Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hells Angels to be deemed a criminal organization in South Australia

ABC Australia is reporting that the government of south Australia has proposed legislation that will officially declare the Hells Angels a criminal organization just like Manitoba has. In fact, they are adding 26 other outlaw motorcycle gangs to the list. This is the perfect example of how the Hells Angels are destroying it for everyone else.

The question we have to ask is how do we confront organized crime while at the same time protect civil liberty. It's pretty simple really. The freedom of association is a sacred right. The right to sell drugs is not. It's that simple. In Canada, Manitoba is the only province so far to have the Hells Angels deemed a criminal organization by law makers. In Ontario and Quebec it was the courts themselves not the actual lawmakers that made that conclusion.


  1. Start a crowdfunding account for your legal fees. I'll throw in a hundred bucks or so and I'll bet many others will too!!

    1. Thank you. That is a good idea. With all this press I did consider creating a go fund me page to raise money for legal costs. If the matter goes to trial I might have to do that. I will wait and see if it goes to trial first.

    2. I don't have much but i would also donate to this cause. I also would like to say fu!k the big red machine!

    3. Thank you. I have decided not to at this time. Save your money for more positive things. Cheers.

  2. It isn't only selling drugs which makes an organization a criminal organization. There is a lot of crime outside of selling drugs, which could then qualify any number of groups as organized crime. I for one might suggest the Conservative Party of Canada.

    Some employers who are convicted of wrong doing which leads to the death of workers, might qualify. Come on down RCMP. They have been sited by Labour Canada regarding the killing of the 3 Moncton RCMP Officers.

    How a government can send RCMP officers to work a year after the Moncton murders with out up to date vests and outdated guns is beyond me. A CBC report yesterday advised there is still only 1 carbine for every 12 RCMP officers. I do hope they arrest the politicians the next time an RCMP officer is killed on the job due to a lack of adequate equipment.

    If marijuana were legalized in Canada, it would cut into the profits of many organizations and individuals. it would enable police to concentrate on other more dangerous drugs, such as meth, crack, etc.

    I believe we are going down a slippery slope when we decide the Hell's Angels are a criminal organization on a provincial basis. In my opinion it would have to be a chapter by chapter decision by the courts, not politicians. The decision ought to be based on the criminality of the group and the individuals within the group. I can not agree with a group of politicians passing a law saying any group was a criminal organization. it can lead to a deterioration of our democracy. However, as I have written, if a group/chapter, whatever have enough convictions, etc. then it would be up to the courts to make that determination based on evidence.

    Right now we have the Conservative Party of Canada looking like an H.A chapter when it comes to charges:

    Paul Sona, guilty and sent to jail
    Arthur Porter, charged with fraud of $22 Million and sitting in a Panama jail fighting extradition.
    Mike Duffy, 31 criminal charges and on trial.
    Del Mastro, guilty and waiting sentencing, he was harper's parliamentary secretary
    Wallin, senator, under investigation and charges are going to be coming
    Brazeau, charged on a variety of things and being investigated on expenses.

    For that matter, the lack of control over the crime situation, i.e. almost daily shootings in Surrey is a crime. The politicians and the chief of police all continue drawing their salaries. They ought to be charged with fraud. They promise to uphold the law of the land, but really, they haven't. Crime is having a free for all in Surrey. We have a federal cabinet minister announce there will be a 100 new officers in Surrey, right. That ought to be a charge of false advertising.

    Given CBC's report last evening on the Moncton shootings and that the RCMP a year later still do not have adequate weapons, the politicians ought to be arrested for endangering the lives of the RCMP officers--sending them to work without adequate equipment. There is only 1 carbine for every 12 officers. Not what I'd consider a great track record for the employer. if only 1 in 12 construction workers came to work with a hard hat the job site would be shut down.

    1. Very good point. So with all the criminal activity the Conservative government has been involved with does that mean we deem them a criminal organization? I suppose that would indeed be problematic. I personally think the list the government of south Australia is proposing is a little bit too all inclusive.


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