Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cory Montemurro makes Bail

Kelowna Capital News is reporting that in a decision released this week, Cory Joseph Montemurro, 45, was granted judicial interim release pending the hearing of his appeal from conviction. Cory was in a car load of weapons and a full patch dip sh*t named Bruce Skreptak. They were speeding through Salmon Arm right before that grow op was mysteriously abandoned.

This is why I encourage people to travel. Other places in the world don't give a rat's ass about the Hells Angels. Bruce Skreptak is an idiot. There is nothing noble about him. There is nothing about being a full patch dip sh*t worth looking up to. Take the Kelowna sleaze balls. Robert Thomas - petty thief from Ontario who got a posse of misfits together and used the name of the Hells Angels to beat Daine Philips to death with baseball bats and hammers because Thomas' little room mate was chased by Daine after his room mate threatened and punched Daine's son in the head over a high school beef. The Kelowna Hells Angels ran a huge stolen car, bike and boat ring. Only rats steal and they are rats. There is absolutely nothing there to look up to or admire. The hillbillies who do really need to get out more and see what it's like in the real world for a change.


  1. Guess what nobody cares, you're just jealous that the hells Angels have more money than you do, I encourage you to travel instead of making these stupid blogs. Seems like they spend their time scheming ways to make money, seems like you spend your time hating on gangsters. You're just jealous. They have everything that you want. gotta love the law though. All those holes you can twist and get away with things

    1. Life does not end at death. No lie can live forever. There is nothing any Hells Angel has that I could possibly want.

    2. This poster, Blaze (?), makes some good points - the fact the Hells Angels do make lots of money. Travel. Time spent. Jealousy. Manipulation of legal loopholes.

      Yes, selling drugs can be lucrative. Sonny Barger explains how he got into drug dealing in his book 'The Life and Times ...'. Of how he gave another member money to buy drugs in Mexico and was surprised how much money this member (who, of course, died shortly thereafter) brought back for him and of how he just turned around and gave all of the profits back to this guy to do it again to increase the profits. It just continued from there.

      So yes, drugs are very lucrative - they are a substance that self-perpetuate themselves and they demand high prices.

      However, one must consider the meaning of life. Modernism tries to pretend this is an unanswered question, "What is the meaning of life?". Logic and reason expose and dictate the answer readily and simply enough.

      The purpose of and for something is that purpose for which it was made. A pencil's purpose is for writing and drawing. The purpose of a pencil is not for scratching the inside of the ear. However, it can be used for that, but that is not the purpose it was made for. Therefore, logic and reason dictate the use of a pencil in this manner is a misuse. A misuse is another word for abuse. Not only is it the misuse/abuse of the purpose for which it was made, it is also dangerous (the eraser can readily become detached from the end and stays lodged in an ear canal) - the patient (victim of misuse/abuse) can go for some time without realizing what has been lodged in their ear canal and it can become quite difficult to remove (especially on children who will not stay immobile for the simple removal procedure).

      Likewise, we can misuse and abuse our lives.

      So what is the meaning of life, some may ask who have not taken the time to contemplate the question? It is the purpose for which we have been made.

      The human body is not a mere random chance occurrence. Science proves this. (i.e. Fred Hoyle who demonstrated with statistical analysis that the improbability of a single cell being randomly formed was the same as a tornado going through a junkyard and forming a fully functional Boeing 747 (anyone who has studied aeronautics and passenger construction knows how complex such a machine truly is!) - however there are deniers, of course, who veritably bury their heads in the sand (or a more apt comparison is to stick their fingers in their ears, close their eyes and yell, "nyah, nyah, nyah").

      Anyway, (and I know this background "kills" some people but it is necessary to use logic and reason to demonstrate the truth and it is especially important to not "cut corners" in today's society that likes simplistic "jingles" that confirm one's errors - yet the hard part is the fact attention spans are, today, literally measured in seconds so it makes presenting the Truth that much more difficult at times but it also demonstrates just how much modernist society has degenerated!), how do we prove our creation, let alone the purpose?

      St. Thomas Aquinas' 'Summa Theologiae' is the best work (you can get/read it free here: St. Thomas proves using ONLY logic and reason.

    3. Well, I exceeded the character count ...

      Here is the second part to my post:

      As did Socrates - he proved using only logic and reason there can only be one God - not a pantheon as worshipped in Greece at the time - for which he was put to death in Athens (the city-state that is the "poster-child" for democracy) in 399 BC at around the age of 70. He knew he could not, in good conscience, sacrifice to false gods and idols - even though he did not know who the True God is - he did have access to the fullness of the Faith, yet, he still had faith. So much so, he knew he could not lie or pretend a falsehood even if death faced him.

      For those who may not want to start off with St. Thomas' summary of theology (it was written as a basic introductory text to prove the truth of the One True Faith and to this day (it was written in the 1200's) it has never been disproven - this is why so many have never heard of it; those who disagree with it or cannot face the truth revealed by it "hide their heads in the sand" and pretend it is not there!) there is Peter Kreeft's simple 20 arguments: (

      This is a long post and I have only begun to address the first point made by "Blaze" but if he as well as others can see there is an higher purpose to life than money - and the mere base debauchery it buys - there is hope of and for salvation.

      As St. Phillip Neri so aptly stated, "There go I but for the Grace of God."

      I too could very well be in any of these positions today but for, literally, the Grace of God. God wills not the death of the sinner (Ezekial 18:23) - this is the death of the spirit - the lack of Sanctifying Grace - which we receive in Baptism, the first of the seven Sacraments - what which is necessary for Salvation and which we lose through committing mortal sin.

      That is one of the reasons this blog needs to be accepted and celebrated. The person who runs it does not wish harm to any of these gang members but their conversion!

      Blaze, (as well as anyone else reading) you need to realize this. I ask you to take the relatively short time needed and read these links.

      When we die, no matter what wealth we have accumulated, we can take NONE of it with it us. Do not waste your life in pursuit of what is ultimately nothing.

      Blaze you need to watch this:

    4. Thomas Aquinas? Now that is old school. Cool.

  2. Ol' Cory better watch his ass. "Three can keep a secret if two are dead". Sometimes you're safer in jail than on the street......

    1. Indeed, they'll watch him closely to make sure he doesn't cut a deal. However an appeal has nothing to do with deal making.

    2. True, but they may not wish to take the chance that his appeal might be granted. (Personally I think there's no chance of that, the evidence is pretty clear. But what do I know....) Better to get him while he's easy to get at rather than risk it. As well, if the appeal is denied, he now has ample motivation to flip, especially if they offer him a new identity and relocation. An associate who spent that much time with patch holders, hanging out at the clubhouse and such, would be a treasure trove of information, especially for a very ambitious and active charter such as Kelowna. Bear in mind the connections they have with Calgary/Edmonton and such. Cory has the ability to do a lot of damage.


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