Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Beautiful Day

Today was what U2 would describe as a Beautiful Day. I couldn't resist the sunshine and took the kayak up Widgeon Creek at Pitt Lake and hiked up to the water falls. It was magnificent. A lot of people bring monster boats on Pitt Lake. Widgeon creek is for the quiet paddlers to enjoy in peace. If you hike up Golden Ears you get a magnificent view of the entire lake. It's a pretty long hike but unlike the Lions you can water up along the way.

I passed the clubhouse on Harris Road on the way to Pitt Lake. Didn't see any logos up. Just remember that my deal says you keep that clubhouse as well as Jabba's Palace. You keep all of them except Kelowna and get a fresh start. Think about it. Just get back to business and stop being so loud and proud. Ricky C's Gay Pride Parade at the Devil's Rejects clubhouse was stupid. It drew too much bad press and they lost it. Pride cometh before the fall. Nobody likes bullies. The strong don't bully the weak. The strong protect the weak. That is what the strong do. Peace.

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