Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mall biker fined $13,500

1130 News is reporting that the prick that drove his motorcycle down an escalator in Guildford Mall while running from the police has been fined $13,500 for a list of 58 traffic violations. Three cheers. That prick had no regard for all the pedestrians in the mall as he kept racing in and out past them.

Guildford Mall? That's my crib. Stay in your own lane. (When I say stay in your own lane I don't mean mind your own business I mean stay in your own area. Get out of my crib.)


  1. Obviously this "rider" did not have any consideration for anyone. In this age of "entitlement" you do really wonder how this person got to be like this.

    the fines were perhaps a message, but if the person doesn't pay, what exactly is going to be done? that is the problem. The bike ought not to be give back. If the person denies riding, then the person, can not be trusted to look after their possessions, especially ones which can be turned into weapons or killing machines.

    1. @EAF - The rider was wanting to get away from the police so he would not be caught with the drugs he was holding.

      As for possessions that can be turned into "weapons" anything and I do mean anything, can be turned into a weapon as long as you have the know-how, training and will.

    2. If you watch the video you will notice the car chase started right around the Front Room in Whalley. I wonder what he was delivering there?

  2. Some major parts to this story are missing. That bike was said to be "stolen" - as claimed by the owner of it. I would wager the owner was the rider. No one in BC steals a bike with a "Hells Angels" sticker on it.

    A good lawyer will be able to get the "owner - not the driver" off. For a $13,500 fine, I am sure it is worth retaining that lawyer.

    I am sure the police are pretty sure the driver was the owner, just not able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

  3. I think the question is, did he get his patch out of this? ;-)

  4. Two things: why has this news of the penalty remained so low key ?? And how was this maniac able to evade a police helicopter ?? They say you can't outrun a police radio, but I have never heard how he was able to do this.


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