite the mail in ballot mules, the people are indeed waking up. The division we see isn't between Trump and the Republicans, it's about Globalists infiltrating the Republican party and hijacking it like they successfully hijacked the Democrat party. The left has become so far left, they've lost their moral compass. Yeah I went there. I used the M word.

Throughout history morality has always been under attack. The law is built upon moral principles. The very concept that it's wrong to murder or steal are moral principles. Globalists want to erode our morals so they can hijack our laws. They strive to create lawlessness so they can rationalize creating order amidst the chaos. Their order. It's the Problem, Reaction, Solution paradigm.

The fall of Rome was not the result of homosexuality. It was the result of promiscuity and immorality. If a Gay couple want to make a mutual commitment to be faithful to each other, we should applaud that. A heterosexual man who cheats on his wife is a lot worse than a Gay couple who are faithful to each other. A heterosexual man who rapes a child is a whole lot worse than a couple of Gay adults who want to be faithful to each other. It's that simple.

My problem with Gay Pride is not homosexuality, it's promiscuity. Bringing kids to a parade where adults are half naked or wearing lingerie and S&M attire is not appropriate. It grooms them for pedophilia which is the next step on their alphabet soup quest. We have to draw the line somewhere because morality is always under attack.

Now that that's settled, we can unite the bright and move forward against this great evil which seeks to destroy our sovereign nation(s). If Ron DeSantis wants to run for President in 2024, he's free to do so. There is no bad blood there. However, since any president can only serve two terms, it would be strategically prudent for him to let Trump run in 2024 and then run himself in the next two elections after that. That way we get three terms instead of one.

In conclusion, I will point you to the public confession of Nancy Pelosi before she lost control of the House. She said "We won the 40 seats then we lost some when Trump was on the ballot. We lost some in the Trump districts but we held enough seats to hold the house with him on the ballot. He's not on the ballot this time. Oh did I say his name, I didn't mean to." Yes you did because you obsess over him and it's clear that obsession is driven by jealousy because he caused you to lose seats. This is why the media defiantly misrepresents him. However, this isn't about Donald Trump. This is about opposing the WEF's agenda for Globalism which has already hijacked the left and is actively trying to hijack the right. That is what this is about. Just sayn.

Merritt Shooting

Update: Merritt RCMP arrest three suspects in kidnapping incident

Merritt RCMP arrest Ronald Karlson in standoff

In 2021 Braeden Shane Drake was charged with drug trafficking in Merritt. In 2016 Mark Ethan Giesbrecht was also charged with Possession for the purpose of trafficking in Merritt. William Joseph Lavoie has an extensive criminal record all over the Lower Mainland mostly for theft and possession of stolen property. He was born in 1971.

CTV is reporting that "Merritt RCMP said they were called to the 2100 block of Priest Avenue in the early hours of the morning for a shooting they believe was targeted. 'The callers identified a distinctive, mid-90s grey Dodge Ram pickup with a maroon box in the area at the time of the shooting,' police said in their release. The truck then fled the scene at a high rate of speed."

"Shortly after the shooting was reported, a vehicle matching the truck's description was reported on fire near the Highway 5 and Highway 5A on-ramp, police said, adding that the area is known as the Goedy Creek pit. The truck was later determined to have been stolen around 5:30 a.m., and police believe it was stolen solely for the purpose of the shooting"

OK a stolen vehicle used in a shooting near homes is abandoned and set on fire. Yes that sounds targeted. However CTV is also reporting that "Mounties in Merritt, B.C., say they strongly believe shots fired in the city early Friday morning are connected to the incidents that saw up to 100 rounds discharged there earlier this week." OK that sounds a bit fishy.

OK that sounds a bit fishy. When I first heard about the previous incident where up to 100 shots were fired and no injuries resulted, I was like are you sure that wasn't just someone target shooting in a gravel pit? Merritt is pretty rural. You're allowed to go target shootings with long guns in rural areas. People like gravel pits because it's safer.

When you're out in the bush, you have to be sure about what's behind your target. In a gravel pit you can see what's behind your target. It's perfectly safe. No one can accidentally walk behind your target. I just want to clarify the fake news and the real news.

World Freedom Rally London November 19th 2022

The LDS Church & the Gay Marriage Ammendment

CTV is reporting that "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said Tuesday it would back proposed federal legislation to safeguard same-sex marriages, marking the latest show of support for the measure from conservative-leaning groups. The nearly 17-million member, Utah-based faith said in a statement that church doctrine would continue to consider same-sex relationships to be against God's commandments. Yet it said it would support rights for same-sex couples as long as they didn't infringe upon religious groups' right to believe as they choose."

I just want to clarify a few things. Mitt Romney and Evan McMullin do not represent the LDS Church. They are not General authorities, they are members. Anyone can join the LDS Church. Just because you join the church does not mean you speak for it. As I said before, Mitt Romney and Evan McMullin are tares - weeds planted among the good seed to lead them astray. They are not patriots they are globalists. They do not support the US Constitution, they misrepresent it.

The CTV Article cited a statement on the LDS Church's website which states "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released the following statement on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. The doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints related to marriage between a man and a woman is well known and will remain unchanged."

"We are grateful for the continuing efforts of those who work to ensure the Respect for Marriage Act includes appropriate religious freedom protections while respecting the law and preserving the rights of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. We believe this approach is the way forward. As we work together to preserve the principles and practices of religious freedom together with the rights of LGBTQ individuals, much can be accomplished to heal relationships and foster greater understanding." The LDS Church is supporting the amendment which protects religious freedom.

This is common sense and is the same position the United Church of Canada embraced. You can't stop people from getting married. That would violate their rights. Yet you can't force a religion to perform Gay marriage. That would violate their rights. Taking a church's nonprofit status away for refusing to perform Gay marriage is just as wrong as banning Gay civil marriage. The amendment balances the scales of justice. Know Justice, Know Peace.
This does not mean anyone endorses pedophilia or sexualizing young children in school. This does not mean anyone supports teaching young children there is no such thing as gender. That's child abuse. That falsehood defies the biological science of reproduction. If there was no such thing as gender, people wouldn't need surgery to change their gender.

What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. The key words are consenting adults. Raping children is an abomination. So is grooming them to be sexualized. We must stand together to root out this abomination from our school system and stop the administrative abuse of our children. Let Gays be Gay and let Kids be Kids. Protect children from pedophiles.