Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Anti-terrorism bill will unleash CSIS on a lot more than terrorists

The Globe and Mail published a great article about Stephen Harpers bill that declares war on civil liberty. Open Media turned a Globe and Mail quote into an image that can be shared on facebook and on Twitter. Green leader Elizabeth May states that the passing of Harper's Police State Law means 'death of freedom'. God bless her. CSIS provided the explosives for the Air India bombing. Charge them with that murder before you give them more power to break any more laws.

Leadnow.ca has a petition about the bill. The Toronto Star is reporting that “So far, the only opposition MP with enough guts to critique the content of the Conservative government’s new anti-terror bill is Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.” The Green Party have their own petition.


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  3. ah, again we have something a tad off topic. Perhaps "Kayla" could stay on topic or wait until you have a free for all day, you know perhaps the day all the off topics can be brought up.

    Yes, the anti terror bill is a bit of a terror when it comes to democracy. There are enough laws currently on the books to do the work the RCMP and CSIS need to do. The Green Party is currently circulating a petition against the bill.

    The bill is frightening because who gets to define what is terror. I'm fairly terrorized by the thought the P.M and his con party aren't going to sign the national health accord with the provinces. The P.M. has already said starting in 2017 he is going to de-fund health care by $36 Billion. that terrifies me and that in my opinion makes "the great economist" P.M. a terrorisits.

    The federal cons, have in the past referred to environmentalists as terrorists. That could turn out to be quite entertaining in the future.

    This bill can also be used against any criminal organization, depriving them of their democratic rights and the right to a fair trial. Now some may cheer, but if the government of the day decides drinking and driving is an act of terrorism, you too will be looking at a whole new way of life. This bill is so broad almost anyone could be declared a terrorist. This is a government which has audited charities, churches, non profits, any one who they think opposes them. Now if they could declare them terrorists, they can eliminate all of them. It is a slippery slope this bill has taken the country down.


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