Saturday, June 5, 2010

Personal Privilege

On a matter of Personal Privilege, I would like to make a clarification. The Kelowna Daily News quoted a comment made on my blog. Which is absolutely fine and fair game. The purpose of my blog and web site is to share information.

However, I would like to clarify that citing an anonymous comment on a blog is exactly that, an anonymous comment on a blog. It is what the courts refer to as hearsay evidence. Nevertheless this kind of hearsay evidence can help us speculate and piece together missing pieces of the puzzle.

It's kind of like how I mentioned in my previous post that a newspaper can quote someone as saying they were abducted by aliens and they are safe from legal liable. Whether or not the story is true in another matter. If someone said it, they said it.

They could have also quoted another comment on my blog where someone said they thought the person responsible for another crime was Elvis driving a UFO.

This is the quote in the paper: "An anonymous writer told a gangster blog that he stole 200 pounds of marijuana and his body was dumped in a nearby lake." They missed the Goldammer part but they got the stolen pot part. Personally I don't believe Geoff stole any pot especially that much. Why would he do that? It doesn't make sense.

Personally I think the Hells Angels would like people to think that to rationalize his disappearance and possible homicide pretending that he somehow deserved it. I think they fabricated that part of the rumor for PR purposes. Just like they did when they claimed Juel Stanton beat up someone who robbed a grow op. They were implying that people who rob grow ops are lowlifes who need to be beaten.

In reality Juels was the one robbing the grow ops in Surrey and taking them over for the East Vancouver Hells Angels. The story of someone else robbing their grow op was false and was fabricated to put the Hells Angels in a better light that the truth did.

That same article in the Kelowna Daily News also said: "Many speculate she made the deal with a member of the Independent Soldiers, an organized-crime gang prominent in Kelowna, Kamloops and the Lower Mainland. Members distribute drugs, launder money and fight turf wars with the Hells Angels."

Now that statement is just plain false and is why the Hells Angels create so many puppet clubs to throw people off their trail. The Independent Soldiers are not independent any more. According to police, now they work for the Hells Angels.

Even Shane Bunting admitted he knew Hells Angels and Independent Soldiers. His neighbours went on to say they saw Hells Angels and Independent Soldiers attending parties at that residence with the previous owner. If Britney was screwed over by the Independent soldiers, she was screwed over by the Hells Angels because a puppet club doesn't do anything with out the permission of the puppet master.


  1. "Personally I don't believe Geoff stole any pot especially that much. Why would he do that? It doesn't make sense."

    200lbs of pot is worth a lot of money, so the "why" he would steal ought to be pretty obvious.

    Have you ever met Geoff? Gotten to know him? What makes you think he wouldn't steal it. I'm honestly curious.

  2. No I’ve never met Geoff and I’m not saying his morals were above stealing. I’m just having trouble with the math. 200 lbs of pot is a lot of money compared to what? Compared to the money laundering job someone got busted doing that they took over after Geoff went missing?

    200 lbs of pot is a lot of pot period. It’s not like a couple of ounces of cocaine going missing in a 52 kilogram shipment. How would you hide that? How would you sell that without the person you stole it from finding out? It’s not like he was on crack and brain dead.

    I’ve seen the pattern before. The Hells Angels take someone out and then try and twist the truth claiming they somehow deserved it. Like when they lied about the Juel Stanton case. They said he beat up someone who was doing a grow rip and implied that low life thieves who steal from grow ops deserve to be beaten. When in reality it was the Hells Angels that were stealing from and taking over the grow op.

    Take Britney’ Irving’s case. Did she deserve to die? She had a drug debt and her grow op was busted. That math looks pretty simple to me. I’ll admit, I’m cynical. I don’t believe a word the Hells Angels say simply because I find them to be compulsive liars.

  3. RoyalCanadian's theory is that Geoff kept the pot and claimed it was stolen from him. NOT that he kept it and was hoping no one would notice.

    Even when you're handling 200lbs of pot you can't keep "just" a pound or 2 and hope the owners won't notice. the missing portion has to be explained.

    200lbs of pot would sell for $400,000 more or less. That is a lot compared to anything else Geoff would be earning. Middling that much would earn someone "only" $10,000.

    How would you sell it: i guess by going to another money-man and hoping he doesn't mention the new guy suddenly showing up with 20lbs at a time. Or perhaps foolishly try to unload all 200lbs at once. No Geoff isn't 'braindead' but he also isn't especially clever.

    I don't trust the HA either, but that doesn't mean they're lying. And we don't even know that they're behind the rumour that RoyalCanadian posted on your blog. But if Geoff worked with/for the HA for years, as i think you believe, then why would they kill him? Certainly not to rip off the pot they already owned!

  4. It’s possible but I just don’t think it’s likely. Why did Britney die? Why did Josh Hendrick end up dead floating for the river when he got involved with the Hells Angels and the crew in Prince George? Step on an egg shell, fall out of favor and you’re dead. Michael Plante claimed he was the victim of a grow rip and they had him beaten. I just personally don’t buy the story that Geoff stole that much pot. I think it’s a story the HAs invented so everyone would forget about his disappearance.

  5. Maybe somebody wanted his job? I hear there’s a line up to take his place. Maybe his employer just wanted to find someone who would do the same job for less money. A 66 year old man perhaps. After all, that business is all about greed. That’s why they trade all the BC Bud for cocaine. To make more money. It’s all about the almighty dollar. However, the other part of the original quote that was left out is well worth investigating. The one about Goldammer(s).


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