Monday, June 28, 2010

Joe Verma arrested for the murder of Brittney Irving

We've talked about how Brittney Irving went missing from Kelowna and how her dead body was eventually recovered. We've also talked about how she was last seen with a member of the Independent Soldiers named Joey or Joe Verma. Well today the police announced the name of the person they arrested for Brittney's murder - Joe Verma. Personally I'm very interested in his association with the Independent Soldiers and with the Kingpin Crew and how this could possibly tie in with Geoff Meisner's disappearance. It has been reported that Geoff's wife Tammy knew Britney. Obviously if Joey had anything thing to do with Geoff's disappearance he didn't act alone. Since Brittney was living on a grow op that was busted shortly before her disappearance I am also very interested in the fact that Hells Angels support gear was found on a Kelowna grow op since Juel Stanton was accused of robbing grow ops in Surrey and taking them over for the East Vancouver chapter of the Hells Angels. I'm also very interested in the Hells Angels connection to the Independent Soldiers since neighbours claim they saw both Hells Angels and Independent Soldiers attend parties at Shane Bunting's house with the previous owner. How did Shane get his start anyways? Somehow I don't think he was selling encyclopedias for the Hells Angels in Vancouver. One can't but help to wonder how this ties in to the double murder in Kamloops which was tied to the Independent soldiers and the Hells Angels. They say Joey has hung around with Hells Angels for a long time.


  1. honestly ive read so many of your blogs and you make these people look way worse than needed.You keep saying Joey is an independent soldier,actually get your info straight,he is not and has not been for many years.Joey freely decided he didnt wanna be a part of that lifestyle and walked and yes you can just quit independent soldiers with no consequnces.So again like i said before you bash people you do not know and obviously get your information from the media which we all know half the time is bullshit.Be a professional for once and get your facts straight.Joey did not do this and yes its obvious hes being framed so try to be mutual in your opinions cause mark my words this loving and respected man will walk free from this bullshit.

  2. its all a bunch of crap joe is a loving man and would not do something lick that leave him and let him out

  3. That is an offensive lie. Other may have been involved or behind it but he was an active participant. The spirit of Christmas would reflect justice for Britney.

  4. If Joey Verma didn't kill Brittney....He definately knows who did. All the evidence will come out at trial. If you know the truth...then speak it.

    Let's hope for Joeys sake that he finally rolls over on the Big Red Machine...Payback will come in many forms. Be a real man Joey...let's see how big your balls are buddy! DO IT! Give up the boss man... That would be cool, then I would cheer for you!!! Kelowna wants to know who killed Geoffrey Meisner... and you probably know exactly who did.


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