Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Williams Lake Shooting

Castanaet is reporting that One man is in critical condition in hospital with multiple gunshot wounds after the vehicle he was riding in was shot at multiple times during a high speed chase through a residential neighbourhood in Williams Lake Saturday night. The drug violence plague is now spreading to smaller communities. Big city gangs holding small town communities hostage. Why did Christy Clark cut funding to the gang task force again?


  1. Lack of a clue basically.

    For some reason the least qualified are the only ones who want to run for public office, and for some reason we keep voting for them. We'd do better picking people out of the phone book at random.

    Anyone who says they want a career in public service is the last people we need in office.

  2. why did Christy cut the gang units and their budgets? I think it reasonable to conclude she likes the rate of crime and/or she doesn't see a problem with it. Like we do have to "grow the economy", we need job, jobs, jobs. its all about Families first. The thing about slogans, people interpret them as they see fit.

    When I see slogans like hers and the B.C. Lieberals I think crime families first, jobs--in the drug trade, sex trade, etc; "grow the economy"--well crime is part of the economy so why not grow it. the rate of child poverty in this province ought to be a crime.

    The premier is a little out of touch with reality as seen by a large number of the population in B.C. When there are not enough "living wage" jobs in an area, people will turn to crime. If the government doesn't deal with the poverty, in my opinion, they are saying its o.k. for you to suffer from malnutrition or join the "under ground economy". Welcome to B.C.

    It would be much better for our economy if some areas had marijuana "wineries" just as they have other types of "wineries" and people could visit them, have "tasting' rooms, etc. People are going to grow it. lets make it viable and legal. It will provide jobs, be taxable. Lets put it in rural farming areas. Not in buildings in urban areas. Lets not give the business to big corporations. I always like that mayor of Grand Forks and some of his ideas on the subject.


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