Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday night shooting in Surrey

Scan BC is reporting that #Surrey #RCMP is responding to 148 St & 59 Ave for a report of shots heard. Call is delayed as the reportee called the news before 911. Scan BC is also reporting that @SurreyRCMP investigating report of shots fired between 2 cars along the Fraser Highway at approx 3:20am Teusday morning.

Enjoying the Summer

OK so the theme for this weekend is get out there and enjoy life. Don't let it pass you by. Imagine spending your whole life in one back alley smoking crack. That would be a pretty meaningless existence. You would miss a whole world of opportunities. The thing is, if one place fills up there are a dozen other places you can go. Cliff Falls on Kanaka creek is nice. It's in Maple Ridge.

We've already mentioned the falls at Widgeon creek. You can also paddle up to Granite Falls in Deep Cove and camp there over night. I realize the outdoors isn't for everyone. Yesterday there was a young couple feeling the heat so to speak. The young mother was obviously hot and cranky. Her very young daughter was getting on her nerves and was dragging her purse in the dirt. She began yelling at her daughter not to touch her things and said you are stressing me out.

Then the daughter in tears repeated exactly what her mother said and said you are stressing me out. I had to smile. The husband came back to the car with their young son and the mother started raging at him saying something about not having time for idiots. Then the husband said watch your f*ing mouth and I just cringed and thought there goes the breakdown of another relationship. There is a lot of stress on young couples in our day. The cost of housing is ridiculous. That's why I think finding cheap escapes from the dark and dreary reality can be refreshing

For those less inclined to the back country there's always flying a kite at Crescent Beach or Vanier park. You can hop on a passenger ferry for lunch on Granville Island. No matter what you're into there's always something positive to do. Anything is better then wasting life away in a bar or a party full of trailer trash. There's more to life than drugs and alcohol. Get out there and enjoy it.

Just stay away from the ridiculous drug dealer boats. The Lonely Island video I'm on a boat was a comedy. They were making fun of the plastic people on huge drug dealer boats. Nobody cares your on a mother f*ing boat. What the hell are you over compensating for? Do be careful. There was a young girl in Surrey who was trying to be funny and hop on a moving train. Only she slipped and the train ran over her arm. Tragic. Oh be wise. What can I say more? Have fun and be safe.

They Paved Paradise

This is another example of denying public access to public land. The UBC Research forest in Maple Ridge are endowment lands donated to UBC as a gift. UBC is a publicly funded University. The research forest is open to the public but they have "closed" the waterfalls to the public. This is a beautiful spot on the Allouette River. I realize there has been problems in the past with youth drinking and cliff jumping yet denying public access completely is going over board. That's like putting up a fence around wreck beach and saying the public is not allowed in. It's just not right.

I hiked down and took this picture yesterday. The falls are several tiers and this is the last tier. You can wade into the water and go right up to the waterfalls. Obviously drinking and cliff jumping is a bad idea. I was born in North Vancouver near Lynn Canyon. A lot of people have died there doing stupid things but the park is beautiful and the 30 foot pool is totally safe.

Years ago when Cypress mountain became owned by an American company they tried to deny public access to certain parts of the park. People came out in huge numbers to protest and they rescinded the decision. Tax payers elect the politicians that make the rules. The rules have to be in the public interest. Denying public access to public land is a bad idea. Signs that say no drinking or no cliff jumping are good enough to deal with the liability issue.

In the States if you are caught trespassing you could be shot dead. Here you might get a ticket. I hope they do give me a ticket so I can dispute that ticket in court. If they are going to deny public access then the public need to reassess the University's public funding. Perhaps we can e-mail UBC and request them to amend the policy:,,,

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Public access to public land

What a magnificent weekend. Get out there and enjoy it in real life. I went to the lower falls at Golden Ears today. They had all kinds of signs up saying the park was closed. How can you close a public park? The campgrounds were full fair enough but it is a public lake and there are lots of other places in the park people can visit. They even had signs up that said the gate was closed. No it's not. We're not stupid. You can't close the gate during the day. People have to be able to leave with their boats from a day of water skiing. The Gold Creek day area is nice this time of year but was indeed packed. There was lots of parking at the trail head to the water falls. Some of these mall cop wannabees need to get a grip on reality. It's a beautiful place and a public park.

TBM Fresh Start T-shirts

Good news. It turns out that the lump they removed from Michael Green's chest is not cancerous and he has been cleared for his trip to Canada at the end of July. He's the international spokesperson for TBM Scandinavia a support group to help people leave the gang life so to speak. In Scandinavia they have secret safe houses set up just like the RA did back in Ireland. They have T-shirts available on their web site. It's in Danish but you can use Google Translate. They'll send you one if you make a $50 euro donation on their web site and give them your mailing address.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Surrey Shootings

Scan BC is reporting that #Surrey #RCMP are on scene with a male that was shot in the leg near 124 St & Iona Place. Victim transported to hospital. UPDATE - #Surrey #RCMP report they have located 3 more shooting victims at the rear of a house at 124 St & Iona Place. Global is reporting that the shooting took place 1:00 AM this morning.

Update: VancouverPD investigating a shooting in front of a business on Nanaimo and Charles.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

State of the Union

Martin Luther King was a great man with a great vision. Of all his teachings two speeches stand apart and echo throughout history. The first was his I have a dream speech. Thousands had marched with him to Washington where he delivered his inspiring vision. He said: In spite of the difficulties and the frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted within the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of it's creed we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal. I have a dream today.

It is difficult to watch and impossible to comprehend how a handful of lunatics can do such dramatic damage to that inspiring vision in our age of reason. We saw the Rodney King video years ago. It was astounding. The outrage was understandable. Yet rioting is counter productive. You're mad so you're going to burn your neighborhood and city. The logic fails. The same thing happened a few years ago in England. The police were caught red handed lying about a murder they committed. The people had a legitimate grievance but it was lost when they started rioting and looting. It was at that point when their just cause vanished and their quest for justice failed.

Now we go from one extreme to the other. Neighborhoods up in flames over a legitimate grievance to individual lunatics going into a Black Baptist church and shooting random people in the congregation. Nothing could be more absurd. That lunatic does not represent white people any more than a terrorist represents Islam. As Martin Luther King taught, I've seen too much hate to want to hate and every time I see it I say to myself that hate is too great a burden to bear. When evil men burn and bomb good men much build and bind. His words ring true today.

The other breath taking speech was delivered the day before he was assassinated called I've been to the mountaintop. It was somewhat prophetic as he indirectly predicted his own assassination. He referenced his dream. He said that he had been to the mountaintop and had see the promised land. Comparing his dream to Moses' quest for the promised land. He said he had seen that one day his vision would become a reality. He said that I might not get there with you but we a a people would get there. He said everyone wants to live a long life. Longevity has it's place. Yet I'm not worried about that now I just want to do God's will. He then said he's not fearing any man because his eyes had seen the coming of the Lord. It was very inspiring.

Well, like Martin Luther King I too have been to the mountaintop. Only I didn't see the coming of the Lord. I saw the depths of hell. Finian's inferno so to speak. I saw the ruthless exploitation that goes on outside the Front Room in Surrey and in the DTES. If people have to ask me why I do this blog, I can't explain it to them. For me the answer is clear: Janice Shore and Ashley Machiskinic.

When this blog first started it was all about Chris Mohan. It was the answer to the heartfelt plea of a grieving mother. As I said in my eBook it all started with the Surrey Six. That murder where two innocent bystanders were intentionally executed outraged everyone. As a result everyone and their dog has flipped on those involved and no one sees them as rats for doing so. Everyone sees Jamie Bacon and those who helped him as rats. Well wait 'till I tell ye, Jamie Bacon did not try and tax Corey Lal on behalf of the Triads or the UN. He tried to tax Corey Lal on behalf of the Hells Angels.

That brings us to Janice Shore. A soft spoken pan handler who was sexually assaulted and beaten to death for a drug debt in Surrey. It couldn't have been a very large debt because she was a user not a dealer. Her murder was to send a message to the others who were being likewise exploited pay your debts or end up like her. The place they left her body was designed to send a message to all the drug addicted sex trade workers outside the Front room. Pay up and shut up or you'll end up like Janice. In Whalley the drug dealers are the pimps. They give the sex trade workers crack then beat the life out of them for payment. When they get a trick the drug dealers take everything. There is nothing consensual about it. The tree that they left Janice's body at was where the drug dealers demand free service from the sex trade workers they sell crack to.

So Larry Mizen is gone and they rerouted Lenny' cocaine to Whtehourse and the Yukon. Yet the Hells Angels are still supplying the Front Room with crack. Just the other week I saw a guy wearing a Kelowna Hells Angels support shirt. He wasn't a member of the Hells Angels but he was using the name and reputation of the Hells Angels to do business and the business he was doing was enforcing for the crack dealers outside the Front Room just like Larry Mizen did.

I don't have beef with the whole club. It's just one or two guys. Skelletor, Rainbow Ricky, Len Peltier. One percent of the one percent so to speak. All Hells Angels don't sell crack. Yet when they use the name and reputation of the club to sell crack then it implicates all of them. Selling drugs in clubs is none of my business. Dial a dope operations are none of my business. Grow ops or selling pot is none of my business. That is all part of supply and demand.

Giving crack to the homeless for free then beating the life out of them for payment is my business. What happened to Janice Shore and Ashley Machiskinic is my business. And Moses said to Pharaoh let my people go. Prophesy unto Gog leader of Magog and declare thus saith the Lord I am against thee. Let it be known that Surrey is free. Just like Derry Bogside. Peace.

Another reason I have beef with Lenny is because of what happened to Dru.

Dave Pickton sued for sexual assault

The Vancouver Province is reporting that "a woman who was sexually assaulted by David Pickton, the brother of serial killer Robert Pickton, has testified she was told to leave town or she would be chopped into pieces... David Pickton was convicted in criminal court in 1992 of fondling the woman inside a trailer at a Burnaby construction site. He's now being sued for compensation for psychological harm, lost income and punitive damages over the 1991 assault. The woman testified that a co-worker operating an excavation machine called her over and gave her a warning she believes was on Pickton's behalf. 'If you take this to court, they're going to cut you up and chop you in so many pieces you're never going to be found.'"

Ok so this wasn't for the rape he was accused of on the actual farm but never charged. This is from another sexual assault he was convicted of which was a groping incident that was interrupted before it became a rape. The threats that followed didn't come directly from Dave it came from someone else who may or may not have been speaking on Dave's behalf. It supports the claim that everyone knew people were going missing on the Pickton farm long before Dave's brother was convicted.

Which brings us to the obvious concern in that why was Dave never charged along with his brother Robert when Dave was the one who knew where the bodies were buried. Dave was in a panic the police were going to start digging up the whole farm and find all sorts of things so he told the police where several woman's bodies were buried. Dave claimed it wasn't his brother who killed those it was Dinah Taylor which aside from being untrue, doesn't explain how he could possibly know where the bodies were buried without being an accessory to murder. So the question is, why wasn't Dave Pickton ever charged with the rape he was accused of committing on the Pickton farm and why wasn't he ever charged with accessory to murder. Wait 'till I tell ye. He was a CI for CSIS and received immunity for his involvement in any of those other crimes.

During the Missing Woman Inquiry that Wally Opal shut down as soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned and implicated, the police were being cross examined about their investigation of the Hells Angels on the Pickton farm. In the inquiry they said they didn't tell anyone about that investigation because they didn't want everyone to know that they had botched another Hells Angels investigation. However, that isn't completely true. The RCMP weren't the ones investigating the Hells Angels on the Pickton farm it was CSIS. CSIS were investigating the Hells Angels selling arms to White Supremacists groups. I kid you not. Dave Pickton received immunity for his other crimes for being a Confidential Informant in that separate case. Only that separate case was fake. CSIS never made any arrests nor did they ever intend to.

Who do you think created the Heritage Front? It was CSIS. They didn't infiltrate it, they created it and funded it with tax dollars. CSIS created the neo Nazi group to help "track" them. Yeah right. Just like they tracked the guns they sold to the Mexican cartel in Operation Fast and Furious or just like they tracked the cocaine they brought in to Florida Judge Bonner testified about when he was head of the DEA. CSIS created the Heritage Front and the bogus operation on the Pickton farm to run interference for them and prevent everyone else involved from being charged or convicted. CSIS is a bigger criminal organization than the Hells Angels. Charge them.

Diane Rock was gang raped on the Pickton farm. That implicates more than one suspect.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Body found in Whalley

Jill Drews from News 1130 is reporting that Surrey RCMP have discovered a body in Whalley. They are also reporting that @BurnabyRCMP confirming shots fired at Eton near North McGill Ave. The Vancouver Province is reporting that the body in Whalley is that of a 60 year old man. The cause of death has not yet been released.

Len Pelletier busted

Well well well Len Pelletier has finally been named and busted for cocaine trafficking though the 856. The Vancouver Province is reporting that "Drug charges have been laid against two Langley men alleged to be senior members of the so-called 856 gang. The province’s anti-gang unit says 48-year-old Leonard Pelletier and 26-year-old Jason Wallace were among three men who were arrested last July. Pelletier has been charged with five counts of drug trafficking and one count of resisting or obstructing a peace officer."

The Langley Times is confirming that these charges are from a bust last year involving the 856. Aparently we were right when we said at the time that Len Peltier was involved. Does that mean we were also right when we said Larry Mizen was working for Len Peltier before they terminated his contract for bad press even though they knew fully well what he was doing at the time. Larry Mizen collected drug debts in Whalley for the Hells Angels. Larry and Lenny were not members of the Hells Angels but they used the name and reputation of the Hells Angels to do business. Everyone local knew that but were too afraid to say.

The Hells Angels hate Lenny because he is a weasel that flips on all his co accused. They have tolerated him for all these years because of his uncle and because he's been a money maker. Yet what they did to Janice Shore was deranged. History has recorded that.

Len Peltier's 856 drug trafficking network has reportedly extended from Langley to the Yukon and Yellowknife. Lenny is the guy with the stash beside Chuck Liddel in the top picture. He's the one that looks like he's from that /70's show. His uncle Bob Green, who is a Nomad, is on the far right. Lenny always does business in his uncle's name. He is a Hells Angels associate.

856 Not

I should clarify that I did make a mistake last year when hearing news of the 856 bust. Originally the 856 were absolute nobodies. A couple of high-school kids in rural Aldergrove. Then Pelletier's son starts beaking off my dad this my uncle that. They were like f*ck your dad and shot at his suv while picking his son up from High School. That's when Lenny told the media that the 856 were no more. So we thought. Until Lenny and his son started a new group up of the same name.

Another reason I have beef with Lenny is because of what happened to Dru.

Monday, June 22, 2015


Took some time out to visit my father's grave yesterday and dropped off some carnations. Had a wonderful visit with an old friend and took my daughter to Whitecliff. My father used to take me there when I was very young. We'd climb down the rocks and take pictures of the sunset while he would read to me the First Nation legends of Vancouver by Pauline Johnston. When the tide's out you can walk out to that small island. This is Vancouver. This is our home. Peace.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Entrapment of John Nuttal and Amanda Korody

Now that John Nuttal and Amanda Korody were found "guilty" in the Surrey pressure cooker fraud, the defense has rightfully played the entrapment card. The court will reconvene June 29th to hear the entrapment argument. There has never been a more clear case of entrapment in the history of the earth.

The RCMP handler told them what to do, how to do it, drove them around picking up bogus bomb parts and drove them to a hotel so they could videotape two Surrey drug addicts try and assemble a bomb they were incapable of making. The whole time the handler had to repeatedly remind the mark to stop being distracted from the task and get back to work. They even had to drive them across the ferry and to the designated spot because the couple didn't have a car or enough money to pay for the ferry trip over to Vancouver Island.

The Vancouver Province finally printed a logical article on the case that wasn't written by the infamous flaming idiot and Kim Bolan wannabe, Keith Fraser. The article which was also published in the Huffington Post as well as the CBC states that human rights groups are concerned about how the RCMP targeted the most vulnerable to entrap them into becoming "terrorists".

Bill Tieleman was the one that set the alarm bells off from day one. He pointed out about the RCMP's terrorist quotas they are mandated to fulfill. Bill Tieleman also pointed out that this insane plot sounds similar to others in the US “where clueless and troubled people have been convicted of deadly plots after undercover agents and informers “facilitated” their crimes to incredible degrees.”

An example he uses is “James Cromitie, a low-level ex-drug dealer who converted to Islam. A well-paid FBI informant befriended the Walmart worker and promised him $250,000 and a new BMW car to fire Stinger surface-to-air missiles at U.S. military planes and plant bombs at Jewish targets in New York.” This goes well beyond entrapment. I bet ya he didn’t make the Stinger surface-to-air missiles himself. Someone provided him with it which, as Bill Tieleman observes, facilitated the attack. If you bribe a drug addict to commit a crime you haven't saved the world from a terrorist, you just created one.

The whole idea of setting a bomb off at a public fireworks display is heinous. So is entrapping two drug addicts into even considering such an evil act when they did not have the means nor the motive to do so just to fulfill a terrorist quota to rationalize giving up our civil liberty. This was entrapment. If the court does not recognize that we as Canadians are all diminished. Instead of paying drug addicts to perform terrorist acts we need to charge CSIS with murder for providing the explosives in the Air India attack and for theft for "losing" a billion tax dollars from their budget every year for these absurd off the book operations. What about the article catching CSIS giving aid to ISIS? Why haven't they been charged with that and why isn't that story in the press?

This is how the fraud went down:

Under cover RCMP officers targeted two Surrey drug addicts in an attempt to bribe and coerce them into performing a terrorist act to meet their terrorist quota. They befriended the couple, gave them food and other "gifts". They told them they had to come up with some kind of plan but were unable to do so. The undercover officer kept pressuring them telling them we've spent a lot of money on you, Mr Big isn't going to be very happy about this. You need to come up with a plan. The couple were genuinely afraid for their life thinking some huge terrorist with access to brief cases full of money would kill them if they didn't do exactly as they were told. That is why John's elderly grandmother moved out of the basement suite right before they were arrested. They all though their life was at risk and his grandmother couldn't handle the stress any more.

Under duress they threw out two suggestions. They said well we could hit a military target or set off a bomb at a public event like a fireworks display. Mr Big wants you to do the Firework one. They told them which one to do. He admitted that the idea of killing innocent people made him feel sick to his stomach but was consistently pressured into continuing with the plot. Only they had to be driven around and coached every step of the way so they wouldn't get distracted. It's hard to focus on task when you're stoned on drugs.

On camera they were told you can back out at any time while off camera they were told, but Mr Big won't be happy. First of all, how do you make a pressure cooker bomb? I don't know and a Surrey drug addict isn't going to know. In the court they gave the secret: black powder. Well that finally makes sense. They filled the thing with gun powder. Only where do they get it from and how do they set it off? How do they seal the lid so it will explode? Duck tape? That's what they had. I kid you not. If they filled it with gun powder and sealed the lid with duck tape that thing isn't going to be any bigger than a small pipe bomb.

There was a gang banger caught trying to make pipe bombs in the Interior. He was using gun powder from shotgun shells. That makes sense. Were John and Amanda emptying out shot gun shells? Nope. When I was a kid chemistry kits were popular. We used to make our own gunpowder because back then those supplies were readily available: salt peter, sulfur and wood charcoal. Now not so much. Did John and Amanda make their own gun powder? Nope. Someone had to have given it to them which once again confirms they did not have the means of committing their crime supporting the entrapment verdict.

The next problem is how are you going to set it off? With a fuse? Perhaps but they didn't have one. They had a toy clock but what the hell were they going to do with that? There is no way anything John built with the supplies he was given would have ever exploded.

John was videotaped making crazy statements while stoned. "Ya know if we are going to pull this off I'm going no need to pack heat. Yeah I'm gonna need an AK for that." Sure thing buddy we'll get right on it. "And ya know it would sure be easier if we had some C-4 to make this thing really explode." Well guess what, they actually gave a Surrey drug addict C-4. The RCMP should be charged right there with reckless endangerment. There is not a snowball's chance in hell two Surrey drug addicts are going to be able to get their hands on C-4 unless the police give it to them. There is no way I, a couple of Surrey drug addicts or any other average citizen is going to have any idea how to detonate the C-4 and actually get possession of the detonators. Like I said there has not ever been a more clear case of entrapment in the history of the earth.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Canadian Hells Angels arrested for vicious assault in Greece - Update

From one extreme to the other. From an inspiring heart wrenching image of a place where blind men see to a dark place no one wants to see - Finian's Inferno so to speak. The Huffingting Post is reporting that Police have arrested three Hells Angels members from Alberta following a vicious assault on the Greek island of Corfu. Global is confirming all three are from Alberta. It was a near fatal attack on a 41 year old male who is currently on life support. There isn't really anything proud or noble about a brutal three on one attack. Nobody likes bullies.

Kim Bolan implied that Greece hasn't released the names of the members charged due to privacy laws. That is somewhat absurd. We don't have those kind of laws in Canada. If someone is charged with a brutal assault like this, the public has a right to know who has been charged knowing that people are innocent until proven guilty by law. In Canada privacy laws mean the government can't spy on you without a warrant. Those laws are being trampled as we speak.

I have the names of two of the three Canadians from the Edmonton chapter charged and I have quite a few pictures of one proudly posing with members of the Whiteboy posse who are drug dealers that sell drugs for the Edmonton Hells Angels and decapitated Bob Roth for a drug debt. It is a dark inferno of greed and extortion. There are two reasons I'm not going to post them.

First it's because Gangsters out is going through a metamorphosis. Gangsters out is no longer for outting gangsters. It is for helping gang members get out of the life by supporting TBM Fresh Start. It is also to continue to raise public awareness about drug related violence to help us develop the political will to one day embrace the New York Model.

The other reason is because it really doesn't matter which members it was because it clearly reflects on all of them since it was at an international convention. The plausible deniability argument fails here. The Hells Angels are pretty passionate about banning people from misusing their trademark. They are more than capable of discouraging this kind of behavior at public events. What do you think is going to happen the next time they want to host a convention in a City? The residents will oppose it just like they did the Devil's Rejects clubhouse in Langford.

Update: OK my sources claim it was Nick Dragich and Dusty Swanson (on the right) a prospect for Westridge, formally from the Dirty flu. Nick has confirmed he was in Greece at the time:

Weren't the German "brothers" the ones who were charged with human trafficking in Spain?

Second Update: The sister of the victim on life support contacted the Vancouver Sun and Kim Bolan has posted her account of what happened. It was a bold case of three on one bullying. A senseless act of violence that has left Canada diminished.

It turns out that Nick Dragich was one of the Hells Angels posing with Rob Ford when he was mayor of Toronto a while back. The Toronto Hells Angles were bragging about it on their web site. Nice bunch of guys. I'm sure there's a special place in hell reserved just for them.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Place where blind men see

Well this is inspiring. Marlana VanHoose, a blind girl with cerebral palsy sang a breath taking rendition of the American National Anthem at Game 6 of the NBA finals. Golden State Warriors won by the way. They're me peeps so they are.

I like listening to different national anthems. Even though most are in different languages you can usually feel a sense of patriotism that each anthem kindles. Although I prefer the Canadian anthem because I am Canadian, I have a great respect for the American national anthem. I have a lot of friends who are American. To them the flag is a very sacred thing. They don't let it touch the ground. That's a big deal to them.

Americans don't pledge their allegiance to a person they pledge their allegiance to an ideal. They pledge their allegence to the flag and the free republic it represents. The flag represents the US Constitution which defines the free republic. That is why all the elected officials and civil servants swear an oath to protect the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestics. In our day when civil liberty and the US the Constitutions hangs by a thread because many have broken that sacred oath, the oath keepers are here to defend it.

Canadians may not have found their liberty in the rockets red glare, but they most certainly have defended the liberty of other nations in the rockets red glare. That ideal is an inspiration to us all. Like listening to this young girl sing, it takes us to a place where blind men see.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Woman found dead in Edmonton

The Edmonton journal is reporting that A young woman was found dead, ankles and wrists bound, in a shopping cart early Tuesday in an Inglewood alleyway, witnesses say. That is messed up.

David Giles' voir dire continues

I checked the court registry in Vancouver while I was filing court documents today. Turns out that David Giles' voir dire is still on. That's a trial before a trial to determine what evidence will be admissible. That means I can't report what I saw and heard yet but I sure would like to. I'd sure like to be able to tell you all who was on the stand and who I saw the witness hanging out with during the break. I can't report on that until the whole thing is over with. All I can say is holy Manuel Noriega batman, sh*t is gonna hit the fan.

Skellator is not looking well and I'm not going to mock him any more because I understand he isn't well. I don't know if that's just another bullsh*t story or if it's real but I don't wish that on anyone. Not even my enemies. I attended the court in the afternoon session. Skelletor made a point of turning right around and looking me in the eye before turning around to face the front again. I was the only spectator in the court room. I guess it was only fitting for him to see my face in this life so he'll know what to look for when I testify against him in the life hereafter.

The key thing to remember is that he needs a fair trial. If he was guilty of this drug trafficking offense then he needs to be convicted of it not the trickle down scape goat. According to Neil Hall, who sat in on the EPandora trial, Giles was implicated in the Western Wind bust. That was huge - 2 1/2 tons of cocaine. Not pressing charges in that case was a judicial tragedy.

We need to convict Giles not the trickle down scape goat so we can add that to Lester Jones' conviction to solidify the seizure of the Kelowna clubhouse. Give the others back I don't care. Just as long as they seize the Kelowna clubhouse and don't build one in Surrey.

I must admit, since Giles is one of the only ones who hasn't made bail, he doesn't look quite as smug now as he did when he was standing beside Mom Boucher grabbing his balls telling the media to suck it after Boucher got off on a technicality. How the arrogant have fallen.

Mall biker fined $13,500

1130 News is reporting that the prick that drove his motorcycle down an escalator in Guildford Mall while running from the police has been fined $13,500 for a list of 58 traffic violations. Three cheers. That prick had no regard for all the pedestrians in the mall as he kept racing in and out past them.

Guildford Mall? That's my crib. Stay in your own lane. (When I say stay in your own lane I don't mean mind your own business I mean stay in your own area. Get out of my crib.)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Langley and Surrey Shootings

CBC is confirming a scan BC report that there was a drive by shooting in Langley last night. Several neighbours said they were awoken by as many as 10 gunshots just after 2 AM in the 2500-block of 204 Street. The neighbours, all of whom declined to give their names, said the house is believed to be a legal marijuana grow operation. Which leads us to ask, with all these pot stores opening up, how do we protect them from being taken over by the Hells Angels?

Update: News 1130 is also reporting that there was yet another shooting in Surrey on Saturday night. "Shortly after 10pm, shots were fired between two cars on Highway 10 near 186th. When officers arrived, they found casings and two homes in the area were hit by the flying bullets."

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Williams Lake Shooting

Castanaet is reporting that One man is in critical condition in hospital with multiple gunshot wounds after the vehicle he was riding in was shot at multiple times during a high speed chase through a residential neighbourhood in Williams Lake Saturday night. The drug violence plague is now spreading to smaller communities. Big city gangs holding small town communities hostage. Why did Christy Clark cut funding to the gang task force again?

Fort McMurray drug bust

My McMurray dot com is reporting that "Seven search warrants were executed in Fort McMurray on June 3 to conclude a two-year investigation of a cocaine and fentanyl drug trafficking operation. Five homes, a Chateau Nova Hotel room and a local business on Signal Road were searched as police targeted 34-year-old Patrick Felix and 31-year-old Jason Mulley. The two are the alleged ringleaders of the network that reached Edmonton, Calgary and B.C."

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Surrey shooting

The Vancouver Province is reporting that there was another shooting in Surrey just after 9:00 PM last night in a parking lot behind an Earl's restaurant at 72nd and Scott Road. CTV is reporting that it was a public shooting when the restaurant was open for business.

Police officer shot dead in Edmonton

Tragically the Edmonton Journal is reporting that one police officer was shot dead and another wounded in the line of duty last night while executing a search warrant in Edmonton.

A lot of people have mixed feelings about the police. No one likes getting harassed for stupid things and no one likes to see the police beating up suspects, violating civil rights or sexually harassing their own members. Yet the bottom line is there are a lot of good cops out their that literally put their lives on the line every day to protect the public peace and support law and order.

CBC is reporting that Norman Walter Raddatz, the man suspected of being responsible for the killing of Edmonton Const. Daniel Woodall, had an extensive hate crimes file related to online bullying of a family in the city. The shooting occurred when police served the suspect with an arrest warrant for criminal harassment. The Edmonton Journal is reporting that more then 50 bullets were fired during the exchange.

Daniel Woodall was a husband, a father and a son. Like it or not, he was our brother. Honor him.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Beautiful Day

Today was what U2 would describe as a Beautiful Day. I couldn't resist the sunshine and took the kayak up Widgeon Creek at Pitt Lake and hiked up to the water falls. It was magnificent. A lot of people bring monster boats on Pitt Lake. Widgeon creek is for the quiet paddlers to enjoy in peace. If you hike up Golden Ears you get a magnificent view of the entire lake. It's a pretty long hike but unlike the Lions you can water up along the way.

I passed the clubhouse on Harris Road on the way to Pitt Lake. Didn't see any logos up. Just remember that my deal says you keep that clubhouse as well as Jabba's Palace. You keep all of them except Kelowna and get a fresh start. Think about it. Just get back to business and stop being so loud and proud. Ricky C's Gay Pride Parade at the Devil's Rejects clubhouse was stupid. It drew too much bad press and they lost it. Pride cometh before the fall. Nobody likes bullies. The strong don't bully the weak. The strong protect the weak. That is what the strong do. Peace.

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Seizing Hells Angels clubhouses in British Columbia

The criminal organization status of the Hells Angels in BC is a hot topic because it relates to the government seizing their clubhouses. Right now the Nanaimo clubhouse has been seized and they have applied to the courts for the right to seize the East Vancouver and Kelowna clubhouse. If I was litigating that case, I'd be willing to cut a deal. Right now the HAs could lose all of them.

I think the criminal organization status of the Hells Angels in BC should be considered on a case by case basis. Each chapter separately. Kelowna was the chapter that really screwed up. That chapter was involved with a huge amount of criminal activity. Nanaimo was involved in some but not nearly to the extent Kelowna was. The deal I'd cut would be this:

Give them back the Naniamo clubhouse if the club let them have the Kelowna clubhouse in return. That's probably what the judge is going to conclude after a long and painful trial anyways. That would mean the Kelwona clubhouse is seized and sold but every other clubhouse stands until they screw up like Kelowna did. On the condition they agree not to build a new clubhouse in Surrey. Make those little Surrey girls use the clubhouse in Langley or Randy's freaking basement. Any new clubhouse would be up to he local city hall's discretion like how Langford shut down the Devil's Rejects clubhouse because of zoning concerns. This deal would mean Randy Jones would still get to keep Shakerz formally known as Tbarz. Only clean that place up man. It used to be high end.

The surveillance video when those Hells Angels associates were stabbed there showed just how far down that place has fallen. It's turned into another Dell for God's sake. Surrey can do better. Let's raise the bar and go back to the way it was when it first opened. That's my advice. That's the deal I'd cut if I was litigating it. That way we could all move on to other things. If they break their word and build a clubhouse in Surrey, Trevor would get extradited.

The Hells Angels just want to do business and make some cheddar. If they stop shooting people in public, shooting innocent bystanders like in the Surrey Six and stop killing drug addicts for small debts, I'll mind my own business and shut up. That way I can focus on helping TBM Canada instead. You don't have to torture and kill drug addicts for drug debts if you don't front them the drugs. It's that simple. Stop fronting crack addicts crack. That's bad business. That way we get rid of the Tony T's in the DTES and in Surrey. Time to give everyone a Fresh Start.

If both parties agree to these terms, it could become a consent order and the matter would be resolved until another chapter screws up.

Hot Pursuit

Stress levels have been a bit high of late so we went to see Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara in Hot Pursuit. It was pretty funny. My daughter is a fan of Sofia Vergara because she's from Colombia. My daughter went to Colombia a couple of times and loved it. She talked about learning to Salsa dance at 3:00 AM on the side streets with some friends. She talked about how they poured aguardiente all over the bar, set it on fire and drank it through straws. Good times.

One time they were in the back of a cab and a guy on a motorcycle pulled up beside them with a gun. Her friends grabbed her head and pulled it down out of view as the cab raced in and out of traffic and pulled over beside a cop causing the high jacker to move on. She thought it was fun. It was hard for me to get mad because I had many similar experiences when I was her age.

Recently she said that she loves her new car but she really misses Columbia. She said the people there are dirt poor but they are really happy. I know exactly what she means. When I came back from Ireland all I wanted to do is go back. I just couldn't relate to the yuppie materialism that exists here. It was a lot different back in Ireland. I told her that I came to the conclusion that I'd be able to give my kids a better life if I stayed here. More opportunities and what not. Yet growing up poor has been good for them. They have a strong work ethic and are focused on positive things despite their insane father's antics. They're all grown up now. Life goes on.

I have to do something. I just don't see myself going back to church and helping out with the boy scouts again. Not when I know about all the horrible things going on around me. That's why I think TBM is the cause to support right now. They have a strong network of safe houses that aren't run by the government or the police. They run it themselves. Just like the safe houses the IRA would run back in Ireland. The same type of network except for a more positive cause. All former bikers and gang members. Not the plastic pretty boys we have out here that live in the ivory tower. Hard core soldiers who used to go over to Europe into Germany and blow shit up. These are the guys helping people leave the gang life and protect them.

I started watching a TV series on Netflics called Lilyhammer. It's about a mafioso in the States that was screwed over and went into witness protection. He asked to be assigned to Norway after seeing their winter Olympics because he figured no one would be looking for him there. It's pretty funny. TBM's network in Scandinavia is worth looking into.

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hells Angels to be deemed a criminal organization in South Australia

ABC Australia is reporting that the government of south Australia has proposed legislation that will officially declare the Hells Angels a criminal organization just like Manitoba has. In fact, they are adding 26 other outlaw motorcycle gangs to the list. This is the perfect example of how the Hells Angels are destroying it for everyone else.

The question we have to ask is how do we confront organized crime while at the same time protect civil liberty. It's pretty simple really. The freedom of association is a sacred right. The right to sell drugs is not. It's that simple. In Canada, Manitoba is the only province so far to have the Hells Angels deemed a criminal organization by law makers. In Ontario and Quebec it was the courts themselves not the actual lawmakers that made that conclusion.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Canadian mob bosses arrested

The National Post is reporting that two Canadian cells of the Ndrangheta who are Calabrians have been arrested. On Tuesday, Giuseppe “Pino” Ursino, 62, was arrested at his home in Bradford, Ontario. Diego Serrano, 66, of Vaughan, was also arrested. The Calabrians of Hamilton were the prime suspects in the extermination of the Rizzutos when Vito was in prison.