Sunday, June 28, 2015

Enjoying the Summer

OK so the theme for this weekend is get out there and enjoy life. Don't let it pass you by. Imagine spending your whole life in one back alley smoking crack. That would be a pretty meaningless existence. You would miss a whole world of opportunities. The thing is, if one place fills up there are a dozen other places you can go. Cliff Falls on Kanaka creek is nice. It's in Maple Ridge.

We've already mentioned the falls at Widgeon creek. You can also paddle up to Granite Falls in Deep Cove and camp there over night. I realize the outdoors isn't for everyone. Yesterday there was a young couple feeling the heat so to speak. The young mother was obviously hot and cranky. Her very young daughter was getting on her nerves and was dragging her purse in the dirt. She began yelling at her daughter not to touch her things and said you are stressing me out.

Then the daughter in tears repeated exactly what her mother said and said you are stressing me out. I had to smile. The husband came back to the car with their young son and the mother started raging at him saying something about not having time for idiots. Then the husband said watch your f*ing mouth and I just cringed and thought there goes the breakdown of another relationship. There is a lot of stress on young couples in our day. The cost of housing is ridiculous. That's why I think finding cheap escapes from the dark and dreary reality can be refreshing

For those less inclined to the back country there's always flying a kite at Crescent Beach or Vanier park. You can hop on a passenger ferry for lunch on Granville Island. No matter what you're into there's always something positive to do. Anything is better then wasting life away in a bar or a party full of trailer trash. There's more to life than drugs and alcohol. Get out there and enjoy it.

Just stay away from the ridiculous drug dealer boats. The Lonely Island video I'm on a boat was a comedy. They were making fun of the plastic people on huge drug dealer boats. Nobody cares your on a mother f*ing boat. What the hell are you over compensating for? Do be careful. There was a young girl in Surrey who was trying to be funny and hop on a moving train. Only she slipped and the train ran over her arm. Tragic. Oh be wise. What can I say more? Have fun and be safe.


  1. If there was more money in school budgets which could take kids to this on field trips some kids might even decide they wanted the life of being in forests and parks instead of alleys doing drugs, but when children haven't been exposed to alternatives, they go with what they know. For people who know the quiet and pleasure of being in the "great" outdoors, when stress comes, they frequently retreat to such areas. If you don't have the expeirance of that, you go with the alley and the drugs.

    The time to reach people is as children, to show them there are alternatives. That isn't being done and the children know for many of them there are no alternatives.. They just want to escape their reality which isn't that pleasant.

  2. Yes, it is when someone is a child.

    However, we must look at the depravity of society. The post-Vatican II 1960's ushered in a counter-culture of the "me generation". Since then, subsequent generations have constantly and consistently surpassed the greed and self-centred indulgence of the "me generation" with each getting worse.

    Parents are the primary educators of children. If they are out of touch with reality their children will only be more so. Factor in mass media (youtube, movies, television, "music", contemporary youth "literature", video games - just study the message of these mediums!) and the influence of peers (who are also influenced by their parents and media) and what can one expect?

    Note the differences:


    Which students are going to be the most well-adjusted, focused, balanced and truly successful?


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