Saturday, February 28, 2015

Perception of the Patch: Growing up in the real world

The apostle Paul once said "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things." All of us make mistakes when we are children and all of us grow up. Well most of us. I'm not a religious man... any more. I used to be but I'm not now. Circumstances don't make the man they reveal him to himself. I'm more of a Thomas Paine. I believe in God but I am cynical of organized religion. Yet I am passionate about the freedom of religion and I am passionate about the reality of good and evil. We all make choices in life and we all live with the consequences of those choices.

Last year I had the opportunity of interviewing a young lady from Whiterock who discussed how her perception of the patch had changed since she grew up and since she observed some bizarre behavior from one particular patch holder which she felt was not in harmony with her previous perception of the patch. She said back then when a Hells Angel walked into a bar every woman's head turned. I thought to myself are you kidding me? If Ricky C walked in everyone's head would turn to see what that smell was.

That's like that crazy woman in the States who was obsessed with Charles Manson and married him while in prison. Not a very smart thing to do. Yes my perception of the patch has changed considerably since I found out about the compulsive lies, the betrayal, the exploitation and the rip offs. They are the rats they so venomously accuse others of being.

My daughter recently told me that when she and her friend were young they Googled the question why do we like bad boys? She said the answer she found is that you'll grow out of it. That she has thankfully. She is older and wiser now. Surrey trash repulses her. Like I always say, if you date a bad boy you will marry a bad man.

I understand the greed and the obsession with money. In today's day we all could use a little more cheddar to make ends meet. Yet the greed and materialism is beyond me. I want no part of it. I may be a broke ass bitch but I don't sling crack and I never will. A poor man is better than a liar.


  1. Excellent topic! Yes, the greed and materialism in today's society (anti-society) are unbelievable. Yet, that is all society is subject to today.

    It takes a mere cursory glance at music (lyrical content as well as visual content in the videos made to accompany said music), at movies, at television and even video games. It is constant and pervasive. It also seems to be the primary influencing and omnipresent factor of both youth and adulthood today.

    In an age of subjective relativism one seemingly cannot argue against this. Note I typed "seemingly". One can - one just have to prepared their arguments and be knowledgeable in their arguments and know their facts and be sure in the truth.

    One cannot rely upon teachers to help morally guide students today. In fact, you will find, as hard as this is to believe, most university students have higher morals than their professors!

    Freedom has been confused with licence.

    The image you chose for this post is especially accurate, I believe. I do not know if you picked that image because of the business attire or not, but even among those who claim to be in positions of responsibility and respect lack the same formation and maturity as the HA and their sons of anarchy inspired puppet clubs present.

    This post also reminded me of a video I previewed the other week for a wonderful private school - not of the school, but of what the words of profound wisdom the school's rector related that tie in directly with your concluding statements. It can be seen at 5:40 (

    It clearly contrasts the "chief goal" of this school to the goals (I should state lack-thereof) of education throughout the West. It is precisely because society has lost the necessity of this chief goal that we see the events and behaviours we are being subject to today.

    Coming to a head in the 1960's, the role of education was portrayed as that of control and subjugation. We see the effects of that today. I know things will get much worse. The teachers of today, in public schools and even in a great majority of parochial schools, are sadly the products of the perpetrators of this.

    1. Very nice video. Religious private schools seem so nonexistent here. No doubt the BC Law society would ban all the Catholic Universities in the US or at least not recognize their law graduates. No doubt they'd like to deregulate the Notre Dam football team as well:

  2. You hate them cuz you ain't them

    1. Hate is a term that has been thrown around so much due to various politically correct agendas we often lose the value of its meaning. We should never replace one motivator for another to attempt to satisfy our own desires. I have never determined this blog is about hate - quite the opposite, in fact. Which is what unique fact brought me back to read subsequent posts.

      The person who writes this blog is clearly not trying to get others to hate the various drug dealing gangs (and that is what they are - facts prove this) referred to on this blog, but instead to help get those very same members to stop and think (something we lack in this world - stopping our frenetic activities that permeate our lives and thinking - another activity that has been dramatically reduced since the 1960's).

      The purpose is also to try and help those who may be tempted by this lifestyle to understand the true nature of it.

      I think the real reason there is so much hatred directed toward this blogger (that is where the hate truly lies and can be easily determined by some of the counter-commentaries posted to the various articles) is because these blog postings help bring to light the truth of the drug/gang counter-lifestyle.

      If there is any disgust and hatred, it would be for the acts committed, not the individuals perpetrating these heinous behaviours.

      Yes, the behaviours truly are heinous. Not just the drug-dealing but the lack of objective reality that has led to them.

      Blaze, I really hope you take the relatively few minutes and watch the videos I linked to this comment section as well as to the posting about Cory Montemurro.

      It is never too late to repent, recant and reform. No one is asking you to reveal your knowledge of others' acts.

      What would be more effective, being able to talk with your associates (I specifically leave the word "friend" out as a true friend not by the actions of these gang members and family is also out as true family members do not betray each other and if someone in a family does fall down (and we all do!) we help our family member up - we do not ensure they never get up) or have them mark you for "betrayal"?

      Obviously being able to talk with them. Tell them of how there is another way to live. A way that is truly counter-cultural, truly rebellious!

      Detraction is a sin. Period. What is detraction, you may well ask? Detraction is the unjust damaging of another's good name by the revelation of some fault or crime of which that other is really guilty or at any rate is seriously believed to be guilty by the defamer.

      An important difference between detraction and calumny is at once apparent. The calumniator says what he knows to be false, whilst the detractor narrates what he at least honestly thinks is true. Detraction in a general sense is a mortal sin, as being a violation of the virtue not only of charity but also of justice.

      You may initially think you can try to use this against this blog, but we must remember, there are times, nevertheless, when one may lawfully make known the offense of another even though as a consequence the trust hitherto reposed in him be rudely shaken or shattered. If a person's misdoing is public in the sense that sentence has been passed by the competent legal tribunal or that it is already notorious.

      Considering all the things that happen, I believe this blogger is doing his best to ensure there is no detraction to this blog. It is hard, though, because of the very public nature of these crimes and the very grievous harm they are causing all of society.

      Again, watch those videos Blaze, especially the one in the comments to the Cory M. post. That is only part 1, take the time and watch the other parts. You will not regret it and it will be time well spent. Heck, sit down with your girlfriend and watch it and then discuss it - not dismiss it or blindly accept it, but truly discuss it.

  3. I bet your daughter googled it because she wanted to know why her mother left you for a hella angel and then she soon realized nice guys finish last

    1. You know I don't post comments with my real name in them. You're the liar. If my ex ever hooked up with a HA I would send him my condolences. It wouldn't bother me in the slightest. She wanted to get back together years ago and I said no. There's only so much BS a man can put up with.That was a very long time ago and is water under the bridge. I have no hard feelings towards her or anyone she might see now.

  4. You don't even know shit you're just guessing

    1. Guessing about what? The fact that you killed Britney Irving? I just restated what you said. If I was to guess I'd say Joey chickened out because he did like her since he was sleeping with her and paying her rent after her clone show was busted. If I was to guess I'd say you're the bitch that shot her in the back twice as she was running away and Joey, being the hunter that he is, was the one who shot her twice up close while she was dying to put her out of her misery. If I was to guess, that would be my guess. But you're absolutely right. That is pure speculation and I have absolutely no proof whatsoever. Other than your "false" admission when you said "we" killed her.

  5. Next time your at one of your little protest events your gonna be sprayed with bullets mark my words you are a dead man. It's only a matter of time before you get killed like that reporter in Mexico did. You like to talk shit over the Internet let's see you do it in person you pussy. You are a coward

  6. Good luck March 16th. Have you found legal counsel yet?

  7. Blaze is a greasy old pervert.. He has the mentality of a child... I saw him riding around Rutland on a Bmx bike bumming smokes from the kids at rss

  8. Province: "Chinese Police run secret operations in B.C. to hunt allegedly corrupt officials and laundered money."

    "Chinese Police agents have been conducting secret operations in Canada — a top destination for allegedly corrupt officials — seeking to “repatriate” suspects and money laundered in real estate."

    "Vancouver city officials will not comment on co-operation with Chinese agents in “Operation Fox Hunt,” or on suspects pointed to by Chinese news services."

    "Starting in 2014, Chinese agents came to Canada and other countries, Xinhua reported."

    1. Yeah they obviously have Harper in their back pocket since he sold them our oil rights and gave them our sovereignty in FIPA.


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