Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Billionaire gangster executed in China

Before we cheer China's use of the death penalty on gangsters perhaps we should read between the lines and see how this law is being misused. The Telegraph reported that China executed a billionaire gangsters as it cracks down on corruption. The headline automatically creates suspicion. The government of China is cracking down on corruption? Really? What are they going to do disband themselves? Although China is a Communist system there is no social justice. The wealth and greed of China's National People's Congress is astounding and is even exponentially worse than the American congress who are devote capitalists.

So when we read of a billionaire in China who made his fortune in construction and mining my first response was what did they do, execute him to steal his fortune? Turns out critics of the government claim this is just another step in eliminating political opposition to the current regime. That makes a lot more sense. Liu claims he was framed. No doubt. The court also ordered the confiscation of the Liu brothers' personal assets. Big surprise. More than 150 Communist Party officials went to "oversee" the trial.

This case gives rise to three important questions. The first is, how did this guy acquire that much wealth in a Communist system where incentive has been removed and all the profits are supposed to be shared with the public? Obviously that's not happening. Big surprise. He must have been involved with the Communist Party to be allowed to acquire that much wealth and he must have fallen out of favor with them for them to kill him and steal his money for themselves.

The second question is How on earth do members of the Communist party in China acquire such outrageous wealth in a Communist system? They are far more greedy and materialistic then the Capitalists they condemn.

The third question is why did they let millions of people starve to death in North Korea when they had such massive individual wealth? Why did we? Wikipedia states the famine was accentuated by droughts but not caused by it. It was caused by Russia stopping their humanitarian aid when it collapsed. Which shows us two things. Russia did send humanitarian aide when it was in power and China did not. However, neither did we. Why did we not send them humanitarian aide? Because we disagreed with their politics? Since when is humanitarian aide discriminated upon due to religion or politics? We should have helped them. Right now we can help them by helping them build a few hydro electric dams to generate some electricity which they clearly need. Hydroelectric dams are much safer for the world than nuclear reactors.


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  3. well the previous commenters do seem a tad off topic.

    Following T. Sq. some 25 yrs ago, the Communist party made a few decisions, one was to permit "business" to grow as big as it wanted as long as it stayed out of politics. The Communist Central committee wanted to remain in control. Much like after the fall of the U.S.S.R., the oligarchs were permitted to get as big as they wanted, but they had to keep out of politics. You didn't well, we know how that turned out for a few of them now living in London.

    China is no different. What is currently going on has little to do with "corruption" it has more to do with maintaining control over the "economic elite". The country is steeped in corruption not unlike other countries, but in China, which still adheres to the "myth" and has hundreds of millions of people who have not achieved a decent income, the killing off of a few billionaires is necessary for the Communist Party to maintain control. This is simply political theatre and this guy just wasn't fast enough to get his "gulf stream" jet up and running.

    The man was no more or less corrupt than any of his contemporaries, he just was the one that had less influence or perhaps had more dirt on the senior politicians. MAKE no mistake about it, Communist China is not about Communism any,more, its about a dictatorship which permits some to become very rich to avoid being kicked out of power by a peasant revolt. It is not unlike leaving people with the dream they too can win a lottery.

    China currently has approx. 35 million, millionaires. that is almost equivilant to the population of Canada. They all know it could be taken from them at any point because their is no "rule of law" as we understand it. The government may remove their ownership of land at any time the government deems it necessary. Why do you think so many people in China buy and maintain homes in the west? its their bolt hole.

    Of course now that "the great economist" P.M. has singed the trade deal with China you can look forward to their system coming to Canada. With it will come corruption and loss of freedom. If we object we will be bankrupt by the time we finish fighting them threw international courts. The new anti terror bill con harper is trying to pass could well be turned on us, if we don't go along with his plans for China in Canada. Do remember this is the party which called environmentalists terrorists.

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