Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Second Anniversary of Janice Shore's Brutal Murder

Today is the second anniversary of Janice Shore's brutal murder. She was beaten into a coma on December 2nd 2012 and died two months later in hospital on February 18 2013. The Chris Mohan story was the reason I started my web site and blog but the Janice Shore story and the Gary Webb story are the reason I keep it going.

Selling drugs in clubs to people who can afford it is really none of my business. Giving crack to the homeless for free then beating the life out of them for payment is my business. That is what fuels the plastic fake ass gang banger wanna be that lives the materialistic world of self indulgence. It is blood money earned through predatory exploitation.

If you don't front the drugs, there are no drug debts. Decapitating Bob Roth for a drug debt and caving in Janice's head for a nominal drug debt is deranged. I had never met Janice before the assault. I visited her in the hospital when she was in a coma and saw the physical damage inflicted on her. It looked like someone caved in her jaw and temple with a hammer. My daughter had seen her around a few times pan handling. She confirmed what the many others said, that Janice was quiet, soft spoken and very polite. The ideal mark for a predatory drug dealer outside the Front Room. She was also sexually assaulted.

I spoke to one police officer who said they had no evidence that she was sexually assaulted. Yes you do I said. You have the testimony of the witnesses that found her body. I spoke to one witness a year later when the First Nation Elders set up a tee pee and a sacred fire in Janice's honour. He was still freaked out about it over a year later. He confirmed that her head was caved in as though someone had crushed it with a huge rock and that her underwear was down around her ankles. Another person who knew Janice confirmed her quiet polite manner and said if she was killed for a drug debt it couldn't have been a large one because she was a user not a dealer. The Janice Shore murder pretty much sums up my beef with the predatory drug dealers outside the Front Room that exploit the homeless in a brutal manner.

I told the story of an ugly fat white chick terrorizing the sex trade workers outside the Front Room when I was trying to find the site Janice was murdered to set up a memorial. I asked a few homeless people where Janice was murdered and a sex trade worker showed me. You could tell she wasn't from here. She didn't try and ask me for money after she showed me the site. The fat ugly white girl kept asking her where ya going? Her response was simply to get a life. Who's that she kept asking as if to say is that a trick? Where's my money give me some money.

Six months later a former sex trade worker from the area contacted me and said that sounded like Colleen, one of Larry Mizen's coaccused. She said that tree where Janice was dumped at is where the drug dealers there demand free service from the sex trade workers they sell crack to. Leaving her body there was a message for all the others. Which clearly shows the hypocrisy in Larry Mizen's murder. Larry Mizen worked for Len Peltier who is a Hells Angles associate. Yes the Red and White terminated Larry's contract when he got some bad press but they were well aware of what he was doing all along. He was collecting their money and they didn't care how he did it. That is my beef. Lenny the weasel is still in town and that needs to be addressed.


  1. Sorry about your wife, it must be tough. That's 2 woman gone out of your life now. I'm really sorry to hear about that.

    1. She wasn't my wife Blaze but if you can support that kind of brutality against someone so defenseless it shows what kind of person you really are. Where were you really the night your pal Joey shot Brittany Irving in the back?

    2. Has not this person been released with "recognizance"?

      This requires he is subject to a "defeasance"; that is, the obligation will be avoided if person bound does some particular act, such as appearing in court on a particular day and keeping the peace.

      His actions, recorded for posterity by his own hand, clearly show he is not keeping the peace.

      One would think it would be enough for the authorities to put him in custody until his trial.

      I should stated, until his conviction where he will then start his jail time. He would not get any time off ("time served") his conviction because he, himself, was the cause of being remanded through breaking the terms of his recognizance.

    3. Guess what? You two geniuses can do all you want but you wanna be vigilantes can't do a thing about it. I'm so happy that all the violence that goes on effects you guys personally. cuz when Janice and britanny are getting their heads caved in and getting shot I'm just laughing because they're weak and so are you guys. Only weak people do drugs. And only weak ppl talk shit over the Internet. You guys wouldn't have the balls to say anything to the people you "out" on this site. If you encountered any you'd be rubbing to the nearest grocery store buying all the huggies they have because you would be shitting your pants

    4. So Blaze, where were you really the night Brittney Irving was killed? To claim that Britney and Janice deserved it because they were weak is deranged.

    5. Who are you, really? Hiding behind a name and calling people "weak" for getting murdered and led into addiction. That's weak.

  2. Blaze wrote, "...only weak ppl talk $&!% over the Internet. You guys wouldn't have the balls to say anything to the people you "out" on this site. If you encountered any you'd be rubbing to the nearest grocery store buying all the huggies they have because you would be $&!%%ing your pants."

    Does this poster not comprehend this a contradiction of terms? Especially when considering all of his other posts and the "$&!%" he wrote ...

    Is this the culmination of the absence of logic and reason in modernist society today to a typical degree?

    Is this really the writings of an individual in his 40's?

    I would really like to find out what Stanford and Binet and Weschler as well as Woodcock and Johnson would have to say about him.

    1. lol Just don't ask Freud. He'd probably blame it on the way he was toilet trained by his mother.

    2. Actually, all of Freud's theories revolved around repressed sexual desires.

      Now, we could "push his buttons" through various allegations and presumptive theories designed to elicit certain responses but that would be like harassing a caged animal by presenting it various stimuli it cannot fairly respond to because of the rationality difference between it and Man.

      However, in all fairness, I would much rather this individual realise, comprehend and interiorize the errors of his ways. All this talk about "weakness", while it may have some bearing in factuality, does not change the objective reality of how we should treat those with various weaknesses.

      The talk of weakness reminds me of a book I read a number of years ago now - 'Might Makes Right' whose author is listed under the non de plume "Ragnar Redbeard" from around the turn of the 19th/20th centuries.

      Essentially it is treatise for justification of exploitation of the "weak" by the "strong" because if it can be done, it should be done. It was reprinted by Anton Svandor LeVay (who, thankfully, recanted on his deathbed, by the way) and the entire premise of 'Might Makes Right' is, as LeVay correctly noted, satanic.

      I wonder if I still have the tome in my library (I don't really want to waste the time tonight to climb various stairs and then go through book shelves to see if i have it - I have better things to do). It may, someday be worth rereading to peruse those illogical arguments again but considering I still have the incredible works of St. Alphonse de Ligori to read (among many others) there is no question of which would be of infinitely more value to one's soul.

    3. Yes the exploitation of the "weak" by the "strong" sounds a lot like Charles Manson.


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