Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Place where blind men see

Well this is inspiring. Marlana VanHoose, a blind girl with cerebral palsy sang a breath taking rendition of the American National Anthem at Game 6 of the NBA finals. Golden State Warriors won by the way. They're me peeps so they are.

I like listening to different national anthems. Even though most are in different languages you can usually feel a sense of patriotism that each anthem kindles. Although I prefer the Canadian anthem because I am Canadian, I have a great respect for the American national anthem. I have a lot of friends who are American. To them the flag is a very sacred thing. They don't let it touch the ground. That's a big deal to them.

Americans don't pledge their allegiance to a person they pledge their allegiance to an ideal. They pledge their allegence to the flag and the free republic it represents. The flag represents the US Constitution which defines the free republic. That is why all the elected officials and civil servants swear an oath to protect the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestics. In our day when civil liberty and the US the Constitutions hangs by a thread because many have broken that sacred oath, the oath keepers are here to defend it.

Canadians may not have found their liberty in the rockets red glare, but they most certainly have defended the liberty of other nations in the rockets red glare. That ideal is an inspiration to us all. Like listening to this young girl sing, it takes us to a place where blind men see.

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