Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shallow grave found at Maple Ridge Grow Op

While police were executing a search warrant of a Maple ridge Grow op a police dog found a human body part sticking out of a shallow grave in the back yard. This is the 19th violent or weapons related incident at a Maple Ridge grow op in the past 9 months.

I guess Adam Scorgie still insists that there has never been a marijuana related death in the world because he found a doctor that says so. Other than Britney Irving in his own home town of course. BTW police have made an arrest in that case more news to come.

Please note this Hells Angels support shirt found with guns at a Kelowna Grow Op. Wait, that's Adam Scorie's home town.

Check this out: A double murder in Kamploos tied to the Independent Soldiers is connected to a house neighbours claim is owned by the Hells Angels that used to be a grow op.


  1. Just curious as to what you have against Adam? Your blog, although mildly entertaining seems to have a lot of misinformation and biased opinions, you must work in some form of media or a politician.

  2. I’ve got nothing against Adam. I just have beef with bullshit. I think his movie promoting pot was quite well done. I just disagreed with a few small statistics. Adam’s movie denies there are any possible side effects from pot whatsoever. I find that dishonest. Coffee has side effects. Walking outside and crossing the street has risks. His movie promotes the gang war which I oppose. Many good people have died from it.

  3. Ok, I understand you are upset with the inconsistencies with his movie and his doctor but saying things like Britney being killed because of marijuana just makes you sound like you have something personal against Adam. If you dont like what his movie had to say why dont you print some actual facts to contridict him instead of trying to link him to criminal orginizations. Maybe your blog would be a little bit more credible instead of sounding like the national iquirer. I would like to see more facts and less opinions based on heresay and gossip.

  4. How can you possibly say Britney was not killed because of marijuana? She lived on a grow op and was selling pot to support her oxy habit. It’s not Adam I have a problem with, I have beef with the Hells Angels who are robbing and taking over all the grow ops in BC and killing people. The facts are Britney is dead, Geoff is still missing, Hells Angels support gear was found at a Kelowna grow op and the two Kamloops murders linked to a grow op and the Independent soldiers was also linked to the Hells Angels. Those are the facts.

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  6. the effects of smoking marijuana are not deadly. set your words straight please. organized crime controls the traffic of a controlled substance (which has absolutely no reason to be a controlled substance). their control and greed is killing people over the profits, blame government, then organized crime. leave the poor old "fridge magnet/couch potato" plant alone.......
    this is like saying avacados are causing 1000s of deaths in mexico because of the cartels overtaking companies because of high profits... so that being said, i guess we can say every single thing on this planet kills people. but only because of greed and profit.. so would you like me to explain to you how something so simple that can save your life like iv tubes and computer software in life support systems etc. kills millions? i dont think i need to. you seem pretty good a putting puzzles together, all you need is google.

  7. I certainly don’t blame the government for the Hells Angels use of violence to obtain a monopoly on the drug trade. They are going to have to take ownership for that all on their own.


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