Wednesday, February 11, 2015

VANDU caught running illegal crack shack

Front page of today's Vancouver Province was the epitome of stupidity and I'm going to have to weigh in. The front page said "We need a safe place to smoke crack." The article inside stated: "Vancouver drug users want their illegal crack-smoking room back. For three years, the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users’ (VANDU) operated an unsanctioned, peer-run “safer smoking room” for crack users in a small ventilated washroom in its Downtown Eastside facility."

We've talked about VANDU before. The Vancouver Area Drug Users Network who are feeding the forest fire of drug related violence in the DTES with gasoline. I refer to them as Xanadu for their outer space ideals. This case shows that the road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions. It clearly revels the pattern of absurdity when it comes to catering to these extremists. Give and in take a mile is what we always see them do.

For three years VANDU ran an ilegal crack shack. Instead of sending them directly to jail they complain and say they want their crack shack back because it helps reduce violence. That is an absurd lie. Having a safe place to smoke crack would not have saved Janice Shore from getting tribally beaten to death for a drug debt. Having a safe place to smoke crack would not have saved Ashley Machiskinic from getting pushed oput the window for a drug debt. Feeding addiction is not harm reduction it destroys health and creates massive amounts of violence on the street. VANDU need to be charged criminally for operating this illegal crack shack and they need to have their tax dollar funding revoked immediately. Anything short of that is pure insanity.


  1. Posting on this website will not save you from what's gonna happen

  2. Ha!...You should re-print my post about leaving my pill-dealer's cash in the VANDU safe...

    It's a great, and above all, safe way to leave your drug-payments without even meeting your own dealer!

    Are dealers like R. paying VANDU for using their facilities...?

    1. Yes I did think about that but I don't want to get you in trouble. It is an inherit conflict of interest when a tax subsidized group lobbying for open drug use are themselves involved with the sale of drugs.


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