Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anarchy Bikers

Dishonourable mention goes to Vin Diesel's Anarchy 99 fan club the Anarchy bikers - another finger puppet in Montreal expanding into Newfoundland. Oh, New Brunswick my bad.

Looks like they had some team Jacob fans at their grand opening. Now that really looks silly. They even have the extra large print for the geriatric members.

Come on y'all show some love for team Jacob. Pinkie and the brainless even showed up on the far left.

Twilight seems to have created quite the division among the biker community. I hear even Sean Wolf has crossed over. Those Merle Norman eyebrows scream team Edward.

Local ink man Mike Allain is the future president of the New Brunswick chapter and Todd is the future vice president with no prospects yet. They list a whopping four members and two prospects in Montreal.

Why would someone show off a tattoo before it's finished? Oh right, because he could only afford to get the outline done.

I am told that Tannant is the French word for Dweeb.


  1. i just happen to be the guy with the tattoo, need i remind you that copyrights laws protect my images within my web site WHICH YOU STOLE! and didnt even ask permission to post!

    hmmm a lawsuit sounds good to me,,i could use the extra cash to finish the tattoo,, oh yeah thats right my tattoo is free anyways lol

    heres a fair warning,, remove all pictures with me in it (tannant).

  2. Sorry Mr. Wet Noodle, I’m team Jacob not team Edward but thanks for the warning. If a criminal posts their picture on the Internet, are the police allowed to use that picture on America’s Most Wanted?

    Perhaps we could get the judge to define fair use. If a member of a criminal organization posts their picture on the internet bragging about their criminal associations, my definition of the fair use exemption would be demonstrating that criminal association to the public.

    If I was to say that someone was a member of the Vin Diesel fan club without posting a picture of that association, then one could argue it would be slander for me to say they were a member of that fan club without posting a picture showing that association. That picture then becomes evidence in a court of law which then becomes public record.

    If a sexual offender posts their picture on the Internet, does that sexual offender's right to copyright overweigh the constitutional obligation to provide public safety, allowing the public to see who that sexual offender is? Did that sexual offender really register those photos with the copyright office or are they just being a bully bragging about their associations one minute them denying them the next. Things that make ya go hmmmm…

  3. 1st of all im a registered company,,, wearing colors dont mean im criminaly active,,, thats just a setreo type...but all contents of my website ( clearly states all contents are legaly protected... now who is the criminal? that would be you! now calling me a criminal. you directly misleading people to judge me guilty when im not! (tannant president of anarchy bikers)

  4. all i see here isan old fart slandering motorcycle clubs, most likely cuz he was never accepter cuz of his big yap... i seen other acticles that you keep misleading people,, seems to be a hobby of yours,, may be pinel should be your next permanent place of residence.... (tannant)

  5. hey i registered my name finaly lol

  6. 1) I have no idea who you are. You are making anonymous comments on a blog. The Hells Angels would never make threats of legal action through anonymous comments on a blog. They would have their lawyer contact me like Dave Habib did. Not to say that Dave Habib is affiliated with the Hells Angels in any way. Just that if someone was that is how they would do it. Schoolgirl taunts calling me the criminal are pointless and ironic.

    2) You say you are a company. I have no proof who you are and if that is true. My original response stands.

    No what you see is an old fart pissed off for being lied to and fed up with all the crack cocaine and date rape drug the Hells Angels and their puppets sell in Canada.

    Tannant: I think the name Dweeb has already been taken.

    (Je me souviens)

  7. How the hell do you know what a Hells Angel would or wouldn't do?
    I personally think you are just a hater and Just so you know, not all Bikers are drug dealers and some of them actually hold good jobs and do no harm to any-one!
    If I were you I would be really careful of who you insult too, you are living dangerously and maybe you should lay off!

  8. My beef is not with bikers. My beef is with crack dealers who pimp the omg just so they can sell crack. We all make choices and we all have to live with the choices we’ve made. Maybe they should stop selling crack.


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