Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dave Pickton sued for sexual assault

The Vancouver Province is reporting that "a woman who was sexually assaulted by David Pickton, the brother of serial killer Robert Pickton, has testified she was told to leave town or she would be chopped into pieces... David Pickton was convicted in criminal court in 1992 of fondling the woman inside a trailer at a Burnaby construction site. He's now being sued for compensation for psychological harm, lost income and punitive damages over the 1991 assault. The woman testified that a co-worker operating an excavation machine called her over and gave her a warning she believes was on Pickton's behalf. 'If you take this to court, they're going to cut you up and chop you in so many pieces you're never going to be found.'"

Ok so this wasn't for the rape he was accused of on the actual farm but never charged. This is from another sexual assault he was convicted of which was a groping incident that was interrupted before it became a rape. The threats that followed didn't come directly from Dave it came from someone else who may or may not have been speaking on Dave's behalf. It supports the claim that everyone knew people were going missing on the Pickton farm long before Dave's brother was convicted.

Which brings us to the obvious concern in that why was Dave never charged along with his brother Robert when Dave was the one who knew where the bodies were buried. Dave was in a panic the police were going to start digging up the whole farm and find all sorts of things so he told the police where several woman's bodies were buried. Dave claimed it wasn't his brother who killed those it was Dinah Taylor which aside from being untrue, doesn't explain how he could possibly know where the bodies were buried without being an accessory to murder. So the question is, why wasn't Dave Pickton ever charged with the rape he was accused of committing on the Pickton farm and why wasn't he ever charged with accessory to murder. Wait 'till I tell ye. He was a CI for CSIS and received immunity for his involvement in any of those other crimes.

During the Missing Woman Inquiry that Wally Opal shut down as soon as the Hells Angels were mentioned and implicated, the police were being cross examined about their investigation of the Hells Angels on the Pickton farm. In the inquiry they said they didn't tell anyone about that investigation because they didn't want everyone to know that they had botched another Hells Angels investigation. However, that isn't completely true. The RCMP weren't the ones investigating the Hells Angels on the Pickton farm it was CSIS. CSIS were investigating the Hells Angels selling arms to White Supremacists groups. I kid you not. Dave Pickton received immunity for his other crimes for being a Confidential Informant in that separate case. Only that separate case was fake. CSIS never made any arrests nor did they ever intend to.

Who do you think created the Heritage Front? It was CSIS. They didn't infiltrate it, they created it and funded it with tax dollars. CSIS created the neo Nazi group to help "track" them. Yeah right. Just like they tracked the guns they sold to the Mexican cartel in Operation Fast and Furious or just like they tracked the cocaine they brought in to Florida Judge Bonner testified about when he was head of the DEA. CSIS created the Heritage Front and the bogus operation on the Pickton farm to run interference for them and prevent everyone else involved from being charged or convicted. CSIS is a bigger criminal organization than the Hells Angels. Charge them.

Diane Rock was gang raped on the Pickton farm. That implicates more than one suspect.


  1. The reason he was never charged was because the women who were assaulted or murdered didn't count according to main stream society, the police, crown council, politicians, etc. They have, and they won't in my time, count.

    From the P.M. down, its been, its not on my "radar". Beginning and end of story. women of priviledge don't identify with women at the bottom of the economic ladder. They are no better then the men in power.

    When they arrested Willie, the government/police/crown felt they had done their job. They found some one to hang it all on, now move along and forget about it.

    Last night Front Line on the American PBS station ran a documentary about slavery in the U.S.A., specifically in the janitorial industry. It about sums it up for women with no power or money.

    Hell, look at the Armed Forces and RCMP women who are raped, beaten, etc. They don't have any protection, so how do we expect the police to protect women from rape or seek out rapists when its one of their own past times.

  2. Just as years of investigation has never solved the Kennedy Assassination questions, the fact that the Pictons are still mired in mystery really should illustrate the amount of influence the HAs had over politicians then and now. God help these jackasses if the HAs kept records of payments to keep mouths shut.

    1. Sadly it wasn't just the HAs. Jim Brown was an associate of Dave Pickton. The RCMP may well have destroyed the photographic evidence through an illegal search but they aren't able to destroy the court records which confirm it.

    2. What makes you think they haven't?

  3. Replies
    1. Jim Brown is a Coquitlam RCMP officer involved in the Pickton investigation that was posting BDSM pictures online looking for a hook up with like minded individuals:

  4. Ah yes, but he investigated the murders and was also an associate?

    1. Yes. It was a conflict of interest. Robert Pickton also knew Don Adams. In the interview Don Adams claims he knew Robert from a previous investigation when he was burring stolen cars on the farm. One officer met with Robert Pickton before his arrest and told him the names of two informants that claimed he was killing people on the farm. Telling the suspect the names of the informants was astounding:


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