Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ontario Hells Angel dead - Update

Turns out a blog reader is correct and that Johnny Spezzano is dead. His real name is Giovanni Spezzano and died suddenly on Monday, January 26, 2015. I don't know the guy and I'm not going to trash him now that he's dead. He was a father, husband, brother and son and was predeceased by his brother Pino. It would be interesting to find out the cause of death.

The Ottawa Citizen reported that Giovanni was a former member of the Ottawa chapter of the Outlaws who pledged allegiance to Rock Machine only to defect a few months later to the Hells Angels. His career in biker gangs was fast-tracked after he formed a friendship with Paul (Sasquatch) Porter. Paul was a member of the Rock Machine but crossed over tho the Hells Angels with several others when Mom Boucher went to prison.

Update: A local source claims he committed suicide which is always a huge loss for family. The question is, why hasn't there been any mention of his death on HA support walls? Not a word about a fallen brother? Perhaps that has something to do with why he committed suicide.


  1. While it is sad when anyone dies, the fact of death is the only certain thing in life.

    Modernist society has attempted to remove any mention of death. Or when not able to remove mention of it, alter and misdirect attention to something generic and vague. So much so, there is the mantra, "what is the meaning of life?", as if logic and reason alone do not answer that question ...

    Since logic and reason do, the so-called "enlightenment" sought to replace the object with the subjective (in essence stating there is no such thing as truth (the objective) but only one's personal experience (the subjective).

    Since only one thing is the sole certainly in and of life, one would think the necessity of exploration of this concept should require serious exploration and contemplation.

    While this man may have let an horrible sinful life, there may have been the opportunity before he died to repent - contrition may be imperfect or perfect. Either one will suffice. We should pray for the repose of his soul.

  2. Due to the way MR. Spezzano past away. The H.A. dont have to attend or show up to the funeral of their "brother". Though many of his friends from the group attended his funeral. They did not show up with any "colours" as they usually would do.


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