Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Davie Giles - Skeletor

Well here's a picture of Davie Giles at the Father's Day Show and Shine last year in Kelowna. He's got that real intelligent look on his face. The one that screams I'm a geriatric and need a bib for my drool.

You've got the cutest little baby face Skeletor. Sorry to hear you lost your keys.

Here's a picture of his lawyer Tricky Dicky.

Who says crime doesn't pay? This is the view from Davie's deck in Kelowna. Not to say he's ever benefited from the proceeds of crime. Much.

Here he is on a run out in New Brunswick. I wonder what he's doing out there? If he closed his mouth once in a while he might be able to control that drool.

Pucker up you geriatric stud muffin. I want your drool.

A toast: To global domination and the Rocky Horror Cease Pools we turn thriving communities into wherever we go. Here's to the Return of the Cyst!

Who is Tiny Mac?

The news claims Corey (Tiny) MacInnis was a founding member of the Hells Angels in Winnipeg. His fish tattoo covering up his deadhead on his forearm might just be a cover up in more ways than one. His Myspace says Calgary and another witness was introduced to him there. Someone else claims he does business in Regina.

This is a photo of him at a Calgary ski hill. Someone claimed he might have information about the Dustin Lafortune case. It would sure be interesting to find out if he really does know anything about that case since Sean Wolfe's other friend has been seen in Calgary when Dustin Lafortune incurred his injuries there.

PS: We love rats because ratting out as rat is noble. Selling crack and collecting drug debts is not.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Joe Verma arrested for the murder of Brittney Irving

We've talked about how Brittney Irving went missing from Kelowna and how her dead body was eventually recovered. We've also talked about how she was last seen with a member of the Independent Soldiers named Joey or Joe Verma. Well today the police announced the name of the person they arrested for Brittney's murder - Joe Verma. Personally I'm very interested in his association with the Independent Soldiers and with the Kingpin Crew and how this could possibly tie in with Geoff Meisner's disappearance. It has been reported that Geoff's wife Tammy knew Britney. Obviously if Joey had anything thing to do with Geoff's disappearance he didn't act alone. Since Brittney was living on a grow op that was busted shortly before her disappearance I am also very interested in the fact that Hells Angels support gear was found on a Kelowna grow op since Juel Stanton was accused of robbing grow ops in Surrey and taking them over for the East Vancouver chapter of the Hells Angels. I'm also very interested in the Hells Angels connection to the Independent Soldiers since neighbours claim they saw both Hells Angels and Independent Soldiers attend parties at Shane Bunting's house with the previous owner. How did Shane get his start anyways? Somehow I don't think he was selling encyclopedias for the Hells Angels in Vancouver. One can't but help to wonder how this ties in to the double murder in Kamloops which was tied to the Independent soldiers and the Hells Angels. They say Joey has hung around with Hells Angels for a long time.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anarchy Bikers

Dishonourable mention goes to Vin Diesel's Anarchy 99 fan club the Anarchy bikers - another finger puppet in Montreal expanding into Newfoundland. Oh, New Brunswick my bad.

Looks like they had some team Jacob fans at their grand opening. Now that really looks silly. They even have the extra large print for the geriatric members.

Come on y'all show some love for team Jacob. Pinkie and the brainless even showed up on the far left.

Twilight seems to have created quite the division among the biker community. I hear even Sean Wolf has crossed over. Those Merle Norman eyebrows scream team Edward.

Local ink man Mike Allain is the future president of the New Brunswick chapter and Todd is the future vice president with no prospects yet. They list a whopping four members and two prospects in Montreal.

Why would someone show off a tattoo before it's finished? Oh right, because he could only afford to get the outline done.

I am told that Tannant is the French word for Dweeb.

Bacchus and the Hells Angels

Looks like the Hells Angels are on a rebound back east after they folded from criminal organization legislation and drug charges in Halifax. Now they're using a few more new names. This time they've chose to name a support group after the patron saint of homosexuality.

Bacchus is a long time omg from New Brunswick with ties to the Hells Angels. Now that the police have cracked down on the Hells Angels in Eastern Canada Bacchus has started expanding into Nova Scotia.

Take a look at that logo. It looks like it's supposed to be some kind of spartan but it really looks like a cartoon spartan who has seen a ghost.

It looks like the eye has been poked out.

The nose looks like a ...

Ah dude, why did they have to go and put a condom on it's nose? Why they gotta be like that anyways?

Bragging about Hells Angels endorsement. Dean Flewelling‏ showing a support shirt for his kid. WTF? How can someone wear a cross and the number 666?

I've heard of gangs recruiting young offenders but this is ridiculous.

During a police raid in 2007, a member of the East End Vancouver chapter and the Bacchus Motorcycle Club of New Brunswick were also arrested. Both the East Vancouver Hells Angels and Bacchus club have traditionally had strong links with the ParaDice Riders, who folded into the Hells Angels in December 2000. Bloody hell do the East Van Hells Angels have their dirty little mitts everywhere?!

Oh Right, David Giles is from Halifax and is Facebook friends with the former Halifax president Mike McCrea who said he retired. Things that make ya go hmmmm. Mike was also the world Secretary Treasurer and webmaster. His brother Clay served six years in prison for drug charges as a Hells Angel member.

Michael Christiansen came out to the East Van chapter with David Giles and was reported to be a founding member of the Kelowna chapter. Michael Christiansen was charged in the famous Lennoxville massacure but was later acquitted.David (Wolf) Carrol went over the the Quebec Nomads and is still on the lamb.

On February 26 2010 James Russell Hall and his wife Ellen were murdered in their own home. It is sad to see murder continue to follow the Hells Angels wherever they go. James was a Bacchus member.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shallow grave found at Maple Ridge Grow Op

While police were executing a search warrant of a Maple ridge Grow op a police dog found a human body part sticking out of a shallow grave in the back yard. This is the 19th violent or weapons related incident at a Maple Ridge grow op in the past 9 months.

I guess Adam Scorgie still insists that there has never been a marijuana related death in the world because he found a doctor that says so. Other than Britney Irving in his own home town of course. BTW police have made an arrest in that case more news to come.

Please note this Hells Angels support shirt found with guns at a Kelowna Grow Op. Wait, that's Adam Scorie's home town.

Check this out: A double murder in Kamploos tied to the Independent Soldiers is connected to a house neighbours claim is owned by the Hells Angels that used to be a grow op.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

RCMP under fire

Two recent inquiries have come out slamming the RCMP that seem to contradict each other. I've spoken about the taser incident at the airport before. I don't think they should have tasered him especially that many times AFTER he was on the ground but don't think criminal charges are in order. Now all of a sudden some new report finally comes out with some break though conclusions.

Wait a minute. There's been no new information come out. We all saw the video and we all knew about leaked e-mails that implied the officers were responding to the situation and asked for authorization to taser him. Asking for authorization to taser the guy is different then going in there ahead of time with the intent of tasering him but even if they did discuss it before hand it just makes sense.

It's at an airport. Some guy is freaking out and threw a chair at a window. He is not responding to calm negotiations. The RCMP have been called in to resolve the situation. The tragedy was he didn't speak English and was panicking after being detained for hours on end with no interpreter in sight.

There was a similar situation with a much different outcome in the movie with Tom Hanks called the Terminal. Because Tom Hanks was able to speak the guy's language in the movie, a potential violent situation was effectively diffused. The taser death was a very unfortunate accident and I'm sure we have all learned from it.

Now the RCMP are taking the heat for Air India. That is nonsense. The judge's let the bombers away with murder not the RCMP. Kim Bolan covered that in her book, Loss of Faith. We need to reform our judiciary. We don't need to revise an absurd unpatriot act in Canada simply because Operation Northwoods was real.

CBC put out a documentary called Mounties under fire. Clearly there are many struggles within the organization that need to be addressed. Yet the historical quest for law and order is sound and noble. Paul Gross left us that in the series Due South.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Caylen Pelletier living a Bug's Life

Well Bobby Green's nephew is living the thugs life. Well kinda. OK he's not really his nephew he's the son of Bob Green's quarky cousin from that /70's show Len Pelletier. But it sure sounds like he's following in his father's footsteps and using his father's cousin's name and reputation to scare and intimidate people.

Caylen Pelletier and two other guys in a truck try to bully another guy walking. Pelletier orders the guy into the truck but the guy keeps walking. The driver runs him down and the pedestrian dives out of the way but gets hit on his leg. They steal his cell phone so he then runs into the Aldergrove community police station for help. Pelletier faces charges of robbery, extortion and uttering threats. Three on one. How brave.

His father Len is a real slime ball. He hides behind his cousin's name and reputation with the Nomads and lives in a gated fortress. He was shot at dropping off Caylen's brother at school in Langley. No wonder. He sure has a big mouth.

Last year Caylen faced gun-related charges stemming from a shooting in Aldergrove. He was charged with using a prohibited weapon, careless use of a firearm, possession of a weapon dangerous to public peace, and unauthorized possession of a firearm.

When Tupac Shakur spoke about a Thug's life he was talking about the African American's struggle in inner city poverty. He wasn't talking about rich white kids living in the suburbs being bullies. But the young kids don't remember Tupac and the old farts never knew him because they are racist as well as obese.

It's weasely enough that Len the Geek uses his cousin's name and reputation to threaten people but when his offspring does it too, that's hating it. Caylen's friends aren't really dweebs. They're just guys with low self esteem. After all that is a bug's life.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Kelowna Cesspool

Well everyone seems overjoyed with the news that the Liquid Zoo's liquor license that was suspended has now been cancelled. This bar was associated with drugs and the Hells Angels. Three cheers. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Next stop: Tbarz.

Kelowna used to be such a nice place. In fact it still is. Yet many locals complain that the downtown core has turned into a cesspool of bikers, drugs and crime. Now there's nothing wrong with riding a motorcycle. But there is something wrong with committing crime. You'd think that people who spend that much time polishing wonderful motorcycles would spend a little time on personal hygiene. Some of them smell really bad.

Here in Vancouver we have Barwatch. People are not allowed to wear gang colours in a public bar. I hear Kelowna has the same thing. This is a good thing. It supports the constitutional obligation to provide public safety. Now I heard one province had a court decision that overturned their barwatch program. That was a crime. I can tell you it wasn't Ontario or Quebec where the many drug convictions of the Hells Angels have entrenched their criminal organization status into law which has been upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Freedom of association is a charter right. That does not include the freedom to be a part of a criminal organization and the freedom to use that criminal association to harass or intimidate others.

Getting rid of bars and gyms that are owned by the Hells Angels is a start. Getting rid of bars and gyms that are run by the Hells Angels is another step since they will even go so far as putting their strip bar in their mother's name to avoid prosecution. Maintaining barwatch is another. Not letting gangs wear colours in public bars is essential.

Then comes control of the stripper agencies in BC. Speaking of idiots, take a look at CJ Barrowby. He's even on the Dirty. He was convicted of trafficking cocaine for the Hells Angels but now just runs a stripper agency for them. Why is it that the Hells Angels are allowed to own two stripper agencies and most of the strip bars in the province? One could argue that it's good for a criminal organization to branch out and do legal enterprises yet others contend that supports the illegal enterprises and lets them use the legal ones as a place to launder drug money.

Cleaning up any toxic spill is possible but will take time. Capping the oil leak is the first step. Pulling out the toxic waste one piece at a time is the next. We need to get rid of Tbarz in Surrey and we need to get the Hells Angels out of the stripper business in BC. Revoking licences is the way to do it. We can't do everything but we can do something.

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men and women to remain silent and do nothing."

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Clown Jesters in Surrey

I saw an old guy wearing a clown jesters patch riding around Surrey yesterday. That has got to be the dumbest looking logo I have ever seen. You'd think it'd be something a 12 year old kid would wear but no. This fat old man was about 50. I just had to shake my head.

Sure it's a free world and people can be as gay or as straight as they want to be but bloody hell. Some things just look dumb and a fat old man on Viagra living a mid life crisis trying to be something out of a batman movie is just plain weird. Good luck with that.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Victoria public drug use out of control

So what can we do? Well, fist step is to get involved in civil elections and elect people like Larry O'Brien and not reelect people like Philippe Lucas who thinks the solution to the problem is to hand out free crack pipes. Obviously, that is not working. You don't use tax dollars to buy alcohol for alcoholics. That is not in the addicts best interest and it certainly isn't in societies best interest.

I saw the problems in Victoria when residents were complaining that the needle exchange wasn't an exchange any more. The idea behind a needle exchange was an addict trades in a used needle for a new one in attempts to stop needles from ending up all over the streets and play grounds. Then some brain surgeon changed it to sheer distribution of free needles so used needles were being dumped everywhere at taxpayers expense. That is insane.

Then you have the problematic nature of enforcing drug laws when you have a needle exchange. You can't really charge someone for selling heroine if you are handing out free needles in that area so the drug laws aren't enforced. You sure can't arrest someone for using a needle the government just gave them for free.

And of course if you're letting people use and sell heroin in the area you can't really say heroin is OK but crack or meth isn't. So as soon as a needle exchange starts up the use and distribution of crack becomes rampant. Especially when they let addicts inject cocaine in the Vancouver safe injection site.

It is clear that these programs are not working. It is clear that addictions are increasing as is the crime associated with feeding a drug addiction. What we are doing is insane. We need to draw a line between pot and crack. Stop handing out free crack pipes. Needle exchanges are exchanges. If someone doesn't hand in a used needle they don't get a new needle.

We need to stop letting people smoke crack in public and we need to introduce mandatory minimum sentences for selling crack or meth and enforce them. It is really that simple. That is the New York model. I saw it work.

Social housing yes. Free drugs no.

Homes not Drugs. That is social responsibility.

UFC in Vancouver with Chuck Liddell

Lets get ready to rumble!!!! UFC in Vancouver tonight with Chuck Liddell - gotta love that. Make sure you take lots of pictures with your cell phones of Chuck's biggest fans - Nomad Bob Green and his quarky cousin from that /70's show Len Pelletier. Who knows, maybe Randy Jones will be standing on the red carpet with his pal Russell Peters. This is going to be a great event.


Well Chuck Liddell did well. He caught one on the chin and lost but he fought well and as a commentator said he has carried the sport for many years. Indeed he has. A noble legacy indeed. I got off work early but by the time I made it to the bar the fight was over. I wanted to see the Cro Cop fight too but missed that one as well. It's a tough sport. Reversals can happen at any moment. That triangle submission was the perfect example.

Just remember that it was Royce Gracie who put the sport on the map. I remember guys like Oleg Taktarov. Russian Sambo ankle locks. Gotta love that. Now it's more steroids and ground and pound. Hopefully as the sport evolves we'll see more martial arts. Either way, a big salute to Chuck Liddell for a solid legacy that no one can take away from him.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quebec union leader's truck torched

Yves Mercure, the new president of the construction wing of the Quebec Federation of Labour just had his pick up truck torched outside his home.

Jocelyn Dupuis, the former president was accused of fraud. The arrest was part of Operation Diligence, a probe that resulted in the arrests of several people in November who were allegedly part of a network created by Hells Angel Normand Marvin (Casper) Ouimet, 40, with the goal of seizing control of several masonry companies. Marvin is the guy that really needs to put his shirt back on:

Marvin is still
wanted on a Canada wide warrant. The fraud is one thing but the real issue appears to be the claim that the Hells Angels have taken over the construction industry in Quebec and made it part of an organized crime ring. Well at least they're branching out from selling crack and GHB. Unfortunately it looks like it's just money laundering for those drug businesses.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adam Scorgie and the Business behind Getting High

Well looks like Kelowna resident Adam Scorgie won some awards for his movie called The Union: the Business behind Getting High. It's a great movie and there are a few things I want to comment on. First of all, I think hemp farms for paper would help save the rainforests and help solve global warming.

Second of all I think there is a big difference between pot and crack or meth. Big difference. The problem as I see it is that the Hells Angels are taking over all the grow ops, trading the BC bud for cocaine in the US and selling the cocaine as crack here in Canada. That's where the big money is. However, that's what the gang war is about and is why people are ending up dead. Crack and meth also f*cks up our communities as well. Not to mention all that date rape drug and crystal meth. Much.

Nevertheless, the movie makes some good points. Privatizing prisons? What is up with that? Making a profit from prisons by turning them into work camps and slave labour? Work camps for prisoners is one thing and a great idea for early parole as opposed to mandatory statutory early release but making a profit from prisons is bad. It removes the incentive to rehabilitate prisoners. The corporation makes more money when more people are in prison. It is a conflict of interest.

Ah but I digress. Adam is a local Kelowna boy. Did he know Britney Irving? How about making a movie about the whole truth BEHIND the business of getting high? Who killed her and why? What about Geoff Meisner? These cases are related. What started off as nice people selling some harmless weed has seen some bad people come in and start killing people because they want to trade the pot for cocaine to make more money. That is the real business behind the business.

Here's a Youtube trailer. Oh don't worry, there's more to come. But there are a few facts that I do disagree with in the film first. They quote the number of deaths due to smoking in a year and the number of deaths due to alcohol in a year. Then they get some crackerjack quack in a doctor's outfit that claims there are zero deaths a year from smoking pot. Hold the door. Smoking one cigarette will not kill you. Yet smoking causes cancer which results in people dying every year.

Smoking pot causes cancer too. Especially because it's unfiltered smoke. In fact the medical statistics are such that smoking pot is 70% more cancer causing than smoking tobacco. The difference is that *most* people don't smoke as much pot as they so cigarettes. Usually someone would smoke one joint a day as opposed to a whole pack of cigarettes. However, there are a lot of people out there that smoke way too much pot. Smoking pot causes cancer just like smoking cigarettes does so saying people die from smoking cigarettes but not from smoking pot is false and misleading.

The other quote is about deaths due to alcohol. We know alcohol damages the liver. Nothing wrong with a social drink once in a while. Yet we all know someone who is or was an alcoholic. Do we know anyone who is a pothead? Someone who smokes way too much pot like every day? That does have physical effects on the body and the brain.

Another cause of death with alcohol is drinking and driving. Some people drink alcohol and then drive. Some of those people end up killing themselves or worse killing someone else. Smoking pot will not kill you or give you a hairy palm but it does impair your judgement and your ability to drive. Driving under the influence of pot is just like driving under the influence of alcohol. To say that no one has ever died from someone driving while under the influence of pot is absolutely false.

Turns out it was Adam's step father that put up the money to make the movie. His late father Bud used to own Cheeta's nightclub. I'm sure the fact that a A.C. Scorgie lives near a large grow op in Kelowna that was busted is completely unrelated. In fact there were six grow ops in the Ellison area. Young kids and guns were found in the region as well.

'Hood under siege?

The cover of today's Vancouver Province reads: 'Hood under siege referring to another shooting in Surrey, this time in Clayton Heights. OK so they're going for the drama.

Clayton Heights is not the hood. Abbotsford is not the hood. These are the suburbs where wealthy drug dealers can afford to live. The hood is where the rest of us who can't afford to live in those neighbourhoods live.

Nevertheless, the murders have started to spike again.

The Surrey Now ran a follow up article stating: Surrey neighbours stand by their 'hood'.