Wednesday, February 25, 2015

RCMP Sexual Harassment Crisis in MacLeans

Speaking of police gang rape and the huge class action sexual harassment lawsuit at the RCMP, Atoya Montague is in the news. She didn't make the cover of the Rolling Stone but she did make the cover of MacLeans. Her case involves Surrey's own Tim Shields. This is what I mean about promoting people accused of sexual harassment instead of fulfilling their legal obligation to rid it from the work place. The article mentions the class action lawsuit. Censor that.

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  1. now that the RCMP has the right to unionize it is hoped the rank and file get with that agenda. It might have saved a lot of officers a lot of grief. Most collective agreements provide protection from such sort of activities. .

    Most collective agreements provide clauses which separate an alleged harasser from the person making the charges, in the RCMP not so much. The RCMP officers don't even have the protection any other worker in the federal government has. Not all 300 people involved in this lawsuit are just "complainers". its nice to see McLeans write about the situation.

    Just another problem brought to you by the Harper Cons. Passed 81 crime bills and still has RCMP officers on staff for things they'd be fired for in any other job.

    Actually if the Cons were a gang, they'd be right up there with the Hell's Angels. Well the Cons do have a senator with 31 criminal charges against him, two under investigation; Paul Sona in Jail, Del Mastro awaiting sentencing; Arthur Porter, former board member of CISIS back in Canada in handcuffs for allegedly defrauding someone of $22 Million. Upp., looks like the Cons and the Hells Angels have ,more in commons than we thought.


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