Friday, June 4, 2010

Stirring the Hornet’s Nest

What is free speech? Does it exist in Canada? Sometimes. Slander is saying something about someone that is not true. Often a reporter will be accused of slander if they publish an article about someone that is unflattering. However, if they have told the truth, they have not committed slander and false allegations of slander constitute slander.

Often tabloids will get around that by quoting someone. For example, ”John Doe claims he was abducted by aliens.” If John Doe really did say that they haven’t committed slander. If I quote a newspaper article that says an individual was charged with a crime, that is not slander.

What is the Charter of Rights? Does it really give criminals more rights that citizens and victims? Not at all. Law and order as well as Public Safety are constitutional obligations. Yet when looking at our “Judicial” System in B.C. many people feel criminals have more rights than victims.

Nevertheless, a democratic society has the right to elect governments and lobby them to fulfill their constitutional duty to uphold law and order and provide for public safety.

Concerned citizens have the right to speak out against organized crime in their community. That is as they say south of the 49, an unalienable right.


  1. The Kelowna group has always been quick to scream slander & have their lawyers send threatening letters. And, up to now, they've been very effective at shutting down local discussion. Nice to see it hasn't worked with you.

  2. Yet. I have gone against more lawyers over free speech than I care to remember. Free Speech is a charter right, slander is not. Telling the truth isn’t slander. I have nothing against Lisa or Geoff for that matter. My beef is with the Hells Angels. They are bad and they are profuse liars. Good people are ending up dead or missing. When people realize that they will report what they know to the police.


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