Thursday, June 11, 2015

Langley and Surrey Shootings

CBC is confirming a scan BC report that there was a drive by shooting in Langley last night. Several neighbours said they were awoken by as many as 10 gunshots just after 2 AM in the 2500-block of 204 Street. The neighbours, all of whom declined to give their names, said the house is believed to be a legal marijuana grow operation. Which leads us to ask, with all these pot stores opening up, how do we protect them from being taken over by the Hells Angels?

Update: News 1130 is also reporting that there was yet another shooting in Surrey on Saturday night. "Shortly after 10pm, shots were fired between two cars on Highway 10 near 186th. When officers arrived, they found casings and two homes in the area were hit by the flying bullets."


  1. By shooting the Hell's Angles of course.

  2. trailerunner78, I know that is a solution and a funny one at that, but it doesn't solve the problem. Some of those boys have gotten so big and fat, it wouldn't be hard to miss them.

    if people were shooting at a "legal grow op" I've got a feeling more was going on than "legal grow oping". if organized crime is trying to move in or any other crime, than if the province lets that go by then it is the provincial government which has put its stamp of approval on organized crime or whatever crime you think it is.

    The shops are required to have a business license. Cities will have to create some rules and regulations regarding who can own and operate the shops and where they can get their supplies from. its one of the reasons I've suggested something along the line of "wineries". Farm gate wineries are a lot of work. I doubt very much the H.A. would be that interested in putting in that much work.

    Some of the shops are organizations which truly want to help people who are ill. Ensure that shops are such organizations.--non profits, with a board of directors and salaried staff, with a limit on staff salaries. it might take a little organization to do that, but it could be done. We might want to look at what some of the American states have done or the Netherlands for that matter.

  3. another good reason to not have grow ops in neighbourhoods, but in rural/farming areas.

  4. You cant, Agent K. What you can change is who runs the Hells Angels.

    1. I am afraid that will never work.

      Everyone in that organization has had to commit crimes as part of the induction process. Everyone. Not just the odd individual here or there.

      The criminal mindset and acceptance of crime is embedded and integral to the group.

      There is only one way to deal with a cancerous organism that has grown so large and is so permeated.

      Individuals here or there may leave the lifestyle but the HA as an entity can never change. It is far too late.

    2. Actually I think //////// has a very interesting point. This could well be the answer to my serenity prayer so to speak. There are a lot of rumours and misconceptions out there about what people have to do to get their patch. I do believe someone had to of murdered someone to get their Filthy Few patch but I don't believe someone had to commit murder just to get their Hells Angels patch. In many cases around here it's something that is bought so to speak with money.

      I do believe the Hells Angels are a criminal organization whose main order of business is drug trafficking. Yet I don't believe every member sells crack. I think the club uses all those that don't to indirectly enforce for the crack dealers they supply. I do think that there are many members who are reachable.

      We can't change everything in life but we can change some things. We need the courage to change the things we can, humility to accept the things we can't change and wisdom to know the difference between the two. We aren't going to stop the Hells Angels in BC but we might be able to help weed out people like Tony Terezakis, Larry Mizen and Vince McMurchy who exploit and brutalize the poor for drug debts to satisfy their greed.

    3. No one has to kill anyone to get in. However, some people have gotten in for killing. Yes, the FF patch is given for having killed for the club (not just killing, but it has to be for the club).

      Not every member sells crack. There are other things to sell and deal in (stolen property, other drugs, prostitution, porn industry, strippers, etc). Not every member deals/sells constantly, either. One bigger deal a year is all it takes to bankroll someone for that year. Or to get enough capital to start a more legitimate front business (one that only creates more opportunities to hide activities and launder).

      However, every single member does have to commit crimes in order to "prove" themselves to get in.

      Most do not even think of their actions as truly criminal. That is how skewed their perceptions of morality are. They do not see it this way, but that is true.

      The cost alone of being a member is what continues to help fuel the illegal activities. Try living that lifestyle for a few months and see how much money it takes. Travelling around the world, the cars, the bikes, the dinners, the parties, etc.

      Just the monthly and annual dues alone require members to commit illegal acts to get the money needed.

      Look at Luc Michaud. He tried to convert his brothers back to sanity.

    4. "Just the monthly and annual dues alone require members to commit illegal acts to get the money needed.'


      I once had a prospect who dropped out many years ago tell me that part of the reason he walked away was that the chapter he was attached to wanted $5K a month to wear that patch. So much for any reason to want a patch other than a criminal license to do business.....

  5. I propose that we all refer to the HA as "Hells Angles" so that Anthony Tait, the guy who put Sonny Barger in the Federal Pen for 5 years, can get a laugh whenever he reads this site.....

  6. change who "runs" the Hell's Angels????? first of all its an old boys club. Women can't join. Its worse than some of the men's clubs back prior to the 1980s. then there is who gets to join and how you join. Not many people want to do the "apprenticeship".

    So who would "run" the Hell's Angels? a lawyer, a politician, a c.e.o. from big business, etc. They are all worse in some ways than the H.A. current leadership.

    We know the Conservative Party of Canada looks sort of like an H.A. club when it comes to investigations, charges, guilty verdits, people in jail, etc.

    What we might want to do is "encourage' the H.A. to become a "gentler, kinder" organizations and no that does not mean they have more toy runs. It means they excerise more control over the "businesses" they contract out to. Ensure quality control and better customer service with a policy of no up front payment, no products, sort of like the gas stations. How they choose to deal with internal human resource issues, is their business. They are all big boys.

    Crime will always be with us. You can have poverty reduction plans but society will never get rid of crime, you can make a genuine effort to control it though. I'm not suggesting you give crime a pass or stop trying to stop it, but you pick and choose your fights. i.e. in surrey the police know where the drugs are being dealt and what else goes on. the police do nothing about these "hot spots". why only fordy and the politicians know. My suggestion is, it keeps crime in one area and keep property values up in the "right" areas and devalues it in other areas, where perhaps were "only" working people live.

    1. Indeed. The real big boys like Lotus and the Triads aren't suck reckless hillbillies that flaunt their wealth with ridiculous bling. They do business and keep a low profile. They also treat their employees a lot better then the HAs and they don't rob their own grows. Up front payment like the gas stations - exactly. That would end the need to torture and murder crack addicts for debts. City Hall allowing the predatory drug dealers brutalize the poor in as you say hot spots diminishes all of us. Making money off that kind of human trafficking is bad business. We need to think green and start doing business ethically. There will be more money to be made if they do.

    2. That would be nice wishful thinking. However, that (violence, exploitation, preying on the weak, etc) is the nature of the beast.

      You cannot have ethical crime. That is inherently contradictory.

      If there were ethics, there would be no crime.

      I am not saying criminals cannot be converted - they can - history proves this. However, history also proves that criminal activities only leads to depravity, exploitation and violence.

    3. The simple fact of whether a group is gender oriented for membership has no bearing on whether it is "good" or not. No offence, intended, but that is an illogical statement that seems more influenced by post-modern politically correct cultural bias than reasoning.

      The "conservative" party of canada is worse than the liberals, the ndp or the green party.

      The only way you "encourage" groups like the HA is through their own realization that if they do not "tone it down" they will draw "heat" to themselves.

      A group with that self-superiority mentality running uncontrolled feeds itself with a "mob mentality".

      The olde "you treat us with respect and will we return it" speaks volumes. They are requiring it of others first - they are not initially giving it. To only show respect to those who bow down in acquiescence and obedience is not respect. It is fear.

      The only reason that crime is with us, is because of a general pervasive attitude of defeatism that purports to claim it is unbeatable, undefeatable, eternal and all pervasive.

      Temptations for crime may always be with us, however, we all have free will, therefore only those who voluntarily participate in crime do so.


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